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  1. Dress code

    With full respect, if you are dating one or many of the hottie Pattaya "bar stool attendants", it may arouse jealousy to land up in their office with the busty teen hottie, clinging on to your arm..... .....maybe you could hire your 60 year old, 80 KG (or 176 lb) cleaning maid, holding to your hand and acting "wifey", that may amuse the IO boys and make things smoother....with those chaps, better to play low profile and safe !....all the best with your formalities !
  2. Until 2007, many a financial guru strongly maintained that there never would be a financial crash...... ....much further back in time, the top scholars and aluminis of the era, refused to admit that our planet was round... .......so what and who to belive today ?? (besides me of course!!)
  3. Wonder how many restaurants have specific inflated price menus printed in "farangUage" that are handed over to the visiting tourists and other menus in Thai for the locals ?.... I may add, always check your bill at the end for any invisible "extras" added due to a "misunderstanding"... And if you want a platinium status of a smart farang, write down in front of the waiter/ess, the price of each dish and check at the end on the bill....one would be surprised on how many customers get cheated as they feel stupid in checking the bill...
  4. Nonsense. Many countries are very soft on tax collection. You can check it by yourself on google.
  5. which color taxi in bangkok? to airport

    Well to please and cool you down a bit, obviously, if the customer looks like a broke Cheap Charlie, the Thai taxis or tuk tuk cowboys, may feel sorry and perhaps offer good and cheap service.
  6. WARNING: attacked by foreign robber

    Definately report and the CCTV may lead police to at least have a look of the fellow.
  7. Police arrest man who wanted to be one of them

    If he has patrolled around his block taking bribes from street vendors, he has brillantly passed stage 1 of the recruitment process screening !
  8. <deleted> bar good night spoilt by rip off

    A golden rule in Thailand...for daily use, avoid 1000 THB notes as much as you can, as it is just an open door to rip off the "rich farang"...
  9. you run a tuk tuk company perhaps ?
  10. American/Russian drug dealing couple arrested on Koh Phangan

    This quality tourist couple must have offended some officials, who did not appreciate the farang competition against the local labour force !!
  11. Looks like somebody at some point did not get his commission....
  12. Who needs details ?...It is notorious that the Thai taxi drivers or tuk tuks, are in majority a bunch of cheats who fully deserve the bashing they got from Uber !
  13. 367,000 CCTV cameras to be connected by 2019

    Some good tea money is going to be made with this public office tender...
  14. Better think twice or have some good background checking and investigating, before hooking up, full time with a Thai female (bar or not bar girl), in that case !!
  15. Also maybe a bit of jealousy from the condo owner seeing yet another elderly farang in Pattaya, with a nice young busty lady and being able to afford a well deserved multiple month break, in a condo...... ....but is that reason enough to punch the old Norvegian fellow on the ribs, no matter how rude he may (or may not) have been in the first place ????