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  1. A good sized bull bar with the green light to give them a light tap might wake them out of their dream they are in, I did say MIGHT
  2. 66 foreigners arrested in nationwide crackdown

    Choosing Soi Cowboy and obviously, Nana for this media release needed the exposure of a different kind, not much name and shame in this one, must all be neighbouring countries
  3. Some seriously questionable sentencing here, and look at the waste of resources to parade this Ba**ards through the streets when so many people losing their lives on the roads, Pathetic
  4. A clear sign as to find out who your opponents might be and have them rubbed out prior to the election.
  5. I totally agree, just need someone with the intelligence to do so .
  6. A complete lack of respect for the law and others, overwhelming evidence of stupidity
  7. Just more signs of usless leadership, more worried about water guns and non smoking areas, Police resourses wasted with every swing D**k doing nothing to make the roads safer, less thefts or less murders and fights , Oh no that good leadership my ass
  8. Yes and they will even run you down on the footpath so you better keep you eyes open
  9. Oh that's a wish list and a half, but I applude your thoughts and agree. Just never going to happen while some cannot live without power.
  10. It took a couple of days for the athorites to come to their senses, Why you ask ?? can look at the number of ranking officals just trying to get into the photo with the chocolate basket
  11. I totally agree, this type of behavior is so unwanted, I wish I was there to show him up, send the Pr**k home with his a*s in a sling
  12. Correct, script writing. Check out closest police station
  13. What type of shark was it ??, I,d say a hungry one with sharp teeth, stupid doctors. Some would not know which cornflake packet that their licence can out of
  14. Yes apparently with grey sandpaper type skin too, new breed called rock sharks, 555
  15. Road accidents much higher than in 2017

    Yes many other countries where you have to accually earn the right to have your liecence and you know full well the punishment for drink driving or speeding, you face a much higher fine and or imprisonment. This is whats lacking in the land of smiles, too soft because too hard to get it done. I can only hope that one day politicians in Thailand wake up and smell the roses on this issue.