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  1. Yes I have this arrangement on my Bangkok Bank atm card..works perfectly for 15baht
  2. orchidfan

    Re-entry permit - now with TM30 and Lease

    This is correct. Have done multiple re-entry visas at both airports...quick and efficient. 10 to 15 mins max. No questions asked
  3. Looks like everyday normal Thai driving here...be it minibus, car or motorcycle. All hot headed in a mad rush to get anywhere .no matter the risk or consequences.
  4. Quick check shows dozens of Chinese companies producing bio degradable paper straws. About 1c USD each FOB China.
  5. orchidfan

    Country shocked as rejected men resort to murder

    I'm sure that the violent and gun filled evening tv series area major factor in creating a culture where this is seen as normal and reasonable behaviour. Most of these series feature strong handsome men and beautiful fair skinned ladies in the richer high society segment. These series with their violence and guns, murder and torture would not be allowed to screen at these times in most Western societies young kids and teens sit glued watching every shooting or stabbing.
  6. orchidfan

    Country shocked as rejected men resort to murder

    A close girlfriend of my wife was shot dead in the head by a rejected (married) lover. However he "assisted the police" by admitting the crime and guiding to the dead corpse. For this cooperation he was not jailed after paying the grieving mother B100k. He walks the streets a free man today. Finally where DO they get hold of all these guns? ?
  7. Thanks for the link to these paper straws . Wonder why these haven't been tried in Thailand? Too costly?
  8. Whatever happened to those waxy striped paper straws we used as kids...long before plastic straws were invented?? They used to degrade while you used them if you were too slow!
  9. Pretty sure you can buy anything real estate wise in Hong Kong. And Japan? ?
  10. Yes those qualified Civil Engineers from the UK, Europe, Scandanavia , Australia, NZ etc would be an ill-qualifued,reckless bunch of people!!
  11. Married to a Thai lady and "permission to stay in Thailand" stamp in my passport... Never had a problem with using this line on arrival
  12. Slightly off topic.. But can anyone tell me why the RTP..... And attractive side-kicks.... Can wear a set of wings (and parachute emblems) which globally are reserved for qualified pilots... And paratroopers..??????
  13. Obviously an Australian guy..Not Austrian! "Tinnie".....a can of beer "G'day mate"....hello in Australia "You bet "....absolutely, let's do it!
  14. Hong Kong's MTR is always packed to capacity with special door staff to manage loading and stop the push when the carriage is full. And I mean Full. Can barely look at your mobile phone! But they have long trains and they run ever couple of minutes. . The Airport Express is dedicated to that operation on a separate line AND the fare is so high that normal commuters wouldn't bother with it. ( like the Airport Express from Heathrow ).
  15. Well every immigration office make up their own rules. .but I am assured by my Colonel of Police (in Immigration ) that the 30 day "visa exempt" stamp is NOT a visa and with this only in your passport you must leave Thailand . Quite different to a proper Tourist visa (30 /60 days) obtained outside Thailand which can be extended by 30days