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  1. Not at all...I used an agent it took 18 days to process and return to me...and for you nay sayers, I have been to jomtein 2 times for re-entry permits and everything passed muster..
  2. I believe the quote was about the road conditions to transport a severed spine broken neck ribs etc..that's why the need of helicopter transport..
  3. May I suggest Stormy Daniels apartment, kill, not literally, two birds with one hmmmm hard thing...
  4. You can reclaim the beach.. but not the water..
  5. Russians Claiming Dirt On Trump In Legal Limbo

    It's unbelievable the number of excuses people come up with to distract from trumps sexual triumphs...I'm surprised you didn't say fake news..
  6. Fyi, Viagra patent expired. Thailand Pharmaceutical Company, now produces the generic. It's call Sidegra. 300baht for 4 pills. My pharmacy carries them. She said guarantee....
  7. All it would take is Mueller getting involved and she'd get in..
  8. Trump wouldn't have a say in the matter,if Mueller thinks it's light...he'd have them in the U.S. asap.
  9. How many Thai people really use a taxi.. so 2 Thai officers wouldn't work..
  10. And how do you know this..we're you there..or have you read any updates..
  11. Obviously you haven't read the entire thread..other posts updated the story. The American was by himself, the assie grabbed a bargirl by the neck. The American intervened and the fight started. This according to witnesses.. I'm not dismissing the obvious over reaction of the American, it was completely uncalled for.. and should be taken to court.
  12. We shall see. Reading the detail about the attack i doubt they are regular Starbuck types For a little background, just because it is outside seating doesn't mean smoking is aloud. The Starbucks at Central festival outside seating is also non-smoking. Most ignore it even after having been told by staff...I'm not sure of tukcom but I'd suspect the same..
  13. The Thai immigration should adopt some policies like the US has. Like police certificates that certify you have no outstanding warrants or criminal conviction. I had to pay to have this done by Philippines police department to get a visa to the us for my girlfriend..