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  1. Here It Is

    Best Exchange Rates Bank or Other

    My Halifax Clarity card often gives a better rate than changing cash at currency booths Long time Halifax Clarity card holder. No good at ATM as fee wipes out any gains. But walk into Thai bank and do counter transaction and all is good, even if it takes a while on occasion.
  2. Okay, one or two posts have intimated this. No need to get too hung up about it and they are quite right, by the way. It makes us falang look bad when we are generally far more affluent than our Thai friends. If you can afford to holiday in LOS then why the need to steal a smartphone? Overall, the forum is pleased these two gamins have been caught and deserve their punishment.
  3. Didn't seem spur of the moment. In fact, they worked like a well rehearsed gang of urchins and obviously not the first, or the last, time.
  4. Always come through the Thai line with my lovely wife. On a few occasions I was almost stopped because my wife was in front or behind me but a simple tacit acknowledgment that I was with my wife sorted it. Anyway, invariably fly business so wouldn't have been a problem anyway.
  5. Not relevant, whatsoever. I might steal your pet canary and people will observe the same lack of regard. But you loved your pet canary! Who are we to judge?
  6. Sure, it's not crime of the century, but poetic justice for being a common thief and caught. Ritual humiliation at the airport and probably more to come. I like it.
  7. Would love to see the victim attend the police station and engage in some finger pointing. Oh, how I'd laugh.
  8. Good work. I hope they're charged and miss their flight. Their ugly thieving faces splashed all over the internet is also refreshing.
  9. Good advice, sandyf. Hopefully the wind has blown over by now as appears that 2014 was the key point in time. But, you never know. Will check the app to see if there's an email option, though appear to receive regular updates via email and within the app and have never received any correspondence to my MIL's address anyhow.
  10. Let's remember that the Thai who lost the phone would probably have to work a few months solid, or more, to afford a new one. Shame on the thieving couple. Ugly bastards, inside and out.
  11. Touch wood, I've managed to avoid any online banking issues with BB. My account was opened on a 30-day visa exempt with just my passport and wife in tow and 25 minutes later left with a savings account, online banking and a Visa debit card. Used MIL's address and never had a problem for the past six years. It would be a royal pain in butt if I didn't have access to the online banking service, particularly as we live in the UK and only visit twice a year. Fingers crossed that I got in early enough to avoid all the current nonsense regulations.
  12. Sorry to be a pedant, but are you absolutely sure that you entered the correct date of birth in the first place? Just want to make sure, you know.
  13. I might be interested. How much do you charge? Haha.
  14. Here It Is

    Police issue an arrest warrant for me.... advice?

    Even better advice. Though, that's not going to work either. Next.