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  1. Hi I have made myself a huge problem according to Thailand visa, because of lack of research. I was hoping some of you could give me som advice of how to solve this problem. My plan was this: Fly from Cambodia to Chiang Rai, get a Visa exemption. The next day, travel from Chiang Rai to Keng Tung (Myanmar) and stay there for 5 days. Then go back to Chiang Rai for one day, and then go to Laos. (Thought I could get a new Visa exemption) I have been reading around, and it seems that crossing the Mae Rai - Tachileik border without a multiple entry visa to Thailand could be difficult. And I have also read that getting a Visa Exemption when going back is not possible on this crossing. I am from Norway, and can not get a multiple entry visa, that would solve all mye problems. Therefore I have this questions: Will they let me out from Thailand on this crossing? (I already have a Myanmar visa) Will they let me in to Thailand on the same crossing 5 days later? (Maybe they will be a little helpful since I just are staying for one day?) If they let me out, but not in, will they let me in if I fly out of Myanmar, and into Thailand? Thank you very much for your help!