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  1. rossd

    Curved screen is it a pro or a con?

    I have a Galaxy S9 Plus. Not once have I experienced any of the difficulties portrayed above.
  2. I have my yellow book and use it for all immigration procedures, I have been in Thailand for over 30 years and have never had a problem with immigration except for one incident a the Sadao border point.
  3. It is the most stupid post I have seen this week!
  4. A Yellow Tabiya Ban might prove to be useful in this regard!
  5. rossd

    E-Cigarettes / Thai Customs Question

    As far as I am aware "Ecigs" can be used in the UK through prescription.
  6. I am 72 years old and have been smoking for 56 years. I do not smoke in the house and I am very conscious of those around me when I eat out.
  7. Mr. 10% is back in business!
  8. Do you understand what "premediated" means, I don't think the peeing in a drain is tantamount to a premediated murder.
  9. I finished my last contract in Thailand on the 31st December at which time I was 71. Now at 72 I still have my work permit and have been getting many offers of work as a Consultant both in Thailand and overseas. It helps of course that I (my wife) runs a limited company that employs me to provide Contract Management Services to others.
  10. I have worked for Khun Anutin's company for 10 years and I have nothing but praise for his lifestyle.
  11. I am into my 30th year with the the Missus and we have never encounterd any difficulties with either customs or Immigration. My wife has accompanied me to Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain and Malaysia. Maybe we have just been lucky and have always had an open book for our Limited Company to accommodate any necessary changes.
  12. Whenever we have work done on our bungalow we purchase the material and pay the subbie for labour only. You should never allow your subbie to provide the materials, you will only get screwed.