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  1. I have a cataract and glaucoma , thankfully neither is a problem as the glaucoma was found early , I use The Queen Sirikit hospital in Satahip(navy hospital) the eye drops there cost 758 baht for one month ,in farcino 1500 baht ,in Bangkok Pattaya 2500 baht , I was at Queen Sirikit a few weeks a go had another barrage of tests ,cost me 900 baht ,privatly a few years ago 5000 baht . anyone wonder why i use Queen Sirikit?
  2. Well we have visited terminal 21 a few times ,but i must admit ,both of us do prefere Central , tops is better for shopping and just seems that there is more of a choice of shops .
  3. bert bloggs

    France's 'yellow vests' clash with police in Paris

    dream on ,are you one of the spongers that works for the E.U shopping in their tax free stores , earning their fantastic wages ,paid for by the people , your days are numbered .
  4. bert bloggs

    True Visions January 1st 2019

    everything i want to watch comes free via a host of places .
  5. bert bloggs

    France's 'yellow vests' clash with police in Paris

    looks like the protests are now starting in other E.U countrys , hope it will be the death of the E.U gravy train for the likes of Junker ,but doubt it .
  6. bert bloggs

    Big Mac Only 54B Today

    the only one i ever liked was the quarter pounder,but its not sold in Thailand
  7. bert bloggs

    Getting a pair of jeans shipped from US, any tips?

    Just put them in the ordinary post ,never ,never use use anyone else then ,no problems .
  8. Get them to jump off the back of a lorry in Dover ,job done , no problems , its disgusting .
  9. bert bloggs

    Forum very slow and pages not loading

    Why is it that when i try to clear my notifications it just says ,page not found?