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  1. Roger Harris

    Laptop has slowed to near stop...Help

    You can try these things, had the same problem yesterday. Check your Ccleaner is not version 5.33 this has been compromised by our hooded friends with maleware over the last few days. Delete and reload to version 5.35. Run Malwarebytes, run a free hitmanpro also run superantispyware. This solved all the problems
  2. Roger Harris

    US pedophile fugitive and English teacher arrested in Koh Samui

    That sums it up, I guess you have no idea of the law. Convicted in US now doing his thing now. No not farang bashing, Work in a prison like I did. Most morons. So get a life. Most of these barstewards are not worth a dime. Lock him up depoert him I wonder what your history is. Maybe a school teacher
  3. Roger Harris

    Influenza epidemic in Pattaya?

    Had it just got rid of it 3 weeks. Not good
  4. Roger Harris

    US pedophile fugitive and English teacher arrested in Koh Samui

    Great new kids, he's locked up
  5. Perhaps they were tapping the wrong trunk
  6. Roger Harris

    Police seek info on alleged US paedophile working as teacher

    This man has to be found before another tragedy occurs whether here or abroad. Convicted or not, runnung away proves that there is guilt somewhere. Keep your eyes and ears open guys and girls, prison here is the answer.
  7. I think its heading that way now by looking at the numbers on the street of a night. Ghost town in 2 years. Back to fishing
  8. Don't aid and abet this crime, so she should do the time. Nasty piece of work carrying "A" class drugs
  9. Roger Harris

    I want/need to stop smoking.

    Want do you want to hear. I now creamated ove 15 of my friends through smoking. Get a life, face up to it.
  10. All you Farangs buy a gun keep it concealed unless you have to use it
  11. Not read the whole issue, One in a million work in Th. They are all after MONEY. Do not be fooled guys, Its al lies
  12. Listen Siily I always carry an Axe on my bike. In case it brakes down