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  1. shoregold

    VIDEOS: Anthony Bourdain in Thailand

    Clips/video wont work for me
  2. It was already stated they had critically ill heart patient in the ambulance!!!!!!
  3. shoregold

    AIS number / away for 1 year +

    I was using True move on a post paid account with data for little over 1k baht per month. Told them was going to,leave for several months but did not want keep pay that much per month and still wanted to keep the number. They then put me on plan of about 56 baht per month to hold the number. It actually gives me 40 minutes but not using that anyway as I’m out of country. I just pay it monthly using my CAD credit card through the True app
  4. shoregold


    Does anyone know what days the banks, post will be closed this week and/or next due to the funeral for the king Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  5. shoregold

    I want/need to stop smoking.

    I read the book Allen Carrs Easy Way to Stop Smoking. Had tried several times before but never worked. Smoked pack a day for over 30 years and after reading this book had no problem quitting. Haven't touched single smoke after reading it 8 years ago. I will try attach a free copy with a link from Penguin books http://prdupl02.ynet.co.il/ForumFiles_2/15119301.pdf
  6. Plant some lemongrass on your property. They don't like that
  7. shoregold

    Chainsaw laws

    Was just wondering if anyone has any recent info or experience lately concerning buying and using a chainsaw. My Thai gf says she asked at the shop and they said for the size of the one she is buying that she doesn't need to get the permit. I have seen older posts from 4-5 years ago that say any saw under 12inch bar did not require at one time and that the law was then changed saying all chainsaw purchases require a permit prior to buying. This is what I read from older posts and now that this shop told her that she doesn't need one I am wondering what really is the truth to all this. Has the law been changed again?? Appreciate any feed back