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  1. Just not a lucky day, no Somchai to blame. Next time try with new friend...
  2. Perfect teamwork of braindead foreigners and cheating Thai needle artists...
  3. Back home in July, will give the shirt to the police for a DNA test around Christmas ? Or where are the results if the test happened already ? Sorry, but my guess is that the story of that princess is b**l***t.
  4. It doesn't mean that they don't have money, it's to save money for booze, bungy jumping, zip lining ...
  5. Who? A following driver without brain maybe...
  6. A very "nice" post...
  7. 0815

    The risk you take running a RED traffic light

    So you "create" your own traffic rules too ? Biggest respect ...
  8. 0815

    Order threatens Bangkok’s charm

    The VENICE of SE Asia just with lots of plastic bags and rubbish swimming in the "roads" ? Do the vendors learn to swim in the next few years ?
  9. Some Chinese are behaving a bit strange. (Sure not only the Chinese) One day in Central the cashier had packed my oats into the plastic bag already, when a Chinese woman next to me took it out again to read the label. When I told her that would not be a really good behaviour she was just laughing about me.
  10. Seems to be a common behaviour of males of his size and body shape.
  11. Legalise it, keep an eye on those who run a "prostitution business" and lock them up if they make sh*t with the girls, give the girls free medical check ups. Maybe I am dreaming...
  12. For a little commission I have a few patients for you to test your new business