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  1. Pran Buri sea infested with jellyfish

    Even without the jellyboys, on looking at the colour of the water, would definately not want to take a dip....pity !!
  2. Video: Are these cops kicking a man off his motorbike?

    The jurisprudence in many European road laws put a responsibility on a third party involvement if an accident occurs. One example that can leave many aghast: A motorist stops at a pedestrian cross, makes a sign to a person to cross the road. The chap crosses but gets hit by a bike that overtook a truck (who had also stopped to enable the crossing). The pedestrian is killed. The supreme court ruled a level of responsibility to the first car who stopped and gave a sign to the pedestrian to cross, and considered if a motorist makes a sign to a pedestrian to cross, it is in the idea that the motorist has done due dilligence to ensure the crossing was safe throughout !!!! Same thing happend with a police chase many years ago, the car thieves crashed the car on hot pursuit by the police. The courts ruled that the cops had a high level of responsibility on pursuing the culprits who crashed the car and one was killed. I am not making any judgement, but at this rate, no cop will endager his career even to chase a convicted felon....
  3. Video: Are these cops kicking a man off his motorbike?

    If the guy kicked down, was a wanted hard core criminal refusing to Stop, one could ..... If the guy just refused to Stop.....or was just fleeing by fear as he was a farang who left his ID and licence in the hotel ...or anything similar....it is attempted murder in many civilized countries..... But ultimately, it was perhaps a just big misunderstanding....
  4. Many interesting thoughts here on the topic..... However even the bravest of politicians remains a politician....the NRA lobby and the firearms consortiums in the USA have far too many members and potential voters, that can topple any election..... Unfortunately, more of a way to go before the trend is likely to change.....
  5. Why let all the fuss work one up?.....plainly stock enough of your favorite booze, mixers and whatever, to last a few weeks and problem is solved !???
  6. My dear friend, if I fully enjoy trips to London, allow me to assure you that Europe (which may seem a no man's land to UK .-) ...Europe has many other metros where UBER is highly popular and sucessful..... I did catch your point on their financial issues....but consumers don't give a hoot on the account logs of a company if they can get the extra miles for their hard earned bucks, I understand that you are in sympathy with the taxi unions, but I regret to say that the days of taxi monopoly are outnumbered worldwide and if London did give in by the mayor who has obvious cultural ties with the people who drive taxis in the UK, the rest of the world is far ahead. But your engagement towards the taxi is honorable but sorry to say, consumers don't give a hoot... As an exemple to what's to come, consider the lower price for a TV made by underpaid people in China or double the price tag if not triple of the same TV made by adults, well paid, in the USA or in UK....which TV will most purchase ?..honestly?....welcome to the 21st century consumerism where the consumer decides what to pay and not to get ripped off and have a nice day.
  7. You are most probably right as globally the africains are a majority in jails.....and naturally it has nothing to do with racism. I am not supporting or condoning anybody but perhaps we could push the thought a bit further and without standing up for criminal activity, take in to account that Africa is one of the poorest nations in the world........ that may be the common denominator and a factor of influence of the phenomena. We can lock them all up for sure, but it is at the cost of society and bears huge financial burdens on the taxpaying criminal justice systems...and it may slow down the symptoms but not be a cure. As long as there is high poverty in any country, it's citizens will indulge in any activity to survive.... if you or myself were in their place, we would probably be doing the same...obvisouly not a reason enough, I agree......high poverty in Africa, a country rich in natural ressources, is maintained and exploited by large western or chinese alliances and corporations. With high corruption and huge paybacks, a minority of African locals get rich while the rest remain in highn poverty. All this under the compliance of developped western nations or multinationals....nothing new I am saying here, but indirectly it is our fault in the west on what is falling on us from Africa (and other nations) as we are just closing our eyes on what's going on there.
  8. US pedophile fugitive and English teacher arrested in Koh Samui

    This chap is obviously a long term criminal predator. Good job from the Police as Thailand should not cater anymore to all the global criminal scum on the run. He would have deserved a full board in a nice seedy Thai Jail before getting back his change in a high security US federal lockup with lots of other bodybuilt tatooed nasties looking for fresh companionship !!
  9. The bets are open for the bookmaker boys.....next step UK or Dubai ??
  10. bar ripped me off, sick of walking away

    I may want to just add a small word regarding the OP's post and the farang complaining about a bottle and his bill. For sure, as per a minority of "distinguished" posters we read here on TVF, use a similar tone, rant or are as rude with people in real life, as they are in their posts on the forums, the situation is bound to get real ugly....with or without the bill challenging issue...
  11. I'm not sure what you may mean by "bring standards down further...".???..... In Europe, the Uber cars are much newer then the taxis, the cars are clean inside, all UBER drivers are far more polite, their rates are much cheaper then the regular taxism, they don't give the usual social and trafic ranting while driving, they don't argue on which route to take, are always on time, the UBER app gives a clear record of costs, routes and the drivers used....etc.......so if this means "making standards go down further? ?????.......... I humbly may consider that society is more then willing to accept it !!!..... As for a few scattered incidents here and there with UBER drivers, considering the huge number of jobs it provides worldwide, it would not deserve further paranoia........ The success of UBER /GRAB is not due to their "capitalist friends" as you suggest, but solely out fo the greeed and crookedness of a large majority of taxi drivers all over the world, including Bangkok - that made UBER so popular, practically overnight....
  12. Bomb-sniffing dog fired from CIA for refusing to sniff bombs

    Thanks for correcting me as I quoted it by memory and forgot to check the source on Google. I hope Mark won't be upset because I mistook him for a French
  13. Militants attack Egypt police, dozens killed - sources

    Another country with a great historic and cultural background that is destroying it's main ressource that is tourism...as such madness will make any sane person flee from visiting Egypt and spending money out there....
  14. Sad that you bought in your friend to the topic as I was being ironic on a legal system and absolutely not on the deceased. Sad also that you cited another fellow poster as a "silly statement" as you could have surely said things a bit more nicely.
  15. This is why UBER became a billion dollar golden goose....thanks to all the cheats and crooks who drive taxis worldwide, including Thailand ... One could pray however that the ruling powers will put a stop to the taxi scammers in lovely Thailand. Thank you Sirs....