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  1. That is interesting because 180 days could(theoretically) be amassed quite legally with an METV. Perhaps that applicants passport revealed a mass of visa exempt and SETVs ?
  2. I am aware of this. I was responding to a post that implied BKB charged 500Bht for ALL transfers.
  3. Are we to understand that you believe that everything that appears on these pages/threads represents "The Truth, the Whole Truth and nothing but the Truth" ?
  4. The problem is that some use TV anecdotes to fuel their Conspiracy Theories.
  5. No longer exists ! Maybe you should try using OFX
  6. Did you actually witness this alleged incident ? If not you are making rumour out of a one sided unevidenced anecdote. Again you are attempting to inflate a minor issue involving a couple of "ne'er do wells" into something it is not. Millions of people enter Thailand and never experience any problem at the airport or anywhere else.
  7. What is meant by "hassled"? Were you refused entry?
  8. perthperson

    New USA Passport

    If you did not see these several "forms and ledgers" how do you know they existed or were filled in?
  9. perthperson

    Subvanapbumi fast track customs

    As a matter of interest where do you come from? All countries that I know and have visited clearly differentiate between the "Customs" and "Immigration"(border control) at airports and other points of entry.
  10. The OP said "I've had health insurance with THI Thailand for 7 years" If that link is opened it will be found there is no company called "THI Thailand" offering health insurance although the website lists <> 27 companies that do. As others have observed the OP needs to identify the company which provides his insurance cover.
  11. Nonsense ! I legally stay in Thailand and have done so for over a decade. During this time I have left and returned on many occasions using the airports without experiencing any problem at all. The same applies to millions of others whether long stay or short term tourista. How would you advise someone travelling from Australia, Europe, the UK or the USA to enter/leave the country if Thailand's airports are to be avoided? You are inflating a minor issue which only involves a few 'ne'er do wells' who are attempting to scam the system.
  12. A police clearance certificate is only (AFAIK) required by those seeking a job as a teacher.
  13. Mmmm Where can double/triple tourist visas be obtained? Are Ed visas a soft option ? How many visa exempt runs can be done by land ? etc. When will things go back to "where they were"?
  14. My informed thought is that rapid de-acceleration (high speed crash) whilst wearing a seat belt can result in severe injury. http://www.ajronline.org/doi/abs/10.2214/ajr.111.4.833 The lady with "just bruising" would have been wise to have sought medical advise.
  15. An extension of stay is normally applied for in the place where you are living ! On what basis will you be making application and are you aware of, especially, the financial requirements?
  16. Not if the foreign currency is £ or US$ transferred via the BKB in London or NYC..........
  17. There is a little truth in there! Honorary Consulates are normal self supporting and need to generate income which may lead to inappropriate visas being issued. It is now common for Hon. Consulates to be restricted in terms of the type of visa they can issue,
  18. perthperson

    New USA Passport

    Oh dear -- Why post stuff that clearly little is known about? Last year my son left with a new passport. The complex process took no more than a couple of minutes, involved no paperwork and the demanding "computer data-entry" involved swiping both passports -----
  19. All extensions of Stay based upon retirement are valid for one year if a the passport is valid for 12 months or more.
  20. perthperson

    New USA Passport

    Really ? Where does this "considerable" paperwork come from and what does it consist of ?
  21. Travellers cheques have always been a relatively expensive means of acquiring cash. Most places charge a commission to handle them
  22. perthperson

    New USA Passport

    Well done Monmial. You have just advised the OP to wast his time on something that is 99.999999% certain to be refused by immigration. Permission to stay stamps from visa exempt and tourist visas remain valid in a 'old' passport and are easily dealt with on departure,
  23. Very true ! The £ on the slippery slope has not been an enjoyable spectacle !
  24. perthperson

    90 day at Phuket immigration today

    Reported today. Usual paperwork and less than 5 mins in the office, Good until Oct now!