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  1. The Chinese statement makes sense....but then, China Presidential Campaigns are not funded by a Chinese version of the NRA !!!
  2. What's the problem here with the crafty teens trying to rip off cash from bystanders ? If people are that naive and gullible (perhaps a bit stupid) to give money on such requests, why not try their luck ?
  3. A place to avoid going for a stroll with the Missus or the chick of the moment ...if not expect, to ease your wallet or bank account !!
  4. Man Murdered Over Parking Spot

    Another golden rule here....with the locals, just don't get into an argument, be rude or caty, rant or try to have the last word...real life is not the same as on TVF !! RIP to the victim.
  5. Premchai faces illegal possession of firearms charge

    Looks that the CEO of that company really pissed off somebody on the top and made some people really jealous !
  6. Such attitude from Pattaya operators should reach the ears of the Chinese and Indian embassies. Thus they could advise their nationals, that they are not welcome any more in Thailand...then one would see who will start crying and complaining from loss of revenue. Many Chinese, Indians (and others) misbehave, no doubt. But only a fool will put them all in the same basket. In today's China, India, amongst other nations, the emerging middle classes have money to spend, not to mention the large amount of millionaires or billionnaires in these countries. They have a choice where to visit, where to spend. If Thai society continues to discirminate the decent Chinese or Indians, they do not deserve to get their cash.
  7. Two Argentines arrested in Russian embassy cocaine probe

    One would be suprised with all the illegal stuff that goes through the "diplomatic bags"...not matter from which country. Good thing however that these drug peddling scum were apprehended and wish them a nice stay in one of their Russian Gulags in Siberia.
  8. This picture should be used by the TAT in a promotional brochure... I suddenly just love football !
  9. Lift at Maxx Hotel falls after electrical short-circuit

    Wonderful maintenance - wonderful safety assessment from the authorities - if the authorities put it the same energy and hassle on safety standards as they do on visa issues, things would work just fine !
  10. Each of the countries involved in the playground display of high tech toys, could have significantly fought poverty , lack of clean water etc. within their borders, considering what these war games (and the related toys) cost on a daily operationnal basis. As usual, the self proclaimed specialists in international policies will rant that there are other geo-political issues at stake, so who gives a damm for poverty, should it be in the East or the West.
  11. Buying a House for Americans

    Leasehold is safer IMHO, though the land is never yours...but much safer and you are at peace for 30 years (with an extension possible)....and perhaps one day a law may pass allowing a farang to puchase a reasonable amount of land for a individual house.
  12. Just out of curiosity, does this bus driver have a driving licence in the first place ?
  13. Tak hunter charged over macaque meat

    Oh dear !!....hope he never supplied any of my favorite street food venues !!
  14. EuroMillion lottery is tonight so don't miss the ride ...Good Luck !!
  15. Strange country, hordes of Chinese who pump in money not because they spend a lot, but because they are many, many who spend very little...are encouraged...... ....on the other hand the quality expats, who spend, purchase/rent property are hassled with visa issues, paperwork and formalities....strange country really !! The result will lead to the quality expats, no matter of which nationality, to seek elsewhere in Indonesia, Laos, Viet Nam etc. etc....
  16. Why is the murderer walking around free in the 1st place ? Point number 2 : often...(I said often and not always).... often the formula is : Bargirl = trouble !!
  17. Yes, definately stop the fellow with his predictions....one never knows, he may be right after all !!
  18. And just out of mathematical interest, what is the annual cost to society to treat STD's ?
  19. Czech tourist plunges to death at Samui waterfall

    It is tempting to say something stupid thinking it's funny, but a man died here. RIP to the poor chap and one can really never be to cautious in such places. Be safe all.
  20. Nazi items for sale next to Royal Garden Plaza

    Lack of knowledge from the sellers ......and mainly, total lack of brains from the despicable (quality tourist) buyers !
  21. 11 passengers injured as bus crashes into tree

    The authorities should mechanically restrain and modify the engines of public mini vans, taxis, buses etc to a limited speed....may solve part of the problem ?
  22. I'm sure you have some good points, but I would feel awful if anybody wrongly accused me in public and all over social media, for a crime I did not commit.
  23. If the new scheme makes life easier in the formalities to get a Thai licence for all expats, well done. As for the road casualties, speeding, driving under influence, lack of attention or driving big bikes without proper licence (thus training) may be the main factor for deaths on the roads. And these factors are under the sole responsability of the driver, should he be a Thai, a farang, an expat, a tourist or whatever.... Another golden rule for the safe drivers could be to avoid other drivers carelessness and not just force the gap even if you have the right of way. Stay safe everybody.,
  24. No not always a rule for all...some don't care for their chick...they are called swingers !!
  25. Good news for the next visa run !!