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  1. Frustrated About Traffic In Bangkok

    I don't think BKK is right for you, OP.
  2. Honest Thais

    My Thai wife hasn't got a bad bone in her body and wouldn't expect that anyone has a bad word to say about her, if they're honest. Married seven years and trust her implicitly. We live in the UK and my wife's a British citizen, which is great as we can do what we like and go where we like.
  3. That's positive. Can they hurry up with the offensive then?
  4. Bangkok pattaya emergency

    You need to look towards your parents / friends back home to settle the bill. You won't be going far until you do. This is as good an example of what happens when you've no insurance. Maybe someone reading will learn from this.
  5. I hold my wife's hand for about twenty seconds at a time due to her sweaty hands but she always blames me.
  6. PAYG Sim Cards

    Any prepaid DTAC SIM will do. As previously stated, phone the callcentre to extend the life of your SIM for 2 baht p/m [max twelve months] and they'll lop the charge off your balance. I always extend my wife's DTAC SIM for a year when in LOS. I'm keeping hold of my 2009 DTAC SIM that automatically extends for twelve months at each top up.
  7. What are the cheapest hotels in Pattaya?

    This is getting confusing.
  8. What are the cheapest hotels in Pattaya?

    I added a bit to my original post. Good idea?
  9. What are the cheapest hotels in Pattaya?

    Must be the lap of luxury. Your 'friend' could always lodge with your wife and split the rent. Just 1k THB pppm + utilities.
  10. What are the cheapest hotels in Pattaya?

    Great if you're 95.
  11. What's that got to do with Finsbury Park?
  12. What are the cheapest hotels in Pattaya?

    ... but for the last four weeks of his tenure. Welcome to hell.
  13. Good point. Change is coming and it isn't going to pretty at the present rate. It doesn't surprise that the indigenous population will always win.
  14. If it all goes belly up, which it appears to be and hardly surprising, then just find a safe space.