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  1. Thailand regardless of who is the PM couldn't give a shit about what anyone says. Always been that way
  2. Really are we going to see every drunken punch up? Thank God the West doesn't record them or the newspapers would be 12" thick!
  3. InMyShadow

    Intelligent robot Sophia will debut in Bangkok 

    If she's that smart she won't be doing manual labor for to long. Nana Plaza calling
  4. Poor snake probably got rabies now
  5. What a drama queen! Who you kidding you would have know about it while you were coming here on vacations but of course that was not your first priority. Now you settled down and live here your all of a sudden a hi so demanding 5 star service. As you say there are other countries way better for you if it upsets you that much Paris calling?
  6. I'm more surprised you bothered to ask those questions. The waiter was probably working at 7/11 a week ago. It will never effect tourist as you say. Why? Because it's ALWAYS been this way. TIT
  7. InMyShadow

    Has the Darkside lost it’s sparkle?

    It had sparkle?
  8. InMyShadow

    Pawn used table/microwave etc in Bangkok

    Craigslist is your best bet. You can advertise and say they are free with pick up. How about staff in your condo block or village or whatever? They would be grateful
  9. It goes deeper than that. To have a great sex life there needs to be mental stimulation for the long term not short. If the highlight of the daily conversation is what you want eat hon.. Then no wonder you see thousands of couples across Thailand with that thousand yard stare sitting in bars and resteraunts in stoney silence. It's bloody sad to see
  10. 4.7 posts a day? i can rattle that off in 15 mins. im talking waaaay more than that.I could name names but not my style most posters will say i prefer my peasant girl to the educated bitches in the west. what they are really saying is intellegant witty western ladies dont really want me so i feel more comfortable with illetarate thais. its also a lot to do about control but i wont go into that.
  11. The massive high post counts by men living up country with uneducated village women leaves them no choice but to exist in a virtual world via keyboard. They will tell you though they are deliriously happy
  12. InMyShadow

    WORLD CUP 2018

    The channel with the number 5 in top of the screen
  13. InMyShadow

    Leaving Thailand quickly

    Passed away from what?
  14. InMyShadow

    Leaving Thailand quickly

    This is the problem with thailand hospitals especially the large ones on tourist areas. 35k? They will send you for as many tests as possible and every time your blood pressure is checked kaching1000 baht Do you need help from BKK or Pattaya end? I'm here ATM as are many others. Back to my condo in BKK on the 30th