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  1. Chris Renaix

    Electric vehicles on the fast track in Thailand

    Correct. 21.5 units per 1000 people, that's 14x more than US. Furthermore, by 2025 Norway aims at 100% EV's... that's only a good 6 years from now. And that all with their winter...
  2. heard a lot of bs before but this must be in the top 3...
  3. Woohoo! Sit back and enjoy, next week it's here!
  4. Lost for words... again...
  5. Chris Renaix

    Prayuth has qualities to be next PM: New pro-Junta party

    It's fellatio. Cunnilingus is for a girl
  6. yes, you left out: narcissistic and extremely selfish
  7. 100$ reward? For returning 11,000$? He must be Dutch, yes...
  8. Good Samaritan-law does not exist in Thailand. Hence I will never intervene in any situation since I am not protected, sadly enough. You mentioned the reasons why yourself already...
  9. This is fantastic and very good news. Thanks to all rescuers for their never-ending support!!
  10. Robert (Robbie) Williams??? I thought he was in Russia, performing for the opening of the World Cup...
  11. Chris Renaix

    Buriram gears up for MotoGP 2018 on Oct 5-7

    The very second the dates of the Thai MotoGP got confirmed I tried to book a hotel/motel in Buriram. After countless hits with "no rooms available" I could find 1 cheap motel at double the normal price. That was November last year... If you still need to find accomodation now, good luck with that! A daily commute to Surin springs to mind...
  12. Chris Renaix

    Buriram gears up for MotoGP 2018 on Oct 5-7

    Yep, also my question. Guess they should rephrase that.
  13. Chris Renaix

    Buriram gears up for MotoGP 2018 on Oct 5-7

    It's privately owned by Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi, the owner of (among others) ThaiBev (Chang).
  14. I know it's a global problem, and I know it's an attitude problem. But to be in 2018, and seeing even young people's yaws dropping when I decline a plastic bag when I buy a bottle of green tea... there's a lot of environmental education to do in the schools folks...