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    Hua Hin bomb scare: Device found near Soi 6

    Instead of submarines or satelites, they should rather fit out their boys with this !! But I definately would not like to do the calwalk in the outfit, under the local climate !!
  2. Time to get back Mulder and Scully on duty ?!
  3. Why all the hypocrisy and uproar if it was all done between consenting and legal age adults ? Some perhaps need to visit a few swinger clubs in Europe or even in Thailand, where such acts are engaged...for free, amongst consenting adults and couples ! Chill down boys....this is all part of human nature and some high sensations the brain can call for (provided it remains of legal age and consentment naturally) And for those looking into such "tours" go to Spain or even Columbia...all legal, affordable and no traps as in Thailand!
  4. There is currently debate in Thailand on the death sentence by the usual Human Rights clowns.....perhaps they should check out what the victim went through at her young age ?
  5. observer90210

    High End Mobile Recomendations

    IMHO....I would not buy it now. Next year rumours say a new iPhone will be released with the lightning slot, Wait, and of course don't buy the first model that is released in 2019 as obviously it will have bugs and flaws...be patient, wait for the second model to come out and you sould be set for hopefully a few years before naturally another model is released that will outdate wll the others.....!!
  6. Never mind my bogus teacher job and my 9 month overstay...I will just be fine here.
  7. observer90210

    2-cat snack proves too much for Bangkok python

    it gives me gas and makes me fart...
  8. observer90210

    Boris Becker claims diplomatic immunity in bankruptcy case

    Rather a pathetic move to escape punishment of the law, from a former champion who has fallen to the status of Mr Anybody
  9. observer90210

    2-cat snack proves too much for Bangkok python

    The pythons should rather feed on the horrible cobras and other snake species that are a threat to humans all over Thailand.
  10. Pythons are not venomous...people have them as pets in many countries....so what is the big deal here ? (if not the new big joke) ?!!
  11. The food is no doubt up to the standards, but one just cannot accept the top level restaurants in Bangkok to play it jet set and start selling their food at similar prices as abroad. Considering the labour costs and rents are much lower in Thailand then abroad, I feel that I am being taken for a ride with the overcharged price tags in Bangkok Michelin standard, restaurants. No matter what could be the argument, a restaurant owner on the french riviera say on the glitterati Côte d'Azur or Monaco, will not have the same taxes and expenses as the restaurant owner in Bangkok.
  12. And the most ironic is that this inhumane law was pushed by a top level US DHS official Kirstjen Nielsen, who herself is a descendant of immigrants ... utterly despicable and disgusting ! https://edition.cnn.com/2018/06/19/opinions/dhs-secretary-kirstjen-nielsen-must-resign-wierson/index.html
  13. Does this suprise anybody that the authorities just don't give a hoot ?!! Besides if the sharks don't get you, the pollution will ultimately do so....so stick at your salt water pool at home and you'll be fine !
  14. observer90210

    Thailand welcomes 2.8 million tourists in May 2018

    .....(thank you for the good laugh) ...Have a nice evening !
  15. observer90210

    Thailand welcomes 2.8 million tourists in May 2018

    Great news !!...and for how long was each tourist stuck in the immigration queue ? .....and how many of these tourists were cheated from Bangkok Airport during the taxi ride to town ?.....these figures would be of top interest !!
  16. Many specialised hair dressing saloons in Bangkok, have obviously been trained abroad and are now trying to cheat customers in applying the same prices as in foreign countries. Not thhe first time I hear of this new cheating trend. This is just another cheating issue..the Bangkok hair saloons not only cheat the Thai's but naturally also double cheat the farang customers. So if you can, just get all your hair treatments done abroad and for the basic haircut, chose the saloon wisely when in Bangkok. Another issue of greedy service providers in Thailand who will ultimately just loose customers and their business.
  17. If she bj's good, whenever and wherever you wish......absolutely, it will work !!
  18. Had the same issues some time ago.... went back to one of the banks who said NO previously.....but this time with a farang friend who had a business account in that bank...30 minutes later, all was done with no paperwork hassles or whatever and with a passbook and ATM card....And I was not making any suggestions of putting in millions into my account.....so it all depends where, which bank and of course, who introduces you.
  19. The acclaimed hit man should post on the TVF thread on the "worst lies foreigners tell themselves..."
  20. relax my dear Chap....it was ironic....
  21. Perhaps slowing down the raids and deportations against illegals may help to keep the farang students or their farang teachers in town ?
  22. Any good recommendations where I could buy a brand new Porsche, a genuine Rolex and maybe an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak ?
  23. Each Thai taxi should have a inside dashcam recording footage that could be stocked with the authorities, on the driver's actions and behaviour. This is the only way to make them start to go by the rules.
  24. Just make sure there are no suspicious bulges behind the front of her tight shorts.
  25. The Pol Maj General is going global......I vote for him to play in the next 007 movie !!