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  1. Bunrungrad hospital bangkok does. Her name is benjamas intarapoka. You could call her first she speaks 1st class English.
  2. Will Oz Govt know if I marry in Thailand?

    Not just marriage but defacto as well
  3. Most of the scams by women are from current or ex prostitutes. Marry one of those brain damaged bitches and you deserve what you get.
  4. It's odd, western women nag, Asian women bottle it up and give you the evil eye for weeks.. there is no middle ground
  5. The crash of the ruble hasn't deterred the Russians but not drinking on the beach probably will
  6. Could be prudent to watch the share price for upward movement after the meeting
  7. Big brother already came and visited TV, saw the bitterness and chaotic infighting and walked away shaking head and mumbling Falangs all clazy, leave them to it! [emoji1]
  8. Will Oz Govt know if I marry in Thailand?

    He will lose half his pension if he tells them. That's absolutely a fact. Just get one of those Buddhist marriages (I think that's what it is) that is not recognized anywhere except thailand
  9. You think it's the same crew? How cute. Those that overstay pay the 20k fine and come back or new soldiers take their place These guys are selling a gram here and there to tourists and you think they are protected.. Ahahah!
  10. Nonsense. The Nigerian dealers do not carry. There pockets are empty they use a very simple system for drug delivery that assures the foot soldiers on Sukhumvit are clean as a whistle The only thing they may get busted for is visa vialations. I've seen many being searched over the years living down there and the bib go through everything, pockets, passports but never saw a bust You conspiracy theory is childish.
  11. A thai woman on the the scamming end. Usually visa versa
  12. Surely article 44 could be used to round them up and shoot them in the woods? Geez thaksin did it because it was the right thing to do.
  13. Many punted their right one there would be civil war after the death of the king... Many have the nic lefty now [emoji3][emoji3][emoji3][emoji3]
  14. British expat, 39, found hanged in luxury Phuket house

    Again not the place to discuss the junta .. Zip it! You want to bash thailand go start a new thread don't bring it here! Ughh thailand attracts the lowest class of expat.
  15. British expat, 39, found hanged in luxury Phuket house

    Living In the sticks turned your brain to mush? Pushing your political agenda on a suicide thread is the lowest of lows Show some respect!!!