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  1. terryofcrete

    First convict executed in Thailand in nine years

    I have seen the future and it’s murder.... (Leonard Cohen..RIP)
  2. do you not worry about yourself ? Reading your comment I do worry about your safety .
  3. I imagine that there is someone “ up there” in the hierarchy of this lovely country who thinks native. Wine is not important , tax it big time. They would have no idea of the number of people who would not touch Thailand for holidays as they are quality wine drinkers in their own countries. I personally know of family members who refuse to include Thailand on their list because of the exorbitant price of an ordinary bottle of plonk. I am Irish, not a cheap country to live in or visit, but the price of a bottle of Australian wine, not particularly remarkable, such as Jacobs Creek, is twice the price in Thailand than Ireland, and I shudder to think how cheap it is in Australia. But this particular penny has never dropped.
  4. The “ who in the world does this guy... “ made me smile in the context of your citizenship. Of all the nationalities on this planet your Homeland has more questions than any other to ask of anyone entering the US,and for good reason, I agree, but it should be more obvious to you as a US citizen that the guys asking the questions are in charge. I would not argue with an immigration official in the US, No Siree !
  5. unfortunately we , mankind, will kill everything before we are extinct or gone off to ruin somewhere else in the universe..
  6. How difficult is it to understand me when I say NO in the 7/11 to the straws, and spoons that are automatically loaded into your main plastic bag if you buy milk, yougurt, ready meals ? no matter if I say no thanks, point and say no, make a gesture to indicate No, they will not believe me that I do not want these precious additives to my shopping. Surely by now the message must be being passed on about plastic. 7/11 should change their policy to NOT automatically giving straws and spoons and let the customer ask for them if they want/need them... better still changed a couple of baht levy for the bags like in the west , east , south, north of the planet in responsible society. But that would be a bridge too far methinks ...
  7. The next load will be Thai. ... sorry.... correction .... Farang visitors !
  8. Ah no... I don’t believe that... everyone knows about Thailand... you go there to get cheap sex with women half your age if you are old .... says so on the documentary’s on TV... “Bloody ‘Ell... it’s Disneyland for aul fellas “ ... said the British man interviewed.
  9. suicide is NOT the answer ! think again .
  10. terryofcrete

    Sunday Roast

    also you could be making suggestions anyway instead of giving a running commentary on the defects of the readers simple query without so much as a hint of a suggestion as to where they might eat.
  11. Thai Authorities just making a disgrace of themselves, as usual. it’s like going to a 3rd world corrupt country in Africa where you are always afraid of being accused in the wrong by the police / army/ authorities in general. Thailand does not deserve the number of visitors it gets. Need to show respect for those funding this “ do very little” country.
  12. terryofcrete

    Pedophile Swiss expat arrested by Thai police

    Double check ? 35 million tourists a year ? how ? at the airport... lol... imagine .. guess you mean if they are on a list .. If the computer system were/ are up to date the police system could automatically alert them to anyone wanted for any crime anywhere ... that’s the theory... but ..hey.. are they up to date ? any views on this . It’s a serious matter .
  13. I knew a dancing duo called The Symbolics. When introducing themselves one would say , Good Evening ..... .... my name is Sym ......