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  1. We now know it's a dollar to grab her arse. So we have determined the type of girl she is. Wonder what the charge is for short time?
  2. Two things I wanted to see before popping off the mortal coil 1)Solar eclipse...still possible 2) See (and feel) a Saturn 5 rocket take off....not possible
  3. Thank god justice is blind.....how many Nazis would have been living the good life if not for Simon W hunting them down?
  4. You think?? Who would be doing the complaining? And who would listen?
  5. Yes, the rift valley is the least of their problems. Its been active for all of human habitation.
  6. A warrior...or a cook.....they are all in the army and do different jobs. All are important.
  7. It will be interesting to see Doug Cameron's pedigree. He has claimed he was always eligible.....for those who can understand what he is saying. Old school pommy union rep, then union boss of the AMWU in Oz and now dictating policy in Oz, What has that country come to? The senate needs a big reform or abolishment.....more important than a constitutional vote on gay marriage IMHO (which will never happen).
  8. Just plant some weed on him (before or after the deed a la Thaksin/Chalerm methodology)...Whack....job done..another dealer finished. Problem solved
  9. Honda CR-V gets 5-star Asean rating

    does anyone know what these numbers actually mean? Based on the protocol that became effective on January 1, the CR-V scored 88.8 overall out of 100. This new assessment included a frontal offset impact test, side impact test and evaluation of safety features. The CR-V received impressive scores of 47.25 for adult occupant protection, 22.84 for child occupant protection and 18.71 for safety assist technologies. Is 47.25 good? does 22.84 mean the child has 50% less survival chance than an adult? I really don't know what these numbers mean. Anyone?
  10. No mate....you are selling a cup of coffee. Nothing more nothing less. Playing bingo can qualify as the centre of certain communities for particular lifestyles. bank funding..Angel funding (<deleted> is that)?
  11. Muscle/nerve spasms are keeping me awake.

    Like me....you make your choices..hope whatever you choose works for you.
  12. Why is that relevant? Good for him to get an education, recognise a business problem, create a solution and create value for his business,,,isn't that the idea to make a business prosper? Not only that but move into international export too. I take my hat off to him. Well done!! Maybe this dumb farmers daughter might find an even dumber farang in the future. I doubt it.
  13. Central co-hosts second Vietnamese Goods Week

    The diplomatic relations were a bit shaky prior to that if memory serves me right. B52's were quite 'in your face' diplomacy and not in a nice way. Wonder if the one legged Cambodians feel the same way
  14. Or just overblown egos from the media types. Too many think THEY are the news instead of simply being the people paid to report it. Learning from the western media?
  15. Do the execution publicly.....definite message sent all who may feel the urge.... Do it once every five years or so. The message will sink in.