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  1. The irony is is that in a nation of people who do everything slowly and lethargically they become crazy speed maniacs when driving with zero patience and taking huge risks with no regard to the consequences...it's like a split personality disorder they have.
  2. "In times of war prepare for peace, In times of peace prepare for war" Chinese General Sun Tzu
  3. orchidfan

    Thailand gets serious about plastic bags

    Went to Lotus yesterday where big brown paper bags were offered along with platinum if you wanted it. I took the paper bag which was not easy to secure on the motorbike. By the time I got home..1km away. .the frozen and other "wet goods" has turned the bag into a mushy mess whereupon everything just fell out on the ground. Will take a large cloth bag..or 2 ..next time. Paper didn't work.
  4. orchidfan

    Thailand gets serious about plastic bags

    I brought my cloth bag to 7/11 the other day where they packed my things onto it carefully then dropped it in to large plastic bag! I gave them back the plastic bag much to their amazement!
  5. I read many times that the seasoning period of B400000 for extension based on marriage is 3 months then others confirm 2 months? ? So it's 2 months only? (Have used pension affidavit in the past but think 2020 will have to be the 400K route.)
  6. orchidfan

    Thailand gets serious about plastic bags

    In Hong Kong it's roughly 2 baht for any plastic bag .....the expats pay the 50cHK. ...the locals bring their own cloth bags!