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  1. JRUSA


    I play with my instrument for fun everyday, well not everyday, well a couple times a week.. sometimes more when the gf is in the mood..
  2. Based on what??? Have you met all the presidents, even read a single biography of any of them... some of the stupidest statements ever made , hearing someone sing of best in the world, unless you have heard everyone sing you can’t back it up. Now had you said best I ever heard/saw/read about, then its opinion, not fact which I’d correct.
  3. That's not a link
  4. JRUSA

    This thai girl

    I know what your saying most all the same for me but the ages, 66 and 49.. but she does work, for the ministry of traditional medicine. I’m sure you’ve heard that all massage employees have to be certified, well my gf does the teaching and certification, 900 beat a day.. teaches about 26 days the a week off. As for expenses, she just bought us a new Forenza not sure about the spelling. The best advantage for me is, she keeps my bad knees and hips functioning....
  5. JRUSA

    This thai girl

    Your comment assumes she was shitfaced drunk, when the op stated he gets shitfaced every night, maybe you owe the young lady an apology..
  6. Read up on the “ law” it’s not a calendar year, don’t matter if it’s the 364th day you ban is three months and you don’t get points deducted till the anniversary of the first offense..
  7. a guy from Israel and a Mexican from the USA related, hmmmmm oh sorry I forgot this is TV where, anything is possible..
  8. Ubonjoe, I have a question sir. I moved last Saturday to a townhouse. The owner has never rented to a foreigner before. I advised my girlfriend to explain to her she was required to do a tm30. She said never done, don’t know no can do.. what are my options..at this time I’m way out in nong prue without transportation getting to jomtien early in the morning would require moto taxis and multiple bhat bus connections I’d have to go the day before and get a room..I noticed on the form the owner signature is needed. Help....
  9. I second that, except I always renew my license online it goes to my friends mailing address and is then fwd to me. The same for reissued credit cards, also before leaving I added my daughter to my bank account so she can handle most issues on that front.
  10. When I go out with my favorite quote on TV, she who must be obeyed, I ask how much to ride. When they say 50 baht I ask for both. When they say no each, I say ok.. but 2 bikes then, one for each..probably didn't matter, but makes me feel better..
  11. He should be more concerned about a trial by the supreme court of TVF...
  12. Mr. Joe..I was thinking or moving my direct deposit of my pension directly to Bangkok bank. If I use the NY office will it still have to be transformed to my branch in Pattaya or just go directly in my account.
  13. Read the story, the place was closes.. and it's not kiss food and drink..
  14. Well there needed to be at least one pussy in the room...right...