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  1. Nice...but is there a boat shuttle service available, as due to the floods that seem unmanageable, no other way to move around !!!!
  2. Is it normal that in the 21st century, an important touristic city still cannot handle floods, not to mention the hygiene issue ?
  3. Never suggested she had not. Plainly suggested the things that would be nice to change in my initial post a bit above.
  4. Nobody can change things alone. But maybe if she pointed out certain points "higher up"...who knows ? No finger pointing here...my fingers are better off elsewhere
  5. Long-time homeless American deported

    Must admit the guy is a tough fellow, good survival instincts !!....wish him to continue and end his life peacefully in his homeland. Nobody deserves to be thus left surving on the streets without a roof, whether his fault or not.
  6. Could be tempting to start some Thai or muslim bashing again !!....but stupid teens, getting bold when in their gang, are more of a global issue then an issue of nationality.
  7. Some work remains unfinished for the Thai tourism jewel : Punish and revoke the licences of the taxi crooks who cheat farangs on meter refusal - enforce campaigns for the population to be hospitable and warm with tourists as they contribute substantially - arrest all the jet ski crooks in Phuket - make ruthless enforcement against immigration officials who harass the quality expats/retirees on visa and extension issues ease the visa requirements for the 50+ who meet the required amount for pensions and stop suspecting them all as illegal workers - have a police and justice system that is neutral and not always taking side of the Thai - Stop the police from extorsion and racket against farangs on roadblocks or tea-money fines - establish universal regulations in the Thai Consulates abroad for visa requirements and for the visa types delivered....... and more to follow in the next episode (contd.... if not....well don't complain when tourism will dwindle in favour of Vietman, Laos, Indonesia, Malaysia et al.... despite all the tourist numbers the stats manipulate
  8. is my thai wife cheating on me?

    You have different options my friend. 1) Leave 2) LEAVE 3) Leave...just leave...fast ! 4) You should have already left even before reading this 5) Leave...and all the best in finding a proper chick !
  9. One thing is for sure, she was not with him for the money obviously. Sad circumstances however. Looks like both were subjectively attracted to each other for their mutual depressive dynamics ? RIP...no matter what, as it is sad....said mainly for the parents and survivors.
  10. The RTP could hire 1000 farang "wanna-be-undercovers" who pose as tourists in the major metros of Thailand...the result could be quite a bash ! The taxi/tuk tuk unions (if existant) could also get involved and take up matters, if not they will plainly kill their own golden goose as flocks of tourists/expats/retirees will turn to UBER, GRAB etc. Tourists should also be made aware with energetic nationwide campaigns on where to complain, assuming the authorities are really serious to improve the desastrous image the Thai taxis/tuk tuks are giving to their country. But to defend the authorities, a part of the problem is also from naive westerners who never cease comparing rates with their homelands and accept the ripoffs, by considering the cost cheaper then back home.
  11. When corruption leads to lawlessness, anarchy takes over on all sides....
  12. Is SCB in trouble?

    Well you would put in a same basket once you purchase property...but anyhow, I'll repeat once again, it was just my humble opinion and personal ease of mind to never to put in the same or diversified baskets, more then one can afford to loose in Thailand....the rest is much better of in a safe, in a safe country !!! .....and this is just IMHO....free to all to do as they feel comfortable.. Whatever, wish all a peaceful and fruitiful returns on their respective investments. .. case closed for me on this thread.
  13. Thanks to such sick criminals, foreigners will be further looked down upon, in Thailand. Human nature does tend to generalize and put everybody in the same basket and we all do it at some point.
  14. Well done !!!!.....saving a life will always deserve, credit, respect and more, no matter if it's your job or not. Wish the patient a fast recovery. I wonder what lead to the poor chap to drop unconscious ? ... would be interesting to know and may give some awareness to the public for the health issue.
  15. Bringing savings into Thailand, wise move?

    Obviously not. But what about large scale developpments all homes sold out and that have been around for many years, with a majority of farang owners? ...Agree however that there is always a risk, no doubt...and perhaps why many consider to only bring in the money in Thailand that you could afford to (perhaps) loose.
  16. Is SCB in trouble?

    or perhaps the idiom of those not stupid enough to loose everything by putting all one's eggs in the same basket ?
  17. Bringing savings into Thailand, wise move?

    But what would be wrong with a 30 years renewable leasehold of land that many farangs use for property purchase ?
  18. Is SCB in trouble?

    My dear fellow please read this link from Bangkok Bank that clearly states on the 3rd points that non-resident THB accounts are not protected under the Deposit Protection Agency Act. So no point arguing, if one is not a full time resident, no security at all for the money. http://www.bangkokbank.com/BangkokBank/PersonalBanking/DailyBanking/Accounts/Pages/InfoDepositProtection.aspx
  19. Google caught receiving location data from Android phones

    All these high tech hyper connected devices and online services, snoop much deeper on consumers then the NSA itself !!!
  20. All the more reason then to treat the guests of Thailand properly, hospitably and soften visa issues for the farangs/expats !!!
  21. Same in some large grocery retail shops, certain veggies have more packing then a MacBook Pro !
  22. Did not get the point, coz when the Donald went over to Saudi Arabia, he was quite satisfied from his trip ?!! ....
  23. And I was foolish enough to believe that love is blind !!!...and nothing more count$ !!!!
  24. People may consider normal that there is a delay....after all the Phuket cops, with their colleagues are in the "How to be a good detective and deal with farangs", course !!!!!
  25. Suspect, 22, caught with 10m ‘yaba’ pills

    My oh my!!... what a lot of bags !!...what a lot of people on the picture !!....so the standard RTP media procedure is one bag = 1 BiB ? p.s. well done boys, that's a lot of poison out of the streets.