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  1. DHL said they delivered but i didnt get the parcel

    You can save the recordings with the date and time. Obviously, they will have to claim at what day or time they allegedly delivered and the footage would be available. My HDD stocks 24/7 footage up to 6 months and it is no big deal. But of course, recordings or not, it would be a real pain in the arse to start the procerdure and even then, one is not sure to win the case...unless you are prepared to spend perhaps more then the parcel's value on lawyer fees and hassles.
  2. Bikini baristas file suit against city, defend right to work in bikini

    The stated city's ruling, carries some ressemblance with the dogma and discourse of moralist Ayatollahs of the Middle East, with regard to covering up women from head to heel!!
  3. Nevertheless the chap seems to have got an extension of VIP treatment on his apprehension...his hands if cuffed, are in the front and not behind, no finger pointing by some boys in brown flashing their golden wings and lined up behind and chuckling!!....hum!!
  4. you could not be more true!!....hi end ladies are highly fun loving and enjoy more then one could imagine, what you suggested..and for free!!!....mainly to take revenge on their rich husbands who do overtime with the office girls!!... in fact ST & LT prices will slash if the female hi-enders start their kitty parties in Thailand!
  5. Two men arrested for drug possession in Nong Khai

    Even the cop far right on the picture, seems to be chuckling at the Storm Trooper Helmet!..A real attention getter!!
  6. First time in Bangkok

    Why not to Khaosan Road and The Club? Plenty of fine non working busty cuties on the prawl...farang, Thai...make your choice!!... Unless somebody now comes up here and says that Khaosan is for zoophiles or something crazy of the sort?
  7. DHL said they delivered but i didnt get the parcel

    you are very true, such stuff is unheard of in Europe...and probably elsewhere...I just don't understand the Thai mentality of those who are dishonest.... or perhaps they think that all farangs are fools? ......Or they are aware that they can get away with a couple of "wais" and a appology at the local police station? ... God knows!!...I wonder who Apple uses to deliver their goodies by mail in Thailand?
  8. Incident reported on London Tube train

    Sad....I would feel safer on Walking Street at 5 am currently, rather then on the streets of London, Paris or Barcelona...
  9. DHL said they delivered but i didnt get the parcel

    Not the first time I am reading on such scams by the parcel delivery boys in Thailand.... which is why I installed a full CCTV recording all around the house...avoids such "misunderstandings".... hope the issue gets resolved fast for the OP. All the best.
  10. Whenever such crazy things occur in the world...some people make big money out of it, either directly or indirectly...arms deals, currency fluctuations, oil price hikes, stock variations...just name it! Naturally, nobody is suggesting that this is all another global money making partnership hoax and plot, but nevertheless not all that a loss for everybody!!!!
  11. Navy receives 4 new patrol boats

    They should ship off the boats on 24/7 lifeguard patrol, along the coastlines of Hua Hin, Phuket and Pattaya!!..Provided that the propellers don't get jammed with all the smurge thrown into the sea!!!!!
  12. UK and Thailand to hold Joint Military Exercise

    Looks like there are some juicy arms deals for the UK round the corner!!!...Are the Thais looking for a yellow submarine?!!
  13. Sign forbidding feeding macaques torn

    Time for the RTP to line up the macaques and point the finger at the crafty long-tailed who tore down the sign!!!!
  14. But what if the same rules and quotas apply as per what Thai duty free allows currently? I see no tax in that case.
  15. Even the soi dog on the left of the picture is smarter and avoiding the tracks...and seems to wonder how stupid some humans become, when they visit or relocate abroad!!
  16. The latest buzz and gossip is that the nuclear grade missile shot this morning from N. Korea, overflying Japan, was this fellow's tricks!!!
  17. Excellent!!...Depending on how scammish the new prices could be, the visa runs now would make sense to do some good booze/tobacco shopping abroad. The neighbouring Vietnam and Cambodia are not as stupid and greedy....trans border tax free shopping will boom and it will be all to the loss of the greedy Thai Taxman!
  18. So the plan is triple the price for a ST and you have a world class resort?
  19. From tomorrow onwards, everybody carry your portable fake currency detector.
  20. This is what happens when the meddling NGO's of the western nations, make ingerence the internal affairs of eastern nations on the excuse of morals and prevent the teenagerts from working in global brand factories. Many of these factories sent them to school in the morning and gave them jobs in the afternoons. Crackdowns were made on the factories, no more underage teenagers allowed to work and thus no more school, no more salary to help the family. The consequence becomes obvious with one way tickets to brothels! Before the usual mindless trolls suggest if I support child labor, the answer is "No", not the best solution, but to choose, it is somewhat a better alternative in mixing factory work with school, in place of blowing pedophiles in a brothel!!!!
  21. No big deal, considering that highly sensitive national security entities like the Pentagon or the US Army have been hacked..sorry breached...this issue seems child play for bedroom hackers!!
  22. Chang Chui - Bangkok's newest creative space

    Excellent!!....looking forward to visit and to read comments of the lucky one's feedbacks!!
  23. Here is how it began...A long time ago, far far away!!© http://www.nbcnews.com/id/3340101/t/bin-laden-comes-home-roost/
  24. Taiwanese man arrested for call-centre scam

    Often, on trying to dodge the taxman or bank fees, one ends up with a nasty hole in the pocket!