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  1. If this happened to my little girl, the dog would be so dead and the owner I will out of my way to make his or her life a living hell.
  2. Hungry little suckers aren't they, but nothing would surprise me if the owners added a flesh-eating giant
  3. I agree beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but man get some glasses for god sake, your blind
  4. The Teacher

    The junta relax political bans and activities

    More comments yet to confuse an already stuffed up system, He will say more lies than any other known politician
  5. Big Joke will move heaven and earth to save the reputation of this Island as the big bosses have to much pull with PM, He said before No Evidence, hmmmm maybe not so sure now. Spending or wasting money to fly to England ????. I hope the press gives him a super warm reception.
  6. All his Humpty Dumpty generals are not ready to leave, Mysterious gold watches reappear. Big Joke finds errors in voting cards OR any other number of reasons which keep the power away from the people.
  7. They just don't agree that rape and sexual assaults ever happen in Islands in Thailand, look out you will be banned
  8. Love and respect Thai style
  9. The Teacher

    Video: Ladyboys in early morning punch up in Phuket

    Oh sisters , what will the world think of Thee
  10. He must come from a certain Island maybe where this practice is done every single day.
  11. sURVEY RESULTS ARE ONLY A MINUMUM FORM OF A POINT OF VIEW DONE BY LIMITED PEOPLE, that kinda sums it up anyway. Survey 100 and get 51 saying its so and a Government will run with that to Hell and back
  12. RIP sweet one, you will now become the person who is to blame for this mess and your previous Thai boyfriend, well he will say sorry and that's about all will happen. So Sad