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  1. tryasimight

    Thai husband refusing to divorce

    What is the little ones name? She got pregnant 3 years ago. You may very well be Dad if not father in the true sense. Or troll in the other sense.
  2. And when have you seen this......spare the the wiki BS . Oh look ......he's got hyponatraemia...haha...ni this climate the most common syndrome you will see.and have to act on is heat stroke...if you care. Most people don't know the symptoms or treatment. Older people in particular can suffer from this. Think of a few old blokes sitting around the pool at the condo.....a couple of beers........
  3. Define quality...drunken Euros in singlets riding scooters with no helmets proudly declaring..."ee we don't want your lot ere lad:?
  4. When I took the now wife to Australia it involved more than just holiday money to get a tourist visa. It wasn't hard to do.....just had to be done right. Its not about the money.
  5. I get the MMA thing....AAA...Alcoholics Anonymous Association? DOA got it DUI got it Doubt if Sudden Infant Death syndrome should be in this conversation. Please enlighten
  6. In Australia if you see flashing lights you pull over as it is an emergency. In Thailand flashing lights don't constitute an emergency. Flashing lights AND a siren means an emergency........very confusing. You see patient transport "Ambulances" frequently with flashing lights but no emergency situation, I can understand how people get desensitized even the expat city dwellers who get outraged at anything it would seem.
  7. Agree with your sentiments but the the simple facts are motor vehicles have changed over the years. A big selling point i road noise i.e they are quiet and exclude extraneous noise. Add a good sound system and air conditioning.....people are driving in a cocoon. This has been recognize by emergency responders the world over. I was taught to check the rear visoin mirror every 7 seconds as part of my training. Not making excuses.......the EM need to be LOUDER.
  8. tryasimight

    Are you one of Thailand’s ugly tourists?

    That explains a lot
  9. tryasimight

    Are you one of Thailand’s ugly tourists?

    your post was!!
  10. Don't want to but in here....BUT,,,from the Australian Governments point if view its not how many bucks/pounds you have that gets you the visa BUT the risk of not returning, is the main criterion. The link to prostitution etc is obvious as there is a similar issue with ladies from the Philippines. Obviously every country has their own additional hoops to jump through, but as distasteful as it is what I said above is underlying every time.
  11. tryasimight

    Best way to heal Acne ( and stop it re-occuring)

    If the acne is due to an adverse result to birth control medication then an obvious route would be to stop all medication and use condoms for a couple of months and see what happens. How old is the OP? Perhaps a vasectomy may be recommended?