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  1. Why dont recommend everyone to KILL mosquitos when they have the chance? Every time a mosquito bite you, you will help making houndreds of new mosquito babies. I notice that in many mc. donalds and burger king they always have a lot of mosquitos inside to bite you. I never seen any thai care about the mosquito problem at all. The staff never kills any mosquito. The mosquitos that bites you come from less than 200 meter away. Just like the local stray dogs. The dogs are just more easy to spot and usually dont bite. If you want to get rid of mosquitos or stray dogs it can be done. If you kill the stray dogs or dont feed them there will be no stray dogs to bite you. Just think about mosquitos that way. Just kill the fuc..... mosquitos! Look at mosquitos as they are a problem. They are!
  2. Trollmann

    Father, brother of Saudi teen flying to Thailand

    Very bad luck that according to the Thai law she is still considered as a child in Thailand until she is 20 years of age.