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  1. The local 7/11 I use always quote out loud both the bill amount and the cash you have handed them...never had a problem. .but this is run by a well (english) speaking husband and wife . I think they've trained their staff well to ensure no "mistakes"
  2. orchidfan

    Transfer funds from au bank into super fund

    I have Westpac Acc and receive sms OTP on my Thai mobile which I had registered with them. Daily limit is $10000Aud . Do it all the time..not a problem. .only for you that's a lot of $20 transfers fir $300,000!
  3. Yes. The number of times Thai...the national carrier is relegated to an outer apron parking bay and pax bussed in? Have never had that with CX at HKIA or BA at LHR! That's liason with ATC and Apron control. Thai accept being treated like a cheap low cost carrier.
  4. Agreed . All airlines face the same fuel prices, not just Thai. Some are clever and hedge so they don't get stung with price fluctuations. The old 747's just gulp down tons more fuel compared to new series 777's and 787. A lot (not all) of cabin crew mope around with sad faces like they've been given a death sentence ...compare that to the happy smiling cabin staff on AirAsia or EK! Everybody is competing and TG have to lift their game or face the consequences.
  5. orchidfan

    Suvarnabhumi to upgrade security after K-fan breach

    Honk Kong International airport is impossible to enter without an up to date electronic smart ID card. The computer reading your ID let's you in...not the airport security people.
  6. orchidfan

    Mid Life Crisis ??

    You might be able to land a teaching job but a big day to day factor is where you will live and where the school is located. Commuting in and around Bangkok...and outer Bangkok IS a nightmare!. The stress of the job may pale in comparison with getting to and from work in Bangkok traffic.
  7. orchidfan

    Banking coming next month to every 7-eleven

    So you're saying that with this Union debit card I can withdraw Thai baht from my Aus bank account at an ATM and not pay the 220 baht fee?
  8. orchidfan

    Banking coming next month to every 7-eleven

    When I opened my Bangkok Bank account long ago I was told that with my "Visa" (extension based on marriage ) I wasn't eligible for online banking. Will have to check with them again.
  9. orchidfan

    Banking coming next month to every 7-eleven

    I confess to using one of the (many) local 7/11 shops in my area to pay my phone and utilities. Saves the time and trouble of going into one of their shops at a big centre. Also, mostly the staff process it quicker than another customer buying a bunch of things (or hot meal) and fiddling around the find the money!
  10. ID50 and ID80 etc fares for airline staff and many travel agents are common...in fact the norm...worldwide in the Aviation and travel industry
  11. Opposite to you...drank as a youth then Aviation discipline just didn't allow any excesses. ..then 65 and retirement and going from fast and challenging to snail's pace and semi - boredom. Here in the LOS beers and smokes are cheap (cheaper in Vietnam mind you) life is slow "past" family and friends far away. Hard to go off to sleep without a few calming ales. ..other than reverting to pills.
  12. Aircraft carrier? Or Aircrafts carrier?? Mmmmmmm?
  13. Aeroplanes or airplanes? Fish or fishes? ?
  14. orchidfan

    'Republican Shirt' Suspect Handed Over To Police

    I'm packing away all my red coloured shirts and tshirts until it's safe to be seen wearing in public
  15. Agreed! Where do people here get this word from? Aircraft is both singular and plural!