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  1. nail on the head , you got it ! to be kind I call it immaturity... but you are correct.
  2. Government could fix it in a week. No incentive to do so. Same crowd will come down to inspect this first class resort and declare it fit for purpose... only thing it’s fit for IS it’s purpose, and we all know what that is. Filthy kip most of the time , but I love it !
  3. Thailand wants quality tourists to visit a country with no quality !
  4. terryofcrete

    Thailand - Not for me

    Are you saying that Canadian women are very beautiful , I was confused with the text, as normally it’s the Thai ladies that people refer to as beautiful. never been to Canada , so I cannot comment, but spend 5 months a year in Thailand and as an elder lemon , I am bowled over by the women, and when I come home to Ireland I get depressed looking at the “Lady Power” in action . Poor guys don’t get a look in ! I don’t envy most guys in relationships in the west these days. In Thailand my experience is that most women “take care you” ... maybe I have been lucky... I still wouldn’t move to Thailand for the whole year. I get really annoyed at too many stupid things that are part of Thai life... it’s not my country , so I don’t expect anything to be changed to suit my thinking . ...well , a few sets of traffic lights and a guarantee that the traffic might actually obey the signals.... Lol !
  5. terryofcrete

    Should I stay or should I go now?

    wouldn’t shoot the crows ... blast the tower... or pay to have it done... LOL . I would move .
  6. It was an extreme response , no doubt about that. The perp should have blasted the sound source in the pick up to high heaven , and shot the guy in th leg or something .. watch him bleed out slowly to Beethoven’s 5th... or 6th ? This case has no basis in rationality. It is bizarre. He must have had mental or drug related problems. If so I hope he is dealt with sympathetically. RIP to the victim , and condolences to his family. Hopefully it results in some serious thinking in regards to noise pollution .
  7. Thanks for that... I didn’t know at all about it being a southern UK thing. Dublin has one hilarious form of address to anyone you meet that you have not seen for a while or unexpectedly meet “ Ah Jaysus... Howya “. love it ...and use it myself.
  8. Sorry .. I was only joking ... I love the way Brits use the “ init” after a statement. I have not met anyone from the UK in my travels on Thailand that was badly behaved, or putting themselves in danger . On the other hand , I’ve had money stolen, medical emergencies , and many close shaves with unscrupulous Thai taxi drivers over the years...but of course I’m Irish... trouble ! LOL !
  9. terryofcrete

    Returned to UK

    he said it was for health reasons ... Bad and all as the UK NHS is , I’m Irish and ours is not as good as NHS, it is better than having to rely on public health system in Thailand ... no thanks... Only reason I only go back and forth to Thailand instead of living there is health issues... we get older we get more problems ... At leastI can chat to the bugger in the next bed here in Dublin !
  10. terryofcrete

    Looking for Ginkgo Biloba product in Pattaya.

    sure you can pronounce your own name ?
  11. terryofcrete

    Big Joke turns his attention to Samui pirates

    It’s the pirate taxi mafia I’d go for first. and after that “instruct” Bangkok Airways to either share the airport with other carriers or lower their disgraceful monopoly prices. These 2 things need government intervention, and if the tourist numbers drop for Samui , I would say they are the number one culprits , although these days people are generally not great at resisting overpricing . Samui is a rip-off and it’s just accepted.
  12. this must be added to the “Thais pointing at things” Facebook Page immediately .