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  1. observer90210

    China sentences Canadian man to death for drug smuggling

    Dealer in death.....got what he deserved if he is 100% guilty...and let it be a lesson to all those dealing death in the region. But it needs to be flawlessly prooved that he is 101% guilty.
  2. observer90210

    Bangkok could see artificial rain tomorrow

    I'm sure all that pollution in the sky, is from those awful falangs smoking cigarettes on bar stools all day !
  3. I would not trust trust AliExpress quality and reliability for heavy load electrical appliances.....it could in fact be dangerous to install solar pannels not by the standards mainly of safety as they can catch fire.... Nevertheless, solar is a great idea, and there are many firms on the net in Thailand, who supply, install and conduct maintenance. I'd feel more comfortable putting in the extra buck from a reliable shop in Thailand and thus sleep more peacefully...
  4. observer90210

    Thai man arrested for possessing digital child porn

    I really will never understand what is the connection between common crime enforcement and immigration law enforcement ? ... It seems it's always the Hon. Mr Big Joke behind every crime bust in Thailand even if it has nothing to do with immigration ? ? ?.... or am I missing something here?
  5. Here, better keep the willy zipped up until a thorough background check on the gal !!
  6. Scary !!!...hope they do not apply similar rules for doctors just to enable them to pass the exam !!!
  7. Best of luck young girl....with the sub zero Canadian climate !!
  8. I found this part of the article interesting. Looks that the chap filming was embarrassed to realise that it's not always those awful farangs who make trouble but also his own countrymen and countrywomen....welcome to reality dear Sir.
  9. observer90210

    U.S. government shutdown breaks record, with no end in sight

    A very harsh rule established by idiotic politicians, should they be Rep's or Dem's....and finally it's the common employees who suffer....a nasty way to treat many devoted federal employees...
  10. observer90210

    Thailand to air prowess in  technology at Dubai expo

    Wonderful....But in the global developpment game, why not Thailand establish that customers from Thai banks be able to draw from ATM's for free ?...and how about lowering the prices for hyper fast internet, as in developped countries ?... how about properly enforcing road law and making the roads safe as that is a sign of social progress and modernity.......how about reducing all the hassle and red tape for immigration visa formalities ? ... how about enforcing the law to push Thai taxis from not cheating foreigners on refusing the meter ?....how about......
  11. Ever heard of the "its-not-me-its-them", syndrome ?!!
  12. These are the type of hard core criminals Big Joke should go after, lock up or clean up !!....not the helpless illegal restaurant helpers or cooks, with visa overstay and who work honestly in jobs no Thai can do for a miserable salary
  13. When it's not a jealous man who shoots his gal, it the other way round....they really all seem the same when it comes to ego, jealousy and brainless acts. On further thought, better think twice and make a proper check before getting your willy entertained by a new gal just met....
  14. observer90210

    No Bail For Bangkok Cop That Shot Frenchman

    Definately no bail....no waï's, no public appologies on social media....the cop murderer needs to be stripped of his weapon(s), golden wings with a one way ticket to jail.