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  1. German man found dead in Walking Street hotel room

    You missed the part where the body was sent for autopsy obviously.
  2. German man found dead in Walking Street hotel room

    Probably a higher ratio of depressed alcoholics in Pattaya than elsewhere in Thailand.
  3. German man found dead in Walking Street hotel room

    Expense. If the family want the body they will have to pay the cost.
  4. May be he was a vet in the army?
  5. can a phone be "wiped" even if it can't power on?

    Why would anyone want buy a phone on eBay that does not function?
  6. So it hasn't affected you in any material way...... Next!
  7. Yet another poster who hints his life has been badly affected by the present government. How about telling us what has affected you so badly? Leave the Missus,kids and family out of it. How has it affected YOU? What are you planning to do about it? Whining on an internet forum is not an acceptable answer.
  8. Had a wisdom tooth extracted recently. All up 500 baht including anaesthetic and obligatory paracetamol.
  9. Father filmed kicking his son because he couldn’t stand on icy pavement

    Whatever turns you on.
  10. ????? I don't have to justify anything. She already has children, as do I, and we both enjoy our Thai and Aussie grandchildren. I am now 61 and she is 52. No irrational fear of death.....it is inevitable. I say this as I am not one of the crowd who think that having children is all about them (the posters on here) - you know the selfish ones that say 'the wife and kids will be well taken care off when I die', and don't seem to consider the emotional effect of a child's Dad dying when the kid is still relatively young. I'd give a lot to have my Dad back on this earth. This is of course my own personal view and I'm not trying to convince anyone it is right or wrong or better than other peoples outlook on life. But to those mid 60 and later farangs getting around with a very young wife and a babe in arms or a kid or two in tow - be happy - but know that most people (farang and Thai alike) are laughing at you and not in a good way. They can see the stupidity. Flame on old fathers!!!! But keep it about the kids - I don't want to heat that the kid has been the best thing for you (you could have bought a dog). It's not about you!! Disclaimer - my brother is nearly 66 and has a 6 year old daughter. I think he is an idiot too! And I tell him so.
  11. Jew's, Muslim's, Christians - all manifestations of the same mental illness.
  12. Apparently words did not fail you, you're attempt at a Thai bash, however, did.