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  1. Just pay 500baht on arrival ? Too simple solution for a country full of high tech engineers !
  2. The little kids at a laotian school speak a better English then Thai ...
  3. Just go to a border crossing Thailand - Laos and talk to immigration or custom officers. Maybe i am wrong, but it seems on the Laotian side they can speak quite better English... Or walk along a school in Laos when the kids have lunch break...
  4. How can somebody learn more who "KNOW EVERYTHING ALREADY" ? Better then YOU ! 555
  5. A nest is on power pole next to my garden. Around the same size. I went to the authorities 4 times already. No reaction - still busy on fb...
  6. Bla Bla ... Depends on the kind of business the company is set up for.
  7. ... for overstayers and people with fake passports ?
  8. @sanemax: Kids do stupid things, right. But they knew exactly what will happen using the lighter ! Maybe some parents should not always wear the pink sunglasses looking at some kids in LOS ?
  9. You don't like big boobs? Don't look at her. You find a hair of her in your dish? Take it out. (Will not be dirty anyway, she's at a salon dayly I guess 555) Boobs are not good for kids? I was fascinated of it when I was a kid and I am still Some of you here seem to be happy with nothing. Poor guys...
  10. Why do so many guys in TV only post negative shit ? Wake up moody day by day ??? Let them live their life without judging ! Why can't a bargirl be the right partner for somebody ? Most of you run after them when your "ladies" make you angry. SO ???
  11. Amazing "good" ideas in LOS. Hire a police officer to sit next to the machine and keep kids away ? Or accidently cut the wire of the CCTV? Will never be repaired, so ... 555
  12. Raised by idiots and cheaters to be the next generation of idiots ? Director... What is the Thai definition for those morons ?
  13. Raped his wife, born a daughter, rape the daughter ? scum !
  14. I always wonder where he gets the money for his travelling from. If not around asia, he's travelling to Spain or Denmark (?). Back to school would be an idea for him. His German skills are worse then my English..
  15. Then organize yoga and meditation courses for the shaking alcoholics on the beach ? "I don't need booze ! I don't need booze !" 555