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  1. Doing a u-turn, using one lane only, means you end up on the right (fast lane) with your small truck ? Interesting...
  2. The Pajero driver did not pay attention to the traffic, big mistake. Doing a wide u-turn to the very left lane instead of turning on the middle/right lane isn't that wrong I think - if lanes are free, bcoz the fast traffic will come from behind on the middle/right lane. Or am I wrong ? The Vios driver - with 6 passengers! - made a major mistake, to go left into the line of the Pajero instead of going on the free right lane. Did he watch the traffic ?? Maybe in the very last moment when one of his passengers started screaming... But doing a runner, causing the accident or not, is not the way to do Sir ! Rest in peace...
  3. Not really an expensive scarf. It's Made in Thailand
  4. A friend of mine who not really seems to be stupid, lost around 30000b the same way. When all was too late, she showed me "bills" where any blind man could see that it can only be fake. It's a mistery for me, how women can be that stupid in these cases ...
  5. This vdo shows a woman who is able to control her bike quite well. For sure helmets are missing, that's right. But i can't agree that bcoz of driving like her many people die on Thailand's roads. I guess the dangerous weapons here are called Pickup truck, truck, mini-van, bus... Handled by "drivers" without any feeling of responsibility for other road users who are not really able to control their king size cars. If you did ever travel around Thailand on a big bike, you will know what I am talking about...
  6. And after that they get fuelled up again wherever they stay. Just go watch them in the pubs and walking street at Pai...
  7. Owned by foeigners... A foreigner can hold 49% of a company. So who holds the remaining 51% ? Ghosts ?
  8. But they didn't really help as much as lower speed could have done...
  10. 0815

    This thai girl

    Another fool in paradise who starts to play a game before he knows the basic rules. You didn't treat her really fair, Mr. vodka loving Super Online Hero... (Like me or not)
  11. Check point time tables: helmet 9am to 10am, license 3pm to 4pm, red lights 1pm to 2pm when most offenders are at work ?
  12. 0815

    Media under fire over NLA napping pics

    Doesn't only happen here...