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  1. I don't agree nor disagree, but with Mike's worth..10 million is just pocket change..
  2. I'm of the opinion that it stems from the 90% wearing of flop-flops where as most western woman wear closed toe shoes, and or pointy toed high heels.. my equal half has the wide bodied toe tapped feet..
  3. Yea, Thailand will send it subs after them..
  4. JRUSA

    Japanese woman dies in Bangkok fall

    Thank you, There's not much I can do..my MS has been in remission for. 10 yrs, and has no reared its ugly head. I saw orthro, and neurologist, they refered me to Bangkok Dr. I've been unable to walk in assisted for 4 months. Now I'm losing bowel control.. so it's looking all down hill from here..
  5. JRUSA

    Japanese woman dies in Bangkok fall

    I’ll go along with you on that. I’m struggling with the same issues..
  6. JRUSA

    Noise in the early morning hours in my condo

    Theres a hearing aid store on kelang that makes custom molded ear plugs..I get all my hearing aid supplies there
  7. Actually I been there done that, got divorced, moved on, met the ex years later with her bf at a golf course. Played a round of golf with them, been to their house for dinner and for Father’s Day with our kids. So what’s your point.. not all men have fragile egos...
  8. JRUSA

    Passport got wet

    Mine got washed by the ever vigilante gf... my 90 day report go distroyed, all the stamps faded some my departure card gone.. Immigration said no problem..
  9. For what and to whom....
  10. ,I said I was liked at my condo, I don't know if he ever was at my condo..
  11. It's a shame, in my condo building,if I didn't make an appearance during the day, the next morning I would fat a call from the manager... of course management liked me so that might make a difference..
  12. Good job captain CSI..all those facts are in evidence right..
  13. If the one being groped is a ladyboy, no harm no foul....
  14. When I lived and worked in Saudi, the government had turned over traffic management to a US contractor, maybe they need to try that here..
  15. I’d say you’re starved for a thought....