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  1. Day after : did not recover the cash Day yet after : his female "guide" mysteriously vanishes. The End (C) gold digger productions mmxviii
  2. observer90210

    Suvarnabhumi to upgrade security after K-fan breach

    This time it was just a bunch of harmless groupies...but what if its terrorists next time who pretend to be airport employees with fake id cards ? Security regulations harass and make a heavy nuisance on nornal passengers, but apparently are a total flop to enforce screening of airport workers in Bangkok.
  3. With all the available hot and horny ladies all over Thailand, how can men (thai's and farangs alike) get so possessive and end up fighting like animals for the favours of a lady ?
  4. How can people get that stupid and brainless ?
  5. Maybe the pissed of chap, denied entry abroad, was a Thai immigration officer ?
  6. What can expect considering the disasterous conditions of the drainage systems are all over Thailand ? During the rainy season, when a rainfall gets a bit hard many areas are flooded with water above one's ankles. Such flagrant laxism from the authorities is alarming and plainly contributes to enhance the disease plague all over the country.
  7. Good job. Next Stop, put a busty young female officer in a tight skirt golden winged uniform, who would be twerking....high side effects (and a few accidents) guaranteed !!!
  8. Can one go fishing and get a private fishy lesson with one of the Coyottes, if I buy 2 lbs of prawns ?
  9. Yes Thai banks do come under rules, to pay back money missing from accounts....only for Thai's that is...and the hi-so's !!.....Farangs ? ....get lost please or we will call Big Joke to deport you and ban you for life ! Morality : A farang in Thailand is anything but equal to locals (his money is, however). A farang has no rights in any Thai court apart the right to bribe pay his way out if possible. So never...never put in more then the strict minimum necessary in your account. Have it wired from abroad for monthly costs, spend it all and leave nothing. . .
  10. Is the distinguished Policeman aware that a large majority of underage sex patrons are Thai's [and not always those awful farangs] ????!!
  11. European media reported that Trump did not attend the ceremony as McCain had stated it in his last wishes/will or whatever...so like Trump or not, don't bash him for not attending..he plainly respected the deceased's last wishes. RIP
  12. Looks like those awful farangs do bring good to Thailand after all !!!!!!
  13. Now it's up to the UK (and other western nation media) to do their job and seriously and weekly start warning their readers to plainly avoid these death traps. Big Joke is just doing his "job" so no point on picking on him....blame the western governance and media for closing their eyes and not publicly giving the facts, knowing fully well that thousands of their people risk their lives, every holiday in Thailand. Case closed.
  14. observer90210

    iMac problem/ warranty

    Had some issues with the horrible France Apple support who were trying to get funny many years ago on a technical problem with a Mac Pro. I wrote a letter to Apple headquarters to the Attn. of the CEO (r.i.p.)...of course he maybe never read the letter, but a few weeks later I got a sweet girl on the phone calling me from Apple and the issue was solved...on site at my home !!... I loooove Apple computers and never..never will go back to PC...but one must admit, their tech support people think no end of themselves, sometimes.....hope this helps. Apple Corp. One Infinite Loop Cupertino, CA 95014
  15. observer90210

    Using phone overseas?

    Get a cheap sim in Europe to do your calls. As for all the e.tickets, print them out as in any case it is always safer to do so.