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  1. Lightning 7/11 robbery all over in 45 seconds

    Yeah my bad, bullshit detector was turned off until a full english had been consumed.
  2. Lightning 7/11 robbery all over in 45 seconds

    is the radargun going to magically fit numberplates and turn lights on ?
  3. Are you really get your panties in a twist over some missing digits for a project that will never happen let alone be funded by you.
  4. finance company will issue book in the sellers name, you then go to DLT and change it to your name. Rather than payout the finance take over the finance, then when it is paid out the book is issued to you.
  5. so how does that compensation work, if my car is flooded to the point the seats get wet I get compensated up to Bt.20,000 ? That sure as shit aint gunna cover the cost of repairs.
  6. Perpetual flooding in Pattaya

    Yeah, it aint ever gunna flood unless a Tsunami hits pattaya beach, then a flooded tunnel aint gunna matter too much anyways.
  7. Perpetual flooding in Pattaya

    ohhh I have no doubt it could flood, would need about 2000mm of rain in an hour to do it though.
  8. Perpetual flooding in Pattaya

    lol @ rarely occurs. How metres under water would suk road have to be under for the area where tunnel is to flood ?
  9. Given the Explorer would be an import thats a pretty timely repair consider a tailgate would not be available locally, sucks about the paint though but good to hear it was finally sorted.
  10. Best Truck Ford or Toyota!

    Thats nice, not sure why you qouted me though.
  11. Best Truck Ford or Toyota!

    The Bravo was not a rebaged Ford.
  12. Best Truck Ford or Toyota!

    The BT-50 may still gave some Ford parts in it but that is only because it is based on the T6 platform, you can be sure when the new BT-50 is released there will be none as it will be an Izuzu pickup. Izuzu and GM split as well so I doubt there is much Izuzu content in the Colorado.
  13. Best Truck Ford or Toyota!

    Ford and Mazda split a few years back.
  14. Best Truck Ford or Toyota!

    What input did the USA have ? Am happy to be corrected but I beleive the Hilux/Fortuner were also designed in Australia. FWIW I would not buy a Ford no matter were it was designed.