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  1. The Teacher

    Car Crash Kills 7 In Prachuap Khiri Khan

    How can a truck turning all of a sudden swerve to miss one car and slide into the path of another one, something points that the truck just lost control due to driving error or drunk behind the wheel? RIP to those poor family members
  2. Well done by everyone here, I hope that the International Rescuers have time to pass on a little of their experience to the local members so a faster outcome appears next time
  3. You have ever seen the show Keeping up Appearances. Just to keep your profile active dear PM
  4. One of the many happier stories from Thailand, I am sure this goes on a lot. Glad to see and thanks Thai Visa for the assistance
  5. The Teacher

    Wissanu says election will be 'by May 5'

    General elections in February till May and no clear result until September, What cannot count past ten or something
  6. Why protect this piece of scum from the eyes of the media or a good sniper rifle being aimed at
  7. When are the police going to learn that until you start throwing the book of heavy fines this will always continue, Wake up Thailand get with the program
  8. The Teacher

    Louis Vuitton scarf in London lands PM in the soup

    Along with the gold watch, cufflinks and alike no that's not expensive
  9. Very true, so I ask you where is the police if they not doing their allotted jobs
  10. Keep up the good work General Big Joke, you are starting to win me over slowly with your results. Let's see if you can keep up the pace
  11. The Teacher

    Gen Prayut confirms Thailand general election in Feb 2019

    Tep, look out now for the snatch the money, grab and run like all before him
  12. Exactly 53 % are more than likely corrupt anyway
  13. Or the other 53% are used to it or are the corruptors
  14. Oh remember in the time of the Coup, such a crackdown was implemented then too and taxies were warned not to refuse fares then too and to always use the meter. so 2014 to 2018 looks like a revolving news story door again
  15. So where is the Extra-special committee( 01/04/2018) that was to be set up to curb the road toll, with so many Extra special committees no wonder there is no police to do traffic duty anyway