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  1. Decisions decisions

    Send Rudolf a picture of your bottom.
  2. Since I've been visiting LOS the rules have always been show, or have access to, 20k baht. Never been asked but that's the rules.
  3. Buying computer software via Ebay

    Personally I won't touch Kaspersky for obvious reasons. Anyway, you could easily negate the location issue with a VPN.
  4. When you've got dodgy Africans openly dealing drugs on Lower Suk within fifty foot of a police tent then you know the game's up. Edit: I once flicked my ciggie butt where I shouldn't have on Lower Suk and was duly pulled up and a fair cop. No fine as Mrs Here It Is was very conciliatory with the official and I was on my way. Makes you think.
  5. Where can I buy these pavers in Chiang Mai?

    Some sort of subliminal stuff going down there. Made me laugh.
  6. There is no doubt that the rescue services were extremely professional. They tried their absolute best to extricate the poor guy at the earliest and get him to hospital. I did so many crazy things when I was younger and really shouldn't be here. Looking back it was obviously not my time but I was only ever a slip away from my demise. That's how it works.
  7. Preparations ready for Toon’s Bangkok run on Dec 4

    I was watching this on Thai TV on Wednesday morning and was extremely sweet.
  8. cables on sukhumvit

    Of course not. They'll probably remain live with a bit of insulating tape applied to the ends. TiT.
  9. Duke and Duchess of Kidderminster has a nice ring to it. Suitably downmarket.
  10. The shop that I referred to in post #2 is where you'll find your top-of-the-range super-expensive road bikes and Lotus and Big C your runabout bikes I would imagine.
  11. Is there anyone this ghastly woman isn't related to. The other day she was related to a maid who worked at Windsor Castle then the next day she's Harry's cousin. And now topped off with Shakespeare and Churchill. You couldn't make this crap up
  12. Finding Thai Staff Patong

    It's most definitely in the Job Offers in Thailand sub-forum as per the below screenshot.
  13. Buying my first iPad – Advice Please

    I like to keep up as I can sell my wife's pristine iPad Air 2 for nearly as much as I paid for it, I kid you not. The Pro is bordering on laptop quality.
  14. Buying my first iPad – Advice Please

    I should also add that I purchased the 29W USB-C Power Adapter and USB-C to Lightning Cable for the fast charging facility. Apple should really include this in the box but alas not. £84 quid, ouch. But full charge takes about 2 hours 15 minutes rather than over 5 hours with the supplied charger.