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  1. Would a good girl do that?

    My wife was never "pretty" but she was good looking ,with a good figure , now as she nears 50 she still has a good figure as she likes to exercise , and she is still "good looking" she will not turn heads but the way she dresses and looks is very nice , but then to me she is the best looking woman in the world
  2. Thanks ,on section 2 what paperwork is needed?
  3. Sorry i am a bit dim today , he has lived here for years ,on a retirement visa,800k in a thai bank etc , when he went over to the uk he got a multiple re entry permit (i have only ever got a single entry for holidays) now he sees he has been away to long ,and his 1 year has expired , what must he do in the UK to be allowed back?ooofor his retirement visa again
  4. Yes its a multiple re entry visa , the one that i think costs 3900 baht . and is valid for anothe 10 months or so
  5. Ford specialist or good mechanic needed in Pattaya.

    off nong ket yai going towards route 36 ,difficult to find ,you must phone him ,sorry .
  6. Just a question ,a friend who is back in the UK has just realized his retirement visa has expired , what should or can he do ? he does have the multiple entry stamps from Jomtien for a year .
  7. I am sorry Scott there were 5 likes and two thanks , i am not trolling Grouse , i admire his attempts to put us leavers down especially as there are so many more of us , i just say what i think , if you vote and the majority win thats it , as i said to him in another post ,i hated it when Blair won again in our elections , but the majority voted for him ,they may not be right in my opinion ,but thats it ,game set and match.,oh and i really think this thread has gone on to long
  8. Ford specialist or good mechanic needed in Pattaya.

    if you want a first class reasnably priced mechanic ,Mr Sakda 0817156819 he speaks english but handy to have the wife if its complicated ,used him for years as do many of us falangs ,one problem ,he is always busy ,
  9. Well on checking the stats ,7 people agreed with my quote and 2 agreed with yours ,so once again the majority wins , so i reckon even as a primary school teacher your "wasted" stick to being on the losing team
  10. The Guardian .or as it is to be renamed The Beggar
  11. I love it "we will fight to the bitter end ,who says the majority are right" Mate ,they are the majority!! that's why we have votes and elections , i hated it when Blair got into power again ,but THE MAJORITY voted for him , its no good running around and throwing your toys out of the pram , its called democracy ,don't you understand? even if they are wrong they are the majority who want it .
  12. Always amazes me how All the billions of people who have ever lived on this planet get to meet Jesus and God welcomes them ,he must be so busy what with all the billions of other planets he made over the Millenia .
  13. Visiting Pattaya

    And either smoking or taking what i am told i did in the 60s , but as they say if you can remember the 60s you were not there
  14. Traffic hell when terminal 21 opens ?

    To be blunt Jomtien is the end of the line , there is no highway out , and it is not "easy" to get to unlike central and 21 . it would be a waste of time building there now . you would more than likely only get thr locals and tourists staying there . by the way i like Jomtien , used to love it when it was "a day out" and you had to hire a baht bus to get there ,shows how long it is from when i first visited Pattaya. lol
  15. UK pensions

    Why should it drop ,most married ex pats dont go out with bar girls or drink their lives away ,forgetting illness, there is still rent ,food , electric , tv , internet bills car, petrol, car repairs , the list goes on ,life does not stop at 75 mate , well not for a 91 year old married friend of mine who still spends loads every month .