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  1. And what if somebody wanted to get rid of the bank teller, for some obscure reason?
  2. ok for sure I'll compare the SuperRich rates with the MBK rates on my next trip....and if your deal is better, I'll get you some beers and booze for sure!!!!!...thanks for the link!
  3. If you are purchasing property, you must have the funds wired from abroad in order to get the specific form, from the receiving bank, that will enable you to repatriate the funds in case of a future sale.. If not, I found the best option with the inherent risks of course, was to carry cash with me. Depending on your currency, look out for which bills give you the best rates, as a 50,-- bill wont give as good a rate as a 100 bill (either un US$ or €uros). Having cash can also avoid issues of being refused entry, if Immigration challenges you to show your cash and means of living during your sojourn in Thailand. (as read on a previous thread here today), I never use the exchange counters at Suvar airport, if so only a bit of cash to pay the driver. I found the best rates at MBK Shopping Mall - Bangkok money exchange booths. Last but not least, remember to always have your passport with you when you want to change foreign exchange in Thailand. Currency upto US$ 19'000,-- /per entry, does not need to be declared at customs, unless the rules have changed! If you bring more, declare it, or take the risk of extra hassle or even confiscation. A few of the boys with uniforms and parachute wings, seem to be on the hunt on how to harass or ripoff expats or tourists, so play fully by the book and all will go smooth......have a nice trip, stay safe when crossing the road or driving and most of all.....have lot's of fun!!!!!!!
  4. If the artefacts were acquired in a questionnable manner at some point of the supply chain, to keep them would be theft!!....they definately have to be returned and it's Thailand's problem on how they will be taken care of, later!
  5. Naturally, with "shut down" I was refering to the closing hours as stated on the topic and not a permanent close up! seemed obvious to me but obviously, not so obvious to you!
  6. absolutely, and the tuk tuk crooks, as well!!!
  7. Now now!! must be banned from the internet as Thailand is the new Vatican of the far East and Pattaya the capital of virtue!!!
  8. but at Tesco or Big-C they do catch up on the prices there that are very similar to european supermarket prices, don't they?
  9. Kindly allow me to share a small story..... The other night in a lovely seaside town in the French Riviera, south of France, where official taxis make a very good living as they charge exorbitant rates...a late night customer first want's to take UBER for a 15 min. drive around 6 kms, around 01h30 am to go to a downtown club....the UBER cost is usually the equivalent in US$ between 20 and 22 US$... there was heavy rain and obviously heavy demand. The UBER app quoted on that night a price between US$ 35 and 45!!!!...Needless to say a regular taxi was taken and paid the equivalent of around US$ 30,-- Morality, if you are familiar with rates and if possible, always compare, as UBER is not always the cheapest matter where in the world!!
  10. They would be better off to investigate with sting operations all the jet ski mafia criminals, who rip off tourists under falacious vehicle damage charges.... Water soluble paint is often used to hide previous marks on the vessel...after use, obviously the paint goes off and the marks appear.....the unsuspecting tourist is threathned and has to pay huge amounts of cash to get out of the mess....sometimes around US$ 1'000,-- .... Everybody has heard of these scams and even embassies abroad warn tourists not to fall into the trap...but still guilable and candide tourists get trapped and ripped off!!!..
  11. but was it reason enough to punch a guy who could be your father?????????
  12. Then perhaps we don't go the same hooker bars in Pattaya or the same social venues in Bangkok, either on the lower or upper scale socially speaking... I've seen quite a lot of real by any country's standards!!!!....but then it's all a matter of taste, hard feelings and have fun...!!
  13. Very true....we all see often locals giving their gals a nasty lesson in public....consequently, when controverse arrises, many expats claim, why "them" and not "us"?... Two ideas come to mind.....first, it is not because others are jerks or a**h***s or worse, that it should validate one's own temptation to do same? Second, wheather the Thai on the video is right or thing is for sure, he is in his country, whereas the drunk guy bashing the Thai girl, is a guest in this country.... It may be a hard perception for some, but the local does have a point in attempting to educate a foreigner giving a trashing to a local lady, despite the fact that some locals probably do worse.... On a more human and civilised approach, the gal was obviously jealous or angry and cought her boy redhanded? .. whatever but still... No excuse to puch a lady as badly as described. At most he could have just pinned her down to stop her frenzy assaults....
  14. hi, but you quoted me above on post no # 36 in this feed that came from another topic and thread...just fyi!...I did not open my big mouth on this issue here
  15. perhaps they want foreign credit card bearers to order from their homelands, as the prices on the Thai Apple webstore are slightly cheaper??....but I will keep this in mind and perhaps try to get hold of a Thai credit card, if I'm lucky and the bank teller is in a good mood!!!...thanks for the tip!