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  1. Air India...Thai...both government funded, employing just a horde of rude, overpaid and spoilt brats....must be at least 20 years since I realised that and never since flew with one of these clown airliners....
  2. Party the whole year all around...for sure !!...but on New Year's Eve, much better to party at home with friends, neighbours and not venture out. RIpoff prices, no public transport available, police extorsion road blocks all over, the cutest pussies are already booked in clubs, all the local or farang drunks with no gals looking for fights........really not worth the hassle....IMHO....
  3. observer90210

    Waiving of visa on arrival fees under consideration

    It would be a much better incentive to stop the senseless 90 day reporting and stop the re-entry permit requirements for the quality retirees and expats in Thailand.
  4. No matter how much we could rant...not sure who set up that drone show...but it's just a m a z i n g !!....Hard to find the words....and definately has earned a trip to check out IconSiam.......Bravo !!..and you can be proud of yourselves for the magic you offered the public.
  5. observer90210

    Electric bills set to increase from January 

    Better get prepared to get the happy end soapys with cold water, as it will be cheaper !
  6. The soi pussies all around on bar stools were to much to take perhaps ?!...Wish the poor bloke a fast recovery and many more years of fun feeding the kittys.
  7. Kindly prepare some cushy "inactive posts" at the Operations Center, for some cushy postings with full salary.
  8. I would not worry all that much for the property and relocation of either Katy Perry, Rod Stewart et al.....I'm sure their comfortable bank accounts will enable them to get into new properties before the blaze is extinct....
  9. Best way to bring in money with 0 fares and a far better exchange rate ?....carry ca$h and change it at Super Rich exchange booth in Bangkok...
  10. Just hope that Thailand never reaches the extremes of certain western nations where even saying a friendly or cheeky "hello" to a co-worker, can be liable to file sexual harassment...it is becomming one big joke of the west....
  11. Solly,,,bag snatcher is Thailand man and the victim is another pesky farang....no crime here. Case closed. Next.
  12. DId he have sex with the ex-girlfriend of the local informant who got frustrated and jealous and thus snitched out on him ?
  13. Would it not be more constructive to hunt down the tourists or overstayers who are drug peddlars, trouble makers, bullies, or drunks who provoke fights in bars, rather then chasing harmless teachers who are there to develop the english proficency for the students of Thailand ?
  14. Disgusting behaviour from the drunken Russians that once again tarnish the image of Pattaya. For the record, it is such bullies that should be deported the next day and banned from re-entry. They cause much more harm to the image of the country, then a bunch of illegals either teaching or cooking food in Nana !
  15. No so much a black problem I think. Just a fact that the Thai's accept farangs or foreigners as long as they have money. But geneally speaking this is rather a nationalistic society where it's Thai's first and farangs shut up...no matter what your skin colour may be.