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  1. Another grade A, hooker ?
  2. And for which company did you drive a taxi back home ? Nevetheless, your problem my dear fellow, if you enjoy getting ripped off by the cheats who drive BKK taxis...or perhaps you never actually took a taxi in Bangkok ? And last of all, if you judge people by their looks, I think you still have a long way to go (and not in a taxi)
  3. 66 foreigners arrested in nationwide crackdown

    One respects laws and the officials in a foreign country, so be it. However, if western nations had their police forces swarming down the streets or posing with big blockbuster posters behind, hinting to outlaw foreigners, the media, western governance and society in general, would never accept the stigmatization. Thailand has full right to enforce it's laws domestically....but it could be handled with more dignity and not in a circus style farang stigmatization, as in this context.
  4. 49 women complain over Maldives ‘scam’

    Now what possibly would those overseas active massage posts, consist of ?!!
  5. There will soon be more cops in the Thai Police "inactive desk posts", then on the field where they would be much more useful to harvest "tea money" !!
  6. Tourists pickpocketed near Pattaya Police Station

    Songkran ?...plus Pattaya ? = trouble ?....amazing really !!
  7. Full thumbs up to the english teacher for having exposed yet another rascal and cheating Bangkok Taxi driver, for whom one has absolutely no sympathy.
  8. Is there a forum to bitch about the US Embassy?

    This would seem like a good place to rant it all on paper : Attn. the Honorable Secretary of State US DEPARTMENT OF STATE 2201 C St NW, Washington, DC 20520, USA
  9. ...and why not also offer a good happy soapy with some of those hotties in uniform well hidden behind the office desks ?!!
  10. British man beats  wife to death in Ubon Ratchathani

    thank you for the enlightment...so love means to end up in bashing or stabbing or shooting your partner to death ?
  11. Chase away all the sharks to the opposite side of the bay, near Pattaya....they will feel at home over there !!
  12. Where to get help for depression

    Many intelligent suggestions here on where to go for treatment..... My humble contribution will be where not to go....definately not to a place full of girls on bar stools....definately not in a place with chicks smeering soap on your body.....and definately not back to your place with a hot long haired busty therapist for private long term nightcap treatment !!! Hope you find good treatment and get back on your feet soon.
  13. And here goes another Thai who will now hate farangs !!! Prostitution is also banned in Iran and Saudi Arabia by the way !!!!!
  14. Thai Drivers License Checklist

    this website was very useful http://driving-in-thailand.com/ lot's of good information on what documents to have and the locations of the local DLT in major cities.
  15. Thailand worries over oil price spike

    Many here accuse Thailand to be addicted to oil !!??.....kindly enlighten my nimble brain, but which country is not ?????????.. As for Syria, their chemical warfare, the strikes by the coalitions that generate huge profit to specific business, why should anybody give a damm on the political aspect, as today, war is all just about power and money....the welfare of people is the last issue !!!...and it would be really naive to think the other way. Consequently, one can fully understand Thailand to worry as they did not make another fairy tale casus beli, leading to the mess, that is creating global financial tsunamis on each strike, In fact all the countries in the coalition should financially participate towards the other neutral nations in the EU or Asia to compensate the monetary fluctuations caused by their war games.