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  1. Only in your world ,not in the real one .
  2. Yeh right and will be deported back to where they came from straight away .also the fairy at the bottom of my garden will go along to make sure they get there .
  3. AS you get older it really does help if you have a good and loving wife and Thai family ,if you are to end your days here ,that is one of the most important aspects of living here .
  4. My heart bleeds for them ,IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY ,NOT MINE.
  5. The report said that there were few migrants in Spain so they welcomed them ,wait until you have as many as the rest of Europe Spain , Then you wont be as welcoming ,mind you i bet within a short time most of these will be on their way to Britain .
  6. I regularaly buy a cat card ,as its one of the ways i phone the UK but just found that you cannot transfer a new customer no to an old one ,anyone else had this problem?
  7. do what i did ,come here roger loads of bar girls ,then go into business years later and meet a lovely woman through your business dealings . how hard can that be ?
  8. So the world is doing what the world has always done ,change , so when is the next ice age?
  9. What ,and you know which way to put your trousers on ,my you have become a big boy since being a remainer .
  10. Well done Italy ,i hope the rest of the countrys adopt this attitude and close the ports and the overland routes to economic migrants and all the rest of them. Q, the usual suspects to start their bleeding heart diatribes
  11. bert bloggs

    Medicine availability in Thailand

    Hi ,i myself had a heart attack in my 30s and a by pass almost 30 years ago ,luckily my doctor in the UK still supplies me with nitroglycarin spray ,and my familly send it or i pick it up when i go over ,but i am suprised that you dont find isorem quick acting , after i "discovered" it here in Thailand i find it very quick ,luckily i seem to still not have much of a problem with angina ,so perhaps i am just one of the lucky ones.
  12. Its not man who will kill us with "climate change" but nature as it always has done ,the world changes constantly whether we are on it or not ,or was it animal farts that caused the last ice age , man made climate change is just a way to tax us more .
  13. I did not post the quote about the death counter that you say i did in your last post ,please check.
  14. Yes the birth rates are declining in the "civilized" (is that PC?)world ,but not in other parts ,and they are the ones that will cause us all the problems i fear.
  15. Tell that to members of a certain race ,that believe that we are all inferior to them .