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  1. Robert (Robbie) Williams??? I thought he was in Russia, performing for the opening of the World Cup...
  2. Chris Renaix

    Buriram gears up for MotoGP 2018 on Oct 5-7

    The very second the dates of the Thai MotoGP got confirmed I tried to book a hotel/motel in Buriram. After countless hits with "no rooms available" I could find 1 cheap motel at double the normal price. That was November last year... If you still need to find accomodation now, good luck with that! A daily commute to Surin springs to mind...
  3. Chris Renaix

    Buriram gears up for MotoGP 2018 on Oct 5-7

    Yep, also my question. Guess they should rephrase that.
  4. Chris Renaix

    Buriram gears up for MotoGP 2018 on Oct 5-7

    It's privately owned by Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi, the owner of (among others) ThaiBev (Chang).
  5. I know it's a global problem, and I know it's an attitude problem. But to be in 2018, and seeing even young people's yaws dropping when I decline a plastic bag when I buy a bottle of green tea... there's a lot of environmental education to do in the schools folks...
  6. Chris Renaix

    Dog vs Cobra - who are you rooting for!?

    My dog is now alarming me when there's a snake. When she sees me arriving at the scene, she starts to attack the snake in a vicious way, sort of to say "you see what a good dog I am boss". Btw, she's way more vicious than the dog in this video.
  7. Chris Renaix

    Smog rings alarm bells in Chiang Mai

    Yep, so looking forward to tomorrow... Fed up of coughing every day and tears coming from my eyes. This year's really bad!
  8. You got it. Same goes for me; these are not language mistakes from a French native speaker. I guess someone's impersonating him; especially with the personal mail address...
  9. Correct. These are not the language errors a Frenchman makes, even when their English is bad. It's simply a different style. I too, am convinced this is someone impersonating him. Of course, it's also possible he's doing it on purpose, but to use a personal e-mail address... no I don't buy it.
  10. Chris Renaix

    Rare stingray spotted near Phi Phi

    Also correct. Spotted eagle rays do not pose a significant threat to humans, as they are shy and generally avoid human contact.
  11. Chris Renaix

    Rare stingray spotted near Phi Phi

    Yep, correct
  12. Yes, the man is correct. Sharks can mistakenly see you for their food, but they taste through a bite. As they don't like human flesh, they let go.
  13. Absolutely not. I was going to ask "what ban?" because for close to 2 months now, we can't see the mountains and we have teary eyes and sore throats, yes, every day. This year has been really, really bad.
  14. Absolutely brutal, no excuses. Should be convicted for attempted murder. He probably wanted to make sure she would never be able to witness against him.