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  1. Hopefully. That is how dams are managed. If the water flowing is less than water flow out.... You have a dam. When water flowing in is excess to the dam capacity or the drainage capacity.... Then you have a pipe and a good chance of a flood. Google Brisbane floods.... They really stuffed that up ( for political reasons IMO but blamed some low level engineer). The then State Premier categorically stated floods of Brisbane would never happen due to the Wivenhoe Dam. Incompetence isn't restricted to Thailand I can assure you. See what happens in a week or so though.
  2. tryasimight

    Thai Finance Minister vows low loan rates

    Government mandated official interest rates are becoming irrelevant as the actions by the Big 4 banks in Oz have shown. The official rate can be 1.5% but your mortgage can be 6%.....and all blamed on the cost to the banks on ' borrowing ' money. And something like 40% plus of bank income it is from account keeping fees and ATM charges. Whatever happened to the bank manager being an astute financier who values your deposits that he could then lend at a mark up? Now they charge you to keep your money in the bank and can charge you for withdrawing it!!!
  3. Some were born in Myanmar but were brought /sent Thailand across the border illegally. They have Burmese citizenship, in theory but it gets very murky with the so called hill tribes.
  4. How many millions did you bring in last year ...dollars.... Not baht. Yeah I thought so.
  5. If the whiners on TVF are typical of the majority of expats in Thailand, then none I can think of except the heartfelt thanks of the country they came from. 555
  6. Marry a Thai and get a job. Pretty simple really.
  7. Let me try and understand what you are saying. You drove 100,000km on Thai roads yesterday? Is that correct?
  8. Watching this on the news. Girlfriend translating. Seems foreign gays are the cause of the problem.
  9. tryasimight

    How much discount from Developer - beach condo?

    Where? Most seem to be overpriced by farang owners trying to claw their money back from currency crashes due to the strong baht. I've been offered one for 3 million baht that cost 1million baht ten years ago. Real estate can appreciate but not at three hundred percent over that time frame and certainly not a condo.
  10. Must have been quite slow in the diplomatic lane. I have used the priority immigration line when travelling business class. Then have to wait for my bag to appear on the carousel...... Sometimes I use the normal lane as many times there are only three people in front of me and I save the priority card for when I've flown economy and the lines are full. When they actually put the date and flight number on the card that cunning plan will be stuffed.
  11. tryasimight

    Reflux 80% better in Canada

    Is she sending you money for the sick Moose?
  12. I wonder if history will repeat itself a la Nicolae and his missus? The Romanians know how to respond to dodgy leaders with extreme prejudice.
  13. Where are the Indian and Victory motorcycles manufactured?
  14. Because it suits the libtard agenda.
  15. Ah.... The intolerant liberal response. Not untypical. He has every right to state his opinion and you should be supporting that even if you do not agree. Who was it who said ' I don't agree with what you say, but will fight to the death for your right to say it'? Or words to that effect. What ever has happened in the Land Of The Free? It appears free speech has been engineered out of the society.