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  1. Thanks to all. I've just checked my visa and it has my occupation and place of work written on top of it, which leads me to believe that my visa is dependent on my work. Checked again with my new work and they said there is no way they have ever been allowed to continue a WP on the same visa. It is an awkward situation, as Gary says above. Another option is to resign but keep my visa and WP until the MOI interview, which should be within the time, but that could cause lots of complications down the line! Maybe better, just hang on for a few months and hope my new employer can wait.
  2. Thanks Arkady, Did you have to leave the country for a new visa? Some great advice there. But my new employer is not a large company. I asked my new employer who said that it would take at least 1-2 weeks, as I'd need to leave the country to get a new visa. After getting the new visa, then at least 4 days before getting the WP. Maybe I could resign, after getting the new visa??
  3. Thanks GarryP, that's good to know. I believe that the SB have passed it onto the MoI, so are you sure it would be the SB I told and not the MoI? Would a week or two still be classed as continual employment?
  4. Hi All, I'm in the process of citizenship. I applied last year and had the NIA interview last November. I'm waiting to hear from the MoI. My main question is what happens when I change my job next month. I've been offered a really good one, much better than my current one. I was hoping to keep things simple by staying where I am but financially, I'd be stupid to refuse. Would you recommend I ask SB what to do? I'm worried they say to start the whole thing again. Would it be better to say nothing, and hope the MoI don't ask to see my WP, or accept my new one? I would get my new WP immediately, or maybe after a couple of weeks at the most. Also, when doing the oath, would they accept any WP? Thanks in advance. Patrick
  5. After the announcement in the Royal Gazette, surely it doesn't take 2 years to get a Thai ID card. Is the oath done after the MOI interview, then the name in the Gazette?
  6. MrPatrickThai

    SURVEY: Do you want Trump to finish his first term?

    Are you unaware of who Obama and Clinton sold guns to in Africa, and even trained their soldiers how to use them? Are you unaware of where the Clinton foundation got 100's of millions of dollars. A simple google search should suffice.
  7. MrPatrickThai

    SURVEY: Do you want Trump to finish his first term?

    Please state your source for this.
  8. MrPatrickThai

    SURVEY: Do you want Trump to finish his first term?

    And that is due to the criminal activities of Bush, Clinton(male and female), and Obama. I can give facts if you'd like about them starting wars in foreign countries that had nothing to do with them, well apart from helping their oil businesses and arms dealing.
  9. MrPatrickThai

    Hell's Angels in Isarn

    The size of something else is questionable. Regarding the OP - I would never have taken my kids to a place with bikers, due to knowing of some Hell's Angels in the past. The increase in organized crime by foreigners disturbs me. It's not the old guys, btw.
  10. MrPatrickThai

    Renewal Of 5 Year Driver's License

    When were they free? The last few years they've been 300 baht for me from Jomtien They've been free for as long as I remember, nearly 30 years. Some immigration offices try to charge newbies, tourists and elderly people. Stick to your guns and tell them the law, preferably in Thai and you'll get it free. If not, report them to the immigration hotline.
  11. What country? The Thai one is in English too. It can be used in the UK and Australia.
  12. MrPatrickThai

    Renewal Of 5 Year Driver's License

    residency certs are free - you were done!
  13. I see you like the last word. Good for you, you're living with your head in the sand. Every Thai Pm since Chuan has bought millions of votes, if you can't see this, that's your ignorance, or maybe you haven't lived her for a long time.
  14. Only an idiot would even begin to think that there was not widespread vote buying.
  15. It doesn't say he even had sex with a 15 year old!