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  1. CaptainKiiNiaw

    wanting to learn basic south words

    I'm new to the South, but I just heard this one today: สูบบุหรี่ (suup buri - to smoke) is duup buri or dtuup buri in the southern dialect. I told the mae ban I wanted a non-smoking room ไม่สูบบุหรี่. She didn't understand at first but finally got it and radioed the office staff to inform them I wanted 'mai duup buri.' This is my first time to the far south, I had no idea the southern thai was so different from central thai. Good on you for trying to learn the local dialect.
  2. I know most rental shops in Thailand require renters to leave their passport as collateral, but I refuse to do it. I've found shops in Chiang Mai and Isaan who will accept a cash deposit in lieu of a passport, but I haven't had any luck in Hat Yai. Any recommendations?
  3. CaptainKiiNiaw

    Thai Language Teacher in Isaan

    3900 will pay for 13 hours of private lessons at most schools. Why would I want to pay that if I just want to try it out? What if my teacher is a dud? Also, their preschool-level course material would most likely be completely useless to me.
  4. CaptainKiiNiaw

    Thai Language Teacher in Isaan

    Looks interesting, but they want 3900 THB in initiation fees in addition to 300 THB/hour. 3900 THB isn't a huge amount if you know you're going to take classes for a while, but I tend to move around from place to place, so I'm not sure it would be worth it. This looks great. I plan on traveling down to Ubon this month. I'll check it out.
  5. CaptainKiiNiaw

    Thai Language Teacher in Isaan

    Can anyone recommend a language teacher in Isaan? I'd like to take private lessons. I can already speak, read, and write Thai, but I'm trying to reach fluency as quickly as possible. The teacher doesn't even need to have experience teaching foreigners or speak english. An elementary school teacher or a college student would be fine. Preferably Nong Khai, Udon, Khon Kaen, Sakon Nakon, Nakhon Phanom, but I'm willing to relocate. Thanks
  6. CaptainKiiNiaw

    Bus/van udon-roi et timetable?

    Good info, but arriving at bus station 2 in Udon is a pain because you have to take a ripoff samlor/tuktuk to the city center. They often want more than the you paid for the bus ticket. There is minivan service from bus station 1 (150 meters from Central Festival) as well. I've seen the udon-roi et vans. As for hours, I agree with allane, they usually run every hour or two, but sometimes the last bus departs fairly early in the afternoon. Here's an old post about the minivan service: https://th-th.facebook.com/roietpictures/posts/897859333565251 รถตู้โดยสารสาย 233 ร้อยเอ็ด-สารคาม-บรบือ-บ้านไผ่-ขอนแก่น-อุดรฯ เปิดให้บริการแล้ว รถออกเวลา 04.50น ,06.20น, 07.20น 08.20น,11.20น,12.20น , 13.20 น, 14.20น, และ 15.20 น. ที่สถานีขนส่งผู้โดยสารร้อยเอ็ด โทร061-0799553 ข่าวจาก กิตตินันท์ อึ้งสำราญ translation: minivan by bus line 233 roi et-sarakham-bonbu-banphai-khon kaen-udon thani open for service van leaves 4:50, 6:20, 7:20, 8:20, 11:20, 12:20, 13:20, 14:20, and 15:20 from the roi et bus station phone: 061-0799553 news from <some thai name> Here's a two-year old post about tour bus service between the two cities: https://pantip.com/topic/33831121 departs udon at 9:30am and arrives in Roi Et at 1PM departs Roi Et at 11:20am and arrives in Udon at 2:45PM
  7. CaptainKiiNiaw

    Motorbike rentals in Isaan

    Thanks for the info, guys. I'll update this thread if I find any new shops in the next few weeks.
  8. CaptainKiiNiaw

    Motorbike rentals in Isaan

    I'm looking to spend some time in a few different Isaan cities, and would like to rent a motorbike, so I'll be able to get around. I know Nong Khai and Udon Thani each have several rental shops, but I didn't see anything in previous trips to Nakhon Phanom or Maha Sarakham. If you know of any rental shops in Isaan please let me know. Interested in Khon Kaen, Kalasin, Maha Sarakham, Sakon Nakhon, Nakon Phanom, but if you know of rental shops in other Isaan cities, please post them as the may be of interest to other readers. I'll start: Udon Thani: Many shops on Soi Sam Pan (Samphan Thamit Alley) and around the corner on Watthananuong Road. Nong Khai: can't remember the name, but if you contact Mut Mee Guesthouse, they can refer you or even help you book a rental.
  9. Is a printed page from my bank's website sufficient? I have U.S. bank accounts and don't receive any paper mail in Thailand. Thanks for your report. It's interesting how much variation there is in visa policy among the Thai embassies/consulates.
  10. Interesting. I hadn't heard that, but I'm not as up to date on the issue as some of the TV regulars. In that case, I might just go get a SETV from Savannakhet. I only have 3 SETVs in my passport (plus six or seven visa exempt entries). Seems like a pretty safe bet as long as I have the required documentation.
  11. Good to hear. That makes it sound like a legitimate solution rather than a sneaky hack. I thought that it would be better do it in Laos because I wouldn't have to worry about transferring my exit stamp to the new passport. How does that work if you renew in Thailand? Do you leave Thailand with a new passport containing an exit stamp but no matching entry stamp, or do they transfer your entry stamp to the new passport so that it contains an entry and an exit stamp. Maybe I'm overthinking this part given @JackThompson 's comment about passport renewal being an acceptable solution in the eyes of the Vientiane consulate. If anyone has had success renewing their passport in Thailand and getting a new SETV in Laos, please leave a comment.
  12. I have three SETVs from Vientiane in my passport, so I'm probably close to the limit. I've read on this site and others that you can simply get a new passport and the count is reset. This seems like a very convenient way to stay in Thailand for quite some time. Get 3-4 SETVs then spend a few weeks in Laos while you renew your passport before starting the cycle again. Are there any catches to this plan? Are you at the risk of a IO refusing entry even if you do have a new SETV? I would like to get a multi re-entry permit and take a few trips to Myanmar, but that would increase my exposure to IOs and the risk of being refused entry. I'd like to hear stories from people who have replaced their passports and gotten more SETVs.
  13. Update: I was granted a visa exemption at DMK. The immigration officer did count my previous visa exemptions and/or SETVs which prompted her to ask how long I planned on staying this time. She didn't ask for proof of funds, an onward ticket, or a hotel booking.
  14. Thanks, ubonjoe. I'm going to give it a try. I'll post an update regardless of the outcome.
  15. The reports of receiving or being denied a visa at a Thai embassy are useful, but there doesn't seem to be much info on visa exemptions. Since July, 2015 I've spent the majority of my time in Thailand: --- July 2015 --- Visa exempt entry + extension 2 months outside of Thailand Visa exempt entry(left Thailand after 15 days) outside of Thailand for a month Visa exempt entry five day trip to KL Visa exempt entry 2 months outside of Thailand Visa exempt entry + extension 2 months outside of Thailand SETV + extension SETV SETV + extension 2 weeks in Laos Visa exempt + extension 2.5 months out of Thailand --- I'm here now --- I'm already in SE Asia and would like to use visa exempt entry one more time before I travel back to America. What are the odds of a non-hippy-backpacker, mid-30s American male being refused entry if I have a hotel booking, proof of onward travel, and 20,000THB? The immigration officer didn't ask me anything when he issued my last visa exemption. Second question: I've received 3 SETVs from the Thai embassy in Vientiane, but still haven't received a warning stamp. What are my odds of getting one more SETV there? I realize that there is a bit of variation depending on the individual immigration officer, but I would like to here other's opinions on the matter.