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  1. Yep, what I find completely amusing are the staggering number of guys who believe the girl they met on lower Sukhumvit is different to the rest. Real love.. Me dadah!
  2. Oh dear. [emoji19] I rest my case..
  3. OP just curious, what university did your lady study English?
  4. Why are you answering your own quote?
  5. Ahh it's refreshing to see a newbie defending the virtues of Thai women Patience grass hopper.. Patience
  6. 10 years in Thailand. This is why you pay for it. Asian woman are the most deceitful on the planet. There is always dramas.. Even getting pregnant with a condom is worth a shot and amazingly OP is actually giving serious thought to it.
  7. You like her and screw her so it's safe to assume she is relatively attractive or you would be spending your weekends in soi 4 You think she is saving her self just for you? My guess is there are several foreigners receiving the same news starting with wealthy Japanese down to the poorest being OP
  8. It's just a formality. Doesn't mean He is guilty but that's just how the thai justice system works
  9. Only on TV can you have a decade of expats crying about foot path motorbike, offered a solution followed by more crying Comedy gold! [emoji16][emoji16][emoji16]
  10. If a fat westerner is going to get a partner it's going to to be in Asia. I guessing you're not fat and poor?
  11. All fat people are barstards. Your self included [emoji3]
  12. who cares what hillbillies think.
  13. op is playing down his chubiness by saying not in the American sense if your getting comments from thais then your a fat bastard. end of story !!!
  14. Good luck getting 2k from a thai. .makes perfect sense to me Suggesting a thai pay 3 weeks wages is pretty stupid really
  15. sophistication? what country are you posting from?