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  1. And Chinese...and...and...and.......
  2. Boys in Brown spread the love on Walking Street

    This should be good for a quote thing from Phil the Greek..." parachute wings..I can understand why you are squinting".....I love Phil.....history will show him as one of the greatest influences on Pommy royalty over the centuries (including Harry VIII)
  3. Boys in Brown spread the love on Walking Street

  4. Boys in Brown spread the love on Walking Street

    Nooo....one ex SAS and one ex SEAL representing the farang community....see it all the time. There's thousand here usually incognito and blending in with other 'tourists'.
  5. Nah...he would have got it years ago as a young man no problem. Unless........ the criminal convictions.....you might be right.
  6. He is a foreigner...same as you in LOS....no rights at all. He had plenty of opportunity to avail himself of citizenship..It wasn't that hard to do in the years he was in Oz. He chose not to do so and got a couple of convictions in the meantime. Tough luck Bud. Now getting treated as an alien....which he is, and apparently an undesirable one at that. The Oz authorities aren't stupid (nor are the Thai regardless of the dribble on this forum to the contrary) and would have had a trigger waiting to be pulled to notify of his exit from Oz and put into place this chain of events. This is the end result. Keep your nose clean and extend you stay....sounds familiar to those in Thai.....stuff it up and away you go sunshine. The proper legal procedure, in case you missed it, is called the LAW. You and me might not agree about such law, bt that is irrelevant. the law is the law of a sovereign country. Don't like it.....become a citizen and vote accordingly. Until then the law stands. That's how democracy and laws work.
  7. Red Lanterns Not Hung To Fix Junta Bad Luck: Govt

    Why??...thats my birthday!!!!
  8. Red Lanterns Not Hung To Fix Junta Bad Luck: Govt

    5 hour real story at immigration at swampy...pray tell I'm bored and have all night. I've had a couple of delays up to 1.5 hours....5 hours never!!! Do tell.
  9. No, no, no....he is obviously a stand up community member and loving father - he will take them all to the Uk with him obviously. Do I feel sympathy for the Mrs and kids - yes a little,their lives will be turned upside down - they have been complicit with his lifestyle and the kids will be groomed in said lifestyle. Anyone who says different has never been involved in the biker scene. Bad luck......Out old mate.
  10. If he is a citizen then no problem. The guy in this post is not. And that is the crux of the matter - too stupid to become a citizen although he had decades to do so. Western Australia, Perth in particular, has a large British population who tend to feed off their own bullshit...'I don't need to lose my UK citizenship" etc etc (bit like many posters on this forum) and never take the step to become citizens of 'their' own country. This fool is paying the price. No sympathy.
  11. Trust me..... the original Australians NEVER wanted Pommy criminals to be in the country. And nothing has changed
  12. And quite a few years before that .........
  13. Completely off topic and irrelevant. Whats your next post Bill and Monica?