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  1. It is also my opinion that the tourists were the cause of this incident. Your last sentence is not worthy of comment except to say that in itself it is disgusting!
  2. Windows Defender works fine for me. Don't see the need to have a third party anti virus running.
  3. Surely you must have realised that the majority of folk would give negative comments. I entirely agree with you, what you do with your time and money is your business. For the record I also use an agent who collects all the paperwork from my home (also they check that it is correct) and then they also pick me up to take me to immigration later in the day. Don't see anything wrong with this. I guess those that are being critical don't have the wherewithal to take this route.
  4. She has already been returned to Thailand.
  5. rossd

    Hotel doesn't have 3 prong outlet

    Most hotels will have available a variety of adaptors. Have you asked them? Buying an adaptor will cost you peanuts.
  6. I am from the UK and did a morning and evening paper round at the age of nine, enjoyed it very much. It taught me the meaning of punctuality and how to deal with the public i.e. customers.
  7. You are excused. I also live here (more than 30 years). I am not trying to teach you anything, just pointing out that bullying is not restricted to Thailand it is world wide problem at many education establishments. Check out this web site: https://www.ditchthelabel.org/research-papers/the-annual-bullying-survey-2018/, this is just the UK, my home country.
  8. Bullying is alive and well all over the world, don't try and make out that is just a Thai thing!!!
  9. rossd

    Average Thai woman shoe size?

    You are right! It is a bit of an odd question, do you have a foot fetish? I would say that on average most women (not only Thais) are sized between 4 and 6.
  10. Yep, don't sh-t on your own doorstep!!
  11. Mine must of had a tail wind, 17days.
  12. Quite simple really "just forget about her" and move on with your life.
  13. In your original post you said "for investing in Global Stocks (not only inside) Thailand". You are now being specific and only want sites where you can trade only in American stocks. Which do you want? I don't trade myself but now that you have been more specific I am sure someone will come along with the right information for you.
  14. Post 8 was included in my post 24. After more than 40 years in the construction industry yes, I have good experience in lifting methods, in fact for a period of time I operated mobile cranes.