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  1. What the hell are doing here in Thailand then?
  2. You do not what you are talking about, there is no similarity between Chinese and Taiwanese.
  3. Build Home Office PC or Buy?

    Buy an all in one desktop such as D-ll
  4. I have worked in Kuwait, Iran and Bahrain. In all these places I did not lack lifes pleasures.
  5. Top 5 Reasons You Won’t Like Thailand

    I have lived here for almost 30 years, put two stepchildren through University, kept myself legal at all times and have never been stopped by the police. I find your blog to be totally inconsistent with real life whether you are resident or a visitor.
  6. Hotel near Asoke

    From experience, Google Hotels for Soi Asoke.
  7. Hotel near Asoke

    I would say that your requirements will be impossible to meet.
  8. That is not an A380! The designation of HS-TEG shows that this aircraft is an A330-321.
  9. Weekly rental

    "I am considering coming to Pattaya one week a month". Where are you travelling from, if in country then no visa problems but coming from another country you may eventually end up with problems in so far as immigration is concerned due to the number of visit visas.
  10. You are absolutely correct. My wife does the reporting and only needs my passport with the previous 90 day document attached.
  11. I do, almost 100% of the time. The only time I get behind the wheel if it is something urgent.
  12. I don't see how this can be classified as a 'one way street' when there are other vehicles parked on either side of the street facing the same direction as the ambulance wants to go!
  13. arguing over satangs

    In The Ops first post there is no mention of a "Farang" causing the problem!