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  1. That is excellent ... thank you for sharing it. I think your property rental in Thailand and your son with a uk passport swings it. I do not have a strong connection like that . Much obliged Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  2. Time to invest?

    And there is malware injected into block chains... so you better know what you are getting into !https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/mar/20/child-abuse-imagery-bitcoin-blockchain-illegal-content?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other
  3. Please answer me this

    Lol... if you ever travel or live up North with a Thai person and listen to them complaining about the cold in “winter” your question will be answered. I was gobsmacked by the heavy jacket and wool cardigans my Lady brought with her from BKK.
  4. I am interested because I understood that there was little chance of a girl getting a tourist visa if she has no “official” job or proof of earnings or no job to return to. My ex wife’s brother is a diplomat and said she would not get it ! I am Irish, but I think the rules are the same if not more strict in Ireland. A friend of mine , who is quite wealthy was unsuccessful in obtaining a tourist visa for his Thai lady friend . What is your secret... ... well done !
  5. Kicked Out of Hotel Today

    Thank you for the response. I never used Airbnb because I always assumed they were for private room rentals. I only use hotels, but I stay in Thailand 5 months a year in different places so I AM a customer. I have never once had a “no room booked “ situation on arrival with any agency so far. Just lucky I guess. I will browse AirBnb immediately for next booking but only interested in hotels with good facilities . Thank you again.
  6. Kicked Out of Hotel Today

    As a constant online booker of rooms in Thailand I feel you are making a lot of sense. Even their advertising is disturbingly “ don’t worry , book anyway, cancel later, book again” but they charge more for the cancel later option , and hope you don’t. I am told that Agoda and Booking are the same company now , so what are the “ quality hosting sites” you refer to ? I hope you are allowed to say on here because your comment interests me greatly.
  7. Kicked Out of Hotel Today

    Are you serious ? I can get a sense now from that post of why you might bring trouble on yourself.
  8. And the real thieves who steal from the Thai people and bully them ... subtly... into contributing money they have not got to spare are... ?
  9. Time to invest?

    Do not believe anything anyone says about crypto currency. Nobody knows what will happen. The mere fact that some people gambled and won in the early stages is proof that it was a gamble. Now everyone is at it and everyone knows a bit more so the element of surprise has disappeared. Tomorrow could be the day the powers that be attack . Too much conventional money invested in Power ! Too much to allow them to let this new kid on the block get ahead of itself and above it’s station. My feelings anyway .
  10. It depends where you go as said above. I had fun in Samui. In Pattaya it was so bad that I was chased with ice water into the path on an oncoming car and got hurt. Farang and Thai , equally active. Lost my cool with another farang and grabbed him by the throat.. my lady pulled me off him. Packed up and moved over to Hua Hin. No problems there, toned down and just a dash of water here and there. Good fun. Pattaya was drunken and malicious in places. A lot of Low Life thinking.
  11. Good man ... I consider it a great source of entertainment to bait them. Mostly by going along with them and then out pops my thai lady to rescue me ... telling them where to go and the number of the bus to catch !
  12. Thais are offended yes, but not offended by the sheer commercialism of the entrance to any any site that is “a tourist attraction” . Never offended by the money flowing in. The reality as to why these offensive (to Thais) things happen is that if you have 35 million tourists visiting each year there will be some “misbehaviour “. Weigh it up and lose the sensitivity , fact is there is a high percentage of visitors coming to Thailand for sex... is that not more offensive ? Coming to Thailand is like entering a Huge Funfair !
  13. My kid is in good shape financially, no worries and loads of Dosh, but he still reminds me from time to time that all my relationships with Thai women are transactions. Keep going (to Thailand) until you drop is his constant advice , be happy, but for god’s sake do not get married ! I’m only 70, but I know I do not have the keen edge mentally that I once had, and I listen to my kid.
  14. Best go-go/cabaret to go with girlfriend?

    Sad Man
  15. You nailed it. While the rest of the world is trying to practice Mindfulness , to stay in the moment or the day , the Thai people do it instinctively. No worry about Prung ni . Only Wanee !