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  1. Renting a car at Swampy without a credit card?

    After leaving my CC at JFK, when I was declined as my debit card had insufficient balance, one of the girls did call an off airport rental place, which were OK with one of my other cards. It cost me a little more and they were very vague on the insurance, but turned out OK. Sadly I can't remember the name. If anyone would like it, I will dig around and see if I can get the business name/address.
  2. Renting a car at Swampy without a credit card?

    You need a credit card for almost any car rental. I managed to lose my credit card on way to bkk and the car company refused to acccept my debit card even though I'd prepaid for the rental, as I did not have sufficient funds in my account to cover the deposit that they wanted in place. Every company at the airport was the same. I had to rent a car off site from a private car rental place instead and lost my prepaid amount on the car at the airport.
  3. That's great to know about the leases. Many Thanks! I do intend trying to do the visa's myself as you suggest. Cheers!!
  4. Good to know. I am just concerned about getting a long lease in case I hit problems getting the visas.
  5. Yes, I know that ubon joe is the oracle and I have every intention of following through on his suggestions. I was just debating between the guesthouse or condo for accommodation. I was tending towards the guesthouse, which was why I was asking about the TM30 deal, but I'll have a rethink on the condo front. Appreciate your thoughts and detailed recommendations.
  6. Would you know if your buddy took along a TM30 when he went for his initial 90 day Non-Immigrant Category O application conversion or did he just check with his landlord and go along without anything on that front? Thanks.
  7. I had the same situation with my METV and when I got my new passport from the US embassy in Bangkok, along with my old punched passport, I also got a letter to give to immigration when leaving the country. I did go to the Laksi Immigration office in Bangkok to ensure I did not need to get the METV transferred to my new passport. They said no problem, I just needed to show both passports and the letter when leaving. However! I first attempted to go to Vientiane via the Friendship Bridge and was told NO by immigration at the bridge! I had to go to the Nong Khai immigration office to get some stamps in my new passport (not a new METV) and then return to the bridge before they would allow me to leave Thailand for Laos. When leaving Laos (Wattay) for Bangkok a few weeks later, I did not have any further problems at the airport with both passports.
  8. Sorry for the terminology not being precise, but the google ads at the top page do say "Thai Retirement Visa", so I thought that was a reasonable summary to what I was referring. Apologies for wrongly stating the overseas sourced "O-A" as sqwakvfr rightly also pointed out when I meant the simple extension. I carelessly copied the wrong description from another post . Appreciate the retirement doc with the different type of address validation details.
  9. Yes, I knew that wasn't necessary, but I just want to be sure that I have plenty of cash available for condo rental and other co-incidentals over the next couple of months. Good to know that you were able to get it done at Jomtien. I was nervous with some of the storIes I read about there on this forum. Thanks for the warning on the fine regarding the address. I'm a little scared on relying on landlords or owners of guest house to notify immigration. As I assume they will automatically say yes they do that just to get room taken.
  10. My nephew is very close to the Don Muang airport, so I was more than happy to come up and see him. Wasn't worried about the travel time, but I was not aware that a Jomtien address would need to be handled at Jomtien . I mistakenly assumed that the main Bangkok Laksi office would be fine for anywhere. So many thanks for that. I had already checked the available times at the US embassy for their income notarization, but appreciate the links. What is the deal with valid addresses? Is a guesthouse acceptable and if so, is that better and safer than trying to sort out a long term condo rental early in the process?
  11. Yes, I was aware of that. Sorry I was just being lazy when I put in BKK rather than putting in the Laksi immigration office.
  12. I am a retired dual USA/UK citizen over the age of 50, currently in Laos on an extended tourist visa. Having made a few tourist trips to Thailand over the last few years, I have decided that my next step is to hopefully spend a year plus in Jomtien on a retirement visa. My plan is as follows: 1 - Fly back to BKK from Vientiane and get a visa exempt stamp there. 2 - Stay in BKK and get my US income of $2500 verified at the USA embassy. I do have a Thai bank account, but that currently has a minimal amount in it. Although I will transfer over about $10,000 into that next week. 3 - Go to Jomtien and find a 'temporary' address at one of the monthly rate guesthouses. 4 - Return to BKK and apply for a 90 day Type O, non-immigrant visa, then back to Jomtien. 5 - Return to BKK after a couple of weeks and get my visa stamp 6 - After the 60 days are up on that, return to BKK and extend to a Non-Immigrant Visa Category “O-A” for 1 year. I do however have a few additional questions of which the main one is about addresses. I most certainly at some point would like to get a 12 month (possibly shorter) condo rental in Jomtien, but I am very nervous about doing any such thing prior to completing step 6, on the basis that if any of my visas were denied, I'd presumably have to swallow any lease costs and/or penalties. Is that wise or do you think I am safer to start that earlier? And can I do that on a visa exempt stamp? I'd much rather get a condo set as soon as possible before the peak winter season starts. I was assuming that the safest thing to do was as noted in step 3, which i was hoping would be acceptable at immigration if the guesthouse can provide some sort of address confirmation for me. I am nervous about what validation i need for an acceptable address to immigration? And what qualifies as acceptable? I feel that the 30 days from the visa exempt is sufficient for me as I'm feeling that in 10 days or less I can get ready for the requirements for the 90 day Type O, non-immigrant visa application done. Or do you think I should get a 60 day tourist stamp from Vientiane? I am fine with going back and forth to BKK for all of this as my nephew lives there. I'm not sure if any of the above steps are possible to do at the Jomtien office, aside from hearing horror stories about one lady there! Many Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions.