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  1. He doesn't have to change gear, it's an automatic
  2. Video: Find driver who killed my dad, says son

    You've seen the pillion rider sliding on the road and surviving. The driver died. The article stated so.
  3. If the Flemish speak their best possible form of the official language, yes. When they speak their local dialect, no way.
  4. You cannot invent this, not even as a scenario. Unbelievable, going to be a monk to obtain good luck for the despicable "trade" of selling drugs...
  5. The Netherlands is the official name for Holland. Belgium is no part of it. Belgium consists of Flemish, Wallon and a small part of German areas. The French speaking people can hardly speak Dutch, let alone they would master Flemish. The Dutch cannot understand Flemish. There is not a fairly big movement between the countries regarding nationalities, only in the border areas.
  6. So how could they leave Thailand on Monday as they didn't have their passports?
  7. Uighur escape pressures Thai cops

    exactly, you beat me to it.
  8. HA HA hahahahahaha Funny stories make me laugh, you know...
  9. Hope it's not going to be like the previous "cold spell", cause I am still sweating my behind off...
  10. Thailand set to host MotoGP in 2018

    read the first lines of the post Father... show me the figures you apparently know and then we'll talk...
  11. Don't worry, now with foreigners forbidden to own a gun, everything will be fine!
  12. I have to agree with you. "I have no money" "I am so sorry" wai wai wai in public Off you go lads, to new adventures!
  13. Nobody needed to get hurt, and I am not looking to speak any good for these punks. But, as you say, the stretch of road was not bright and jumping in front of a speeding moped was not the brightest idea. Anyway, these irresponsible young "men" should be punished heavily.
  14. Same here. I would devour him, attacking a child with such brute force is... well, I have no words for it. Being beaten myself when I was a child on a regular basis, this brings it all back and I would have to be careful not to rip this f***'s head off
  15. Thai teen makes badminton history

    Congrats young lad! Badminton is a very beautiful (but demanding) sport, I hope you get to build a winning carreer!