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  1. Cheating customers in Thailand ?!!! ...Now, that's really hard to believe !!! ......Perhaps they mistook the rates and refered to the special "farang mortgage rate"
  2. The lady should ask the neighbours if she could join them next time, instead of making such a fuss
  3. observer90210

    What would you do? Employee pocketing some baht

    An employee once made me pay at KFC for using the Pepsi fountain for 1 drink. Fine. But she did not include the amount on the bill, made me pay 50 THB off the counter, with no bill for the drink. Is this normal practice ?
  4. observer90210

    Expats who want to leave, if they could

    people came here for the good quality and cheap food, the feeling they were welcome by the people and the authorities.. and of course cheap fresh pussy... ...but people will now leave and as the fresh pussy is wanting more,, ....the authorities make foreigners feel unwelcome, visa hassles, extorsio/harassment by the police at road blocks or at immigration, dual pricing towards farangs, the taxi cheats..... etc.. yes it's worse either in Manchester or Paris or where ever....but who said these expats will go back home ?....they will start to settle in neighbouring Asian countries that make a foreigner feel more welcome.....I know at least 3 foreign expat couple, single and familiy, who have done so since the last 12 months. all part of the game....
  5. The suspect is a poor thai [and not an awful farang], thus eligible for bail !!
  6. nonsense...they are actually out there looking for their high profile billionaire fugitives !!
  7. Amazing !!..did he have a zippered opening in the back ? .... so he just pulled down his pants and pooed in front of everybody ? ...and boy it does seem to smell real bad. ...could we know where he ate before ?
  8. These awful farangs really...always making a fuss !!
  9. Her young tatooed "toyboy" must be high on certain unsolved Oedipus complex issues in himself
  10. remember to take your life jacket, personnal inflatable boat...and signup before for a good life insurance....best of luck !!
  11. Good move to thrash the Android for a iPhone. Trash also the phone subscription with True and go for AIS !!
  12. Why no picture of Big Joke yet, posing in front of the cave with his goons of grining , Spec Op-SAS-DEA, paratroopers in their smart, tight outfits ?
  13. So yesterday it was "......against Trump"....and when he will be out, they will go for ".....against May"....and once she is gone they will need something else and perhaps whine "....against Capitalism".....and since nobody will give them a second look they may go for ".....against global warming in my fridge"....until they turn up with something else.......hilarious clowns !
  14. observer90210

    Thai Gov’t monitoring online information

    Remember the subliminal advertising in the 1950ies ?.... created much uproar, was challenged, disqualified then banned but recently dug up and considered to some extent as a form of public manipulation and control..
  15. observer90210

    Thai Gov’t monitoring online information

    Oh my God !...you mean Big Joke is hiding in my closet ?!!!