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  1. Nice, but is the Hua Hin beach dirty as in a few other Thai resorts? Don't mind paying the extra THB in a 5 * hotel for a fine party with good food, booze and chicks...but not by a beach with seawage or human waste water pumped in....
  2. Whisky One more

    Do you want that Thai whisky to clean the wheels of your car? Try this one instead, you get it at BigC or Tesco....mix with crushed ice, Pepsi, some mint and enjoy!! No hard feelings, and cheers!!
  3. learn thai from a white guy

    Don't be bigot. Words have strong meanings and implicitly...at least for those who know how to think.
  4. Deadly new tactics linked to BRN after South drama

    For the moment these attacks are an internal quarrel amongst Thais, that do not target foreigners. Consequently, with full humility and respect to Thailand, I consider it to be none of my business. But what to say when these attacks indirectly reach out at farangs as it happened in Hua Hin or similar? Such attacks in Europe have had disastrous consequences on the economy by lack of tourist revenue. One could doubt that Thailand has a spine strong enough to withstand large numbers of farangs (and their money) boycotting the country, once terrorism catches up. Better wake up before it's too late and stop behaving like a spoilt child. Use your police manpower to fight terror and not to hassle (the quality) farangs at the airport or with senseless immigration VISA issues.
  5. If I really miss a good salami or a sausage, I'd wait to get back in Europe with proper safety standards and laws that mention from where the item has been imported. I would never indulge in consuming pork from China or the US.
  6. Black or white, I would never like to end up in any jail...above all a jail in Thailand!!
  7. Nobody knows the full extent of the case and how the chap was behaving inside the precinct. If his attitude was threathning or vindictive, it is somwhat understandable that the officer had to calm down the fellow with a good leg chop!
  8. Your comment is rather brainless and racist IMHO
  9. Van ploughs through crowd in Barcelona, killing about 12

    The rather tragically ironic part of this attack is that the Spaniards, until last week were ranting against tourists, with graffiti and attacks against tourists.... It was mostly the tourists from the UK who were under the limelight, the fire and hate from the Spanish extremists. I was in the Alicante area till last week, and noticed an anti UK uprising against british tourists, fuelled by local Spanish. Obviously, those who were just drinking in tourist bars, watching sportsTv would not have noticed, but those who mix a bit more deep with the locals, know what I am talking about. As usual, on the aftermath of terror attacks, tourists will flee [Spain], and the spanish extremists ranting against tourism (and the revenue it generates), will have full leisure to clean up the mess inside their great homeland!....Stupidity has no limit, no nationality, no religion, skin colour or ideology..... Studipity is something plainly universal.. RIP to the innocent people murdered in the Barca attack.
  10. Well, as the chap has put in a very precise deadline of 29th september, worthy of a gypsy cristal ball....time will tell if his website posts BS or if he has a point?
  11. I don't understand your reaction very well. It seems logic that a company, having it's top corporate policies made in the west, bears some part of responsability in the guidelines of it's branches or franchises worldwide? What has this got to do with the Thai's liking or not liking 7-11?? Don't get so touchy, and try to look a bit deeper into the context, before a hasty reaction.
  12. Van ploughs through crowd in Barcelona, killing about 12

    Well if you have access to the top secret files of european services, I cannot debate on that. With your permission, I prefer a more moderate and pragmatic stance on this issue, rather then to bluntly take it into some muslim cleric bashing. Not arguing that all are not known by national intelligence agencies, as you claim. But I get your point directed against the muslim clerics who preach hate, but the non muslim europeans who joined the ISIS war or terrorist activites had never attended preachings of muslim clerics before and were unknown by national intelligence agencies. In fact YouTube gives out much more on the background and the motivations of terrorists, unfortunately once it is too late, in place of the files of any national intelligence agency.
  13. Fire in Patong Mexican restaurant

    I also always get my bum on fire the next day, after a meal in a mexican chili restaurant!
  14. Sharks being fished out of existence in Thai waters

    Sorry to my environmental friends,.... but I will be the last one to cry if sharks and snakes are erradicated from the equation.
  15. The army should plainly shut down Pattaya and transform it into a giant ladyboy boot camp!