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  1. *******For tbe last 50 years around the world 5 main tenures of road safety have been internationally recognised and applied and where they have been applied the success has been clearly demonstrated******* The above is part of an earlier comment you made ….. we are all still waiting for you to enlighten us as to what those 5 tenures / tenets are; you have been asked several times by different people, but refuse to answer ……. why ?? And now you have the temerity to say that other people's comments simply make no sense ...... doh 🙏🙏
  2. What on earth is wrong with you ? Where did I say that you should not travel at a safe speed according to the road, traffic and weather conditions. I DID NOT …… I merely said that driving in excess of the speed limit, amongst other facets, was bad driving. Do you just imagine people have said something so that you can argue with them ?
  3. Wrong! .........what are you talking about ? You tell me I am wrong to state that driving in excess of the speed limit (amongst many other facets of driving that I mentioned) is bad driving; and then within a couple of lines you say that breaking the speed limit should receive ‘punishment’ Did you specifically study contradiction and ambiguity, or do they just come naturally to you ?
  4. “Unfortunately the concept of bad driving is largely subjective” … not really, if you are driving in excess of the speed limit, driving in the wrong direction on the wrong side of the road, overtaking on a corner, bend or crest of a hill, where there is restricted vision of oncoming traffic, ignoring traffic signals, making a U-turn where there is a NO U-TURN sign, etc, it is bad driving. There is nothing subjective about it whatsoever, and these are a few of the examples that I witness every day. “For tbe last 50 years around the world 5 main tenures of road safety have been internationally recognised and applied” …… but you fail to tell us what they are, so not very helpful As for random comments, you seem to have mastered the art remarkably well. You do however, need to turn on your spell check “tbe” …. “whst” … “ramdom”
  5. So rather than say, yes, sorry, that was not a very smart comment, you try and justify your extremely poor taste by saying it would make sense to convert military tanks into school buses ........ are you feeling okay ??
  6. Is that an attempt at humour ........ people have lost their lives and families are grieving, inappropriate does not even start to cover your crass comment
  7. No, it is not a word, you would need to say "Both totally avoidable, or both can at least be reduced ...... or both, at least, can be reduced" ...... not that it matters much, but you did ask !!
  8. Hogging the fast lane is often a byproduct of U-Turns, as if they didn't already present enough dangers. Every day, countless drivers will seize an opportunity to get into the fast lane to make a U-Turn as far as maybe 5 kilometres ahead, because they lack the basic skill or confidence to make the lane changing manoeuvre near the turn. There are other reasons for it as well; I have driven from Cha-am to Chiang Mai and back 4 times in the last 2 years, and there were many sections of road where the inside lane had become so littered with potholes from the tonnage of trucks, that every vehicle just sits in the fast lane. I have learned to be patient, it seems to be the only way. 🙏🙏 ✌️✌️
  9. R.I.P. the deceased and sympathy and condolences to everyone affected by another tragedy on Thailands roads. They seem to have enough basic driving regulations here, but the problem appears to be an almost complete lack of implementation. As an example, last year a friend was stopped and breathalysed. He was told he had failed, which he thought was probably correct, and was given an on the spot 3,000 Baht fine. He had insufficient funds with him, so the Police held his (Thai) licence and told him to DRIVE to the nearest ATM and get the money. When he got back he paid the fine, was given his licence back and told that he could go. Somewhat nervously he drove home but was not pursued or stopped again. Like myself, he has only been here a couple of years, so we don't know if this is commonplace, but if so, it is certainly no deterrent. 🙏🙏 ✌️✌️
  10. Oh, that explains it. He probably just mistook the Thai guy for a tree and wanted to make a ‘Thai Triangle’ from 3 of his limbs Thanks for the insight, I assume therefore that it must be a legal requirement in Thailand to carry a machete in your car, because without one how can you ever make a ‘Thai Triangle’ from branches ……. or, of course, from human limbs, depending on your mood ✌️✌️
  11. oh ....... just coincidental then that he mowed down a geezer that he had just threatened with a machete, rather than one of the other 68.8 million inhabitants of Thailand ....... jog on will ya
  12. all well and good ......... but you have somehow neglected to mention that this lunatic then mowed the other idiot down with his car, in an obvious attempt to kill him ............ shall we call it partial reporting on your part ??
  13. so deliberately smashing into a pedestrian from within the safety of your car is self defence is it ........ you are bonkers, stark raving mad, madder that mad Mick McMad, winner of the 2016 Maddest man in the world competition, you really are in need of help ....... so somebody looked at me menacingly in the coffee shop this morning, I better slaughter them in self defence before they look menacingly at me again ........ get outta here
  14. I am puzzled by the suggestion of many people that he has mitigation in self defence. I don’t, without admittedly understanding all Thai laws, understand how self defence can be used in mitigation for this lunatic. I could perhaps countenance that it could be argued that when he is waving a machete around he was maybe feeling threatened; but how can it be termed as self defence, when from within the secure confines of his car, he deliberately smash into someone that is not aiming a rocket launcher at him and his car …… exactly what was he supposedly defending himself against, can someone with greater knowledge of Thai law please explain to me
  15. Have you seen these Russians? Phangan police and hotels want a word

    So you think it is okay to break any of the other thousands of laws, so long as you don't break the ones that you deem to be important ....... interesting analysis, but also a formula for a completely lawless society. Extremely progressive thinking on your part ..... doh