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  1. First time in Bangkok

    Will be visting Vertigo & Moon bar...But i check out the price..its quite expensive.. Thank you for the suggestion.. Okies.. Hahaha...i Have the doubt...We will find out on December..
  2. First time in Bangkok

    Sure Bro...I hear you... Do you familar with clubs/bars that are good so that i can bring her together and chill meanwhile i let go my nephews to do their own thing...
  3. First time in Bangkok

    Ohh Ok...Thank you for your reply. I was abit skeptical since some bars shows strip show and it would be uncomfortable for her to sit together and watch.. that why i asked for recommendation of any good & decent bar which can bring ladies/wife/gf.. So far i only see hooters and hillary as decent near Nana Plaza. Err...Which part is hilarious... I am just clearing my doubt and seek help from our members who have more experience.
  4. First time in Bangkok

    Hi guys..Just would like to check with you. I would be visiting Bangkok end of this year.. I would be staying in Soi 4 along the street about 700 meter walking distance to Nana. I have a question as is the bar located the whole stretch is friendly for both gender as i my girlfriend is also tagging along. I know that inside nana plaza would be a big no no.. But what about bars outside such as hooters, hillary.. Are the safe to bring my girlfriend have a light snack and a couple of beers. You guys can ask me why bring girlfriend to such place as i also have a reason for that.. My nephews are visiting Bangkok for the first time and they wanted to go and visit the bars near Nana. Since i am much older, their parents ask me to follow them to guide them and make sure they are out of trouble. Since i am fed-up with this gogo-bar, i decided to ask my gf to tagg along so that i could spend some time with her since me and my gf stay apart. I told my nephews that you guys can proceed to go Nana plaza and i will be outside in any one of the bars which is safe for girl. But just wanted to get opinon as i dont want my gf to be disturbed or mistakenly looked and think that she also is working there. Ohh yea my GF is a thai national from Issan and never been to Bangkok nightlife and she works as a nurse in Hospital in Issan. Just concern of the safety and guys can recommend me a bar where i can have dinner/snack and have a couple if beers and hop to another bar near untill i wait for my nephews to return from Nana plaza. I do not wish to bring her inside nana plaza as things can get much worse with the gogo bars.