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  1. We hear what you say. Blah blah blah. But still they sit between Asoke and Siam and fining people (farang tourists) for not carry passports.
  2. dallen52

    Prostatitus Advice

    Sounds unbelievable but, Kegel exercises are often beneficial. I do them daily. Its easy to learn. Can do them everywhere. Read up, it is not just women who benefit. There is a huge set of muscles in and around that area. It's a supplement to, not a cure for... And as an old friend said. "As you get older, it gets shorter and thicker " Some Japanese practice the weight lifting exercises and I believe it helps many people with various problems in that area. Certainly builds up the strength. NOT for me.
  3. dallen52

    Prostatitus Advice

    Mr Gray in Melbourne. I can honestly say he was a sincere gentleman. It knocked it over in about 6 weeks. The first visit was about $300, the follow up was bulk billed, he took the government refund only. Any one from Australia can vouch for private and consulting fees. Well worth specializing as my GP used to say. Call yourself a mr. Instead of doctor, and show me the money.
  4. dallen52

    Lawyer vows to pursue rape claim against doctor

    Me can see too, how he will escape punishment. Money talks, sh*t does the time.
  5. dallen52

    Lawyer vows to pursue rape claim against doctor

    Multiple wais coming up. Can see the evidence wont stand up in court. Why is it a matter between the both of them? And not a police matter?
  6. dallen52

    Prostatitus Advice

    My urologist gave me Rulide and Duodart together for one severe flare up. Certainly worked.
  7. By far the most persuasive one I've seen.
  8. You may have already noticed the increase in vehicle number plates scrubbed white. UK and Australia had this several years ago. Point of note. Almost all the multiple cameras I see are rear detector types. Front detection are used cunningly by other departments. Tollway e tag systems. Also. Like the Sherriff in Australia. They can pull you, and bring up everything you owe. Tax, parking, alimony, child welfare, parking, speeding, driving while suspended. The cars are impounded. You pay or enter a repayment agreement and you get it back.
  9. Make mine a 90 day. with extra fries,
  10. dallen52

    Norwegian Found Hanged In Full View In Pattaya

    That must be one of the fastest conclusions ever. RIP.
  11. dallen52

    Prostatitus Advice

    Possibly true based on my results. Its engineered to work on the specific part of the prostate where the pee tube passes through. And smoothest and relaxed the muscles. Amazing medication. Duodart acts similarly. I'm impressed, and relieved.
  12. A thai security friend who does specific computer related functions for the BIB. We won't go there. But its certainly operational. See some of the first hand comments. Also a previous poster was also technically familiar with the type of systems being used.
  13. dallen52

    quick question about the Thai lottery

    Plus some merit if a little tea money is shared. Then the chap who redeems the ticket takes a fee. Every one likes a lottery winner. Free food, free drink.
  14. dallen52

    quick question about the Thai lottery

    It was 3 million Two tickets 6 million Now it's one ticket 6 million. One day the online will be updated.
  15. dallen52

    quick question about the Thai lottery

    Rubbish. They sit down and check all unsold tickets before handing back. And extract the winners. Plus the fee for selling. Plus the extra 20 on multiple tickets. It's the most uncontrolled lottery i've ever seen.