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  1. It wasn't due to how I was dressed. It was because they thought I was working there. They even wrote down that I didn't have 20k before they even asked to see my money. They just didn't want me there. Even if I had 20k they'd probably find another reason. Maybe they wouldn't like the fact I have blue eyes or size 10 feet. They can basically do whatever they want even if you provide them with everything they ask.
  2. And what visa do you need for this?
  3. Yeah I agree you're right. I've never seen any information about having to have 20k cash. I thought that I just had to have 20k in my account when I applied for my visa, as they asked for bank statements.
  4. They gave me no receipt. Under the impression they scammed me tbh. Didn't really have a choice other than to pay. They said to me when I arrived that I have 2 choices, I can pay the 140 dollars or they will send me back to England lol.
  5. I'm trying to figure out how I can get baht while I'm in hanoi. I have money in my bank account, don't really want to draw out dong equivalent to 20k BAHT as I most likely can't exchange it in Thailand. I'm not too sure about the train yet, a friend suggested it.
  6. My tourist visa was not stamped but it's a single entry tourist visa. I am currently in Hanoi where I was sent back to. I booked a flight from here to Chiang mai this time, instead of BKK, where I was stopped. Do you think I should cancel the flight and maybe go by train?
  7. Sorry the picture is not very clear. This is the stamp they gave me, if anyone can tell me what it means just want to know if I can actually go back there really..
  8. Well I told them then money was in my bank account and they didn't seem to care. I have heard that immigration have let others to do though.
  9. I was doing my own thing online. I was not working in an establishment or taking anyone elses job. There are many people traveling the world doing this. Yeah maybe your not officially allowed to do this but there are people that stay in Thailand for years working online. I had around 7000 baht with me in cash and the rest was in my bank account. I can't see why anyone would want to carry 20000 baht with them in their pocket. It's not exactly small money. The Embassy clearly saw I had enough in my account when they gave me my visa which I'm also guessing immigration have access to. I have also read that people that did not have the money in cash were aloud to draw it out of an ATM. For the guy that asked I am from the UK, which they seemed rather surprised about.. doesn't take long to save up money from the UK to be able to travel Asia for a year. Below is the only paperwork they gave me. I will check the passport stamp in a bit. I have also had like 3 tourist visas and maybe 2 exemptions.
  10. Guys I really need some advice here as I feel like I am being treated very unfairly. Basically I left Thailand and went to Hanoi, Vietnam for 5 days. While I was there I applied for a new Thai tourist visa. I supplied the embassy with bank statements ect. I was given my visa the next day, and headed back to bangkok. Immigration stopped me and said what are you doing here. I said traveling. The lady replied with I don't think so, you have been in and out of the country for a year now. They put me in a detentions cell over night which I had to pay for and made me pay for a flight back to Hanoi. Their reason for doing this was that I didn't have 20000 baht with me in cash? I arrived back to Hanoi and was told that I can either pay 140 dollars to stay for 15 days or pay for a flight back to the UK. The immigration in Thailand said I can come back in two weeks time. All of my belongings are there. I've wasted so much money due to them messing me around saying that I never had enough money, when most of it was in my bank account which I had told them. Anyone have some advice please?I know they are obviously just making my life difficult for me because I have had a few visas but there is no law stating how many visas you are allowed. I broke no rules, was granted a visa after showing the Thai Embassy my earnings. Yet I get told I can't come in because I don't have enough money? After being told to get out of their country and go back to my own. Tourists are Thailand's main income, and now to be honest it's put me off wanting to go back.