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  1. Suspected German pedophiles arrested in Pattaya

    You mean the parents?
  2. @Tropo, you missed what I was replying to: Which is why I suggested that if what AGareth2 posted is correct, then the Aussie/Brit should self-deport himself
  3. Yes, I'm not implying this gold dealer is connected to the mafia (my friend had borrowed money from them and couldn't make the payment). In this case, the thai was angry enough to punch the old guy in front of police, what makes you think he is calmed down, now that he's lost face to an old foreigner? You think the thai will shake hands and laugh it off? You are rather naive thinking this guy won't retaliate.
  4. Why are you rushing to a verdict without seeing all the facts? Yes, it appears that he is being charged with attempted murder, which is appropriate, but again, when it goes to trial, then the verdict will be rendered, but all facts need to be considered. There are bits that make the old guy look guilty, but I would look at all the facts, what preceded this, maybe the old guy has Alzheimer's or dementia, maybe the old guy is taking medication, both legal and illegal or drink. Now let's look at the Thai, was he under the influence of drugs or alcohol, etc. I'd say if nothing else, the old guy should be deported whether ordered by court or simply on his own volition, it's for his own safety. I can see people getting paid to thump the old guy, there are a lot of poor people sitting by that will do dirty deeds cheap, and with crowd mentality, some might beat or kill him for free.
  5. Probably better if he self-deports then, I am sure that gold-boy can pay a couple of thugs 1000b to thump his ass when he least expects it. I doubt that gold-boy is a nice person running a scam business like that all angry as he seemed
  6. This is why everyone is rushing to judgement based on the one video. This should be taken to court and all witnesses are heard from before a determination is made.
  7. I feel that you are correct, however, I think that the old man should leave immediately after his day in court or sentence as I would think that with all the low pay workers in Thailand, I'd be surprised if the gold dealer wouldn't hire someone to bash or kill the old guy.
  8. You are correct, he might be better if he was charged and deported. As I knew a Thai that ran afoul of some mafia types and ran off to Malaysia and they eventually found him and bashed him in the head with a hammer by two guys on a moto and killed him.
  9. The policeman should just take statements and bring both to the station for investigation, not try to decipher a grainy video. The one crime the cop did directly witness, though, was the Thai guy striking the Aussie and the Thai arrested and charged for assault. Then I am sure the Aussie would be charged at the station upon further investigation and then brought to trial on charges of Assault with a deadly weapon.
  10. Exactly. Thai guy should have kept cool and let the Aussie get arrested.
  11. This is exactly why the cop wouldn't try to decipher this incident but would refer it to the court to sort it out.
  12. If this were America, the Aussie would be arrested for multiple counts of assault with a deadly weapon (car, knife). The Thai would be arrested for assault for the sucker punch. The cop would not try to attempt to decipher the video but would refer it to the court to decide. (Ok, now for the peanut gallery chiming in with, "if America there would have been a gun battle with machine guns and assault weapons, first")
  13. The old saying, two wrongs don't make a right, applies to both cases. The Thai guy is right in both the car incident and the machete incident. If it ended there, I wouldn't be surprised if they imprisoned the Aussie and then deported him afterwards. In your example, the British guy would be arrested and charged, as nothing justifies further violence. The Aussie guy is guilty of multiple counts of assault with a deadly weapon (car, knife), the Thai guy is guilty of assault (sucker punch).