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  1. Sorry, but for me typically "modern backpacker" feet. Give a s*** on Thai culture or good behaviour but travel the country to get "inspired". You can't agree ? Spend some days in PAI then ...
  2. The girl is 15. Lock the <deleted> up for 15 years together with the Thai "lady", but don't forget to cut his balls !
  3. Just pay 500baht on arrival ? Too simple solution for a country full of high tech engineers !
  4. The little kids at a laotian school speak a better English then Thai ...
  5. Just go to a border crossing Thailand - Laos and talk to immigration or custom officers. Maybe i am wrong, but it seems on the Laotian side they can speak quite better English... Or walk along a school in Laos when the kids have lunch break...
  6. How can somebody learn more who "KNOW EVERYTHING ALREADY" ? Better then YOU ! 555
  7. A nest is on power pole next to my garden. Around the same size. I went to the authorities 4 times already. No reaction - still busy on fb...
  8. Bla Bla ... Depends on the kind of business the company is set up for.
  9. ... for overstayers and people with fake passports ?
  10. @sanemax: Kids do stupid things, right. But they knew exactly what will happen using the lighter ! Maybe some parents should not always wear the pink sunglasses looking at some kids in LOS ?
  11. You don't like big boobs? Don't look at her. You find a hair of her in your dish? Take it out. (Will not be dirty anyway, she's at a salon dayly I guess 555) Boobs are not good for kids? I was fascinated of it when I was a kid and I am still Some of you here seem to be happy with nothing. Poor guys...
  12. Why do so many guys in TV only post negative shit ? Wake up moody day by day ??? Let them live their life without judging ! Why can't a bargirl be the right partner for somebody ? Most of you run after them when your "ladies" make you angry. SO ???
  13. Amazing "good" ideas in LOS. Hire a police officer to sit next to the machine and keep kids away ? Or accidently cut the wire of the CCTV? Will never be repaired, so ... 555
  14. Raised by idiots and cheaters to be the next generation of idiots ? Director... What is the Thai definition for those morons ?