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  1. 90 day report

    Could have applied for Non O and Extension at same time? So may have 15 month before renewing his next extension.
  2. What FREE offer?? G8 county’s where not included is the free single visa offer, so why is the London Embassy claiming a3 to 4 week backlog?
  3. My understanding of the 90 day rule is, if you are in Thailand for more the 90 day all non-Thai’s have to report their whereabouts to immigration and when approved the clock start again for the next 90 days. So whenever you report, you reset the 90 day clock from then.
  4. can i apply early ?

    If 90 day’s is required by immigration and not 3 months? Then you could apply for your extension on the 11th August, only because luck is on your side as May and July have 31 days in them, so from 12th May to 11th August is over 90 days…
  5. New TM6

    From The Nation Breaking News July 23, 2017 14:19 Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha has instructed the Immigration Bureau to decide whether to cancel the requirement for visitors to fill the 'TM6' arrival and departure form as part of measures to improve immigration procedure at airports, reduce waiting time and long queues. A Cabinet resolution had allowed use of the old TM6 form with two separate sections for arrival and departure to be used until September 30. This followed a request from the Ministry of Tourism and Sport's to adjust the new form in order to help the ministry to get information for analysing and planning tourism marketing strategies. The new TM6 form will have only one section for the visitor to fill, with an “automatic channel” barcode for more convenience, and would be used from October 1. http://www.nationmul...ngnews/30321551
  6. Things you don't do in Thailand because you know better

    Arrive at immigration boarder dishevelled appearance, drunk and lacking any respect for officer…then demand entry into the kingdom “because you have a Visa” after he/she has refused you entry… Immigration is the door security of Thailand... So if your face, attitude or appearance is not right then “you’re not getting in” and at any time you may be asked to leave, remember you have “no rights” you are only a guest after all.
  7. Ubonjoe Thank you for your very fast and precise reply, do you have any recent knowledge on how Jomtien immigration are processing application when one does not use agents or, “that very nice lady” within?
  8. Phone calls UK to thailand

    Not where I live! Thay can't make them pay, too many... Cheap Charlie using FREE Wi-Fi hot spots .
  9. Arriving in Pattaya in the next 10 weeks on a Tourist Visa and will be applying for a Non-O Visa at Jomtien Immigration office based on “Retirement” as I’m over 50yrs old and would have transferred over 800,000 baht into a Thai bank account from the UK. Then three months after the money was transferred, I will apply for an “Extension of Stay” at the same office. Providing that I have complied with all the requirements of each application can someone please tell me. 1. How long will it take from applying for the Non-O Visa to be approved? 2. How long will it take from applying for the Extension of Stay to be approved? Recent personal experience with regards to the above would be most appreciated.
  10. Phone calls UK to thailand

    I would use Line as there of plenty of free Wi-Fi hot stops around the UK cafes, restaurants or pubs etc.… If you really wish to use a phone? Try Google for best deals.
  11. Roads, just how bad are they built

    I think we all know how bad some are built but as if you need more proof:- Picture: Siam Chon News PATTAYA: -- The Department of Rural Road have been digging up the exit from Pattaya's much vaunted tunnel after they noticed water damage to the road surface. The tunnel - supposed to finally open next month - has not had a single car pass through but is already being repaired. The authorities blamed some rogue underground water. It will all mean a delay of at least another week as the side leading to Chonburi is repaired. The 800 million baht tunnel has been constructed over many years. Last month it was reported that it would finally open in August. Siam Chon news said yesterday that repairs would take a week though they were unsure what that meant for the opening date. Source: Siam Chon News Please can anyone tell me, what the hell is "rogue water".
  12. Things you don't do in Thailand because you know better

    Never tell a Thai person there wrong or doing something the wrong way. Even if you’re right, you’ll be wrong because you’re not Thai.
  13. Marketing to Foreign Tourists

    Everone's talking hypothetical on this subject but it's already out there! .... called.. 7-11.
  14. Money in the bank

    Yes it is acceptable, providing the money is not in bonds or time locked; all the immigration requires is that you have 800,000baht or equivalent in a Thai bank account.
  15. Money in the bank

    I wouldn’t worry too much about GBP to THB movement or think it's better this month. Because if you need to transfer money from the UK into Thai bank so as to have 800,000 baht it will cost you £18,115.00 when before Brexit vote it was only £15.400.00 so you’ll lose over £2,700.00 if the pound fully recovers. That’s why I’ll be putting my money into a Bangkok Bank foreign currency account in sterling, to meet the retirement visa requirements.