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  1. tryasimight

    Tipping in Thailand and SE Asia in general

    Not showing off at all. Merely pointing out some of the entrenched bar stool facts are fallacious. The pensioner and balloon chasing class seem to have trouble understanding that not all thais are extremely low income people.
  2. tryasimight

    Tipping in Thailand and SE Asia in general

    Most Thais? 30 baht an hour? Really? You need to meet a better type of Thai people. I know many earning over 200,000 a month.
  3. Your beaches? You own some beaches? I'm impressed.
  4. I can just imagine the hysteria that must have been experienced by the cheap charlie farang pensioners who seem to live in the malls for the free airconditioning.
  5. Banning plastic bags would save the large retailers millions. Rather than foregoing the Ferrari , they could buy two. Additionally they could do has been recently done in Oz..... Sell reusable bags with the company logo so that consumers also have to pay for advertising.
  6. tryasimight

    Mystery Booms in Chiang Mai ?

    Funeral rockets
  7. My wife pays the 220 baht fee on her Aussie card in Thailand. She isn't a foreigner. Nice farang ' how hard done by because the Thais hate me' post anyway. Reality is it is a foreign card charge and not a foreigner charge.
  8. What is the problem? Burmese is accurate as the country can now be referred to legitimately as either Myanmar or Burma. The " law" was changed some time back to allow this. Regardless of what they called her it still wouldn't be ' racism '. Neither Myanmar nor Burma is a race. In the same manner Islam is not a race.
  9. tryasimight

    Divorce and property abroad

    A forensic accountant would take a very short time to rip this plan to shreds in Australia. You're not the first and won't be the last to try and hide assets. I know an accountant who specialises in this area and " he always gets his man".
  10. tryasimight

    PHOTOS: New Ford Ranger and Raptor launched in Thailand

    Push start.... Typical Ford. Probably why they have a heated tailgate for the US market to help in winter.
  11. tryasimight

    Photos: New Benz pick ups arrive in Thailand

    It's got two engines???