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  1. One glass a day for me also, like they say, "its not only for breakfast anymore"
  2. I think even with the photoshop and makeup she looked much better than Angelina Jolie and the Kardashians.
  3. sound too much like Zep - yeah but it sure beats rap music which sounds like grown men reciting nursery rhymes.
  4. Who says that Millenials can't make great music? This is reminiscent of music of the rock era of the 60's - 70's. Greta Van Fleet - Black Smoke Rising
  5. I wouldn't doubt that this is some form of shakedown, where the parents bait the pedo and then demand money for silence and only prosecute when the perp doesn't cough up the money, like the Michael Jackson neighbors that would drop off the kids at his mansion knowing that they could sue for money later. The parents had to have known what was going on, they are also just as guilty.
  6. Thais Zombies in Bangkok

    True, plus a newspaper is a finite number of pages, whereas a phone you can access millions of pages of information, videos, movies, fakebook, etc. I miss the days of newspapers and hate videos.
  7. Thais Zombies in Bangkok

    True, but your TV was limited to the length of the power cord. Now you go and meet friends at the bar and they spend the evening staring into their phone. Might as well go alone, or stay at home and stare at the laptop.
  8. That Benny Hill skit: Good night... mother of six. Wife: Good night... father of one
  9. ko sarn road out of control?

  10. If nothing else, there is nobody from the old neighborhood to remind them of how boring of a life they really have led, driving a forklift in a warehouse or toiling 30 years in a takeaway shop. So, when they feel safely away from anyone to cry, "oh bullshit" they proudly regale anyone within earshot of how gallantly they saved the day. My brother is a couple of years older than me and likes to tell the story of how he told MacArthur to say, "I shall return" in the Philippines in 1942. Seems like he was going to say something like, "I wouldn't want to be in your shoes" or something like that. Quite remarkable as my brother was born in 1959. Also, I was working construction in an Asian country around the turn of the century. A co-worker made the trip to Bangkok and came back completely covered in Harley-Davidson merchandise, down to the "do-rag", lol. It was hilarious! It was all I could do to keep from busting out laughing. This guy changed his personna from ordinary Joe to a wanna-be tough guy biker, and as everyone knows, there is nothing worse than a wannabe. But, there was no one from his old life that didn't know he wasn't a biker, didn't even own one, lol.
  11. Does a box of tissues and a lap top count? Yes, that's sex with someone you love