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  1. They don't want an election. Listen... The sound of 60 million thais saying NOTHING is deafening. You want an election. A few hundred pathetically organised protesters want it The rest of the nation have no interest. If you think they do then prove it. [emoji4]
  2. Braver than 60 million thais? Your a low life to suggest they are cowards. How about you stop hiding behind mommy's skirt and get out there!
  3. Another huge embarrassment! What idiot is in charge? I bet there wasn't even a head count. Probably an eyeball.. Looks like thousands! Let's go for it! Comedy gold! [emoji23]
  4. Hundreds? _zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  5. You got it wrong. They are not weak. They are content and big deal about broken promises, it's a part of politics. No need for a revolution as many farang are pushing for. Leave them into power another 10 years, good stuff happening. They are delaying because the thai people are NOT protesting except the 200 idiots who completey screwed up. Imbiciles who couldn't plan even 5 minutes into the future and handed an extension to the the pm on a gold platter!!!
  6. Won't happen. The regime is not brutal or oppressive. Here we all are talking freely on the nation newspaper website!!! Now if you're going to lay down your life there has to be a REASON stronger than just getting in trouble on Facebook. The silence of a whole nation is deafening. Smart people at peace and enjoying life. I feel sad for the handful of TV farang who in their warped minds believe they are on a crusade on behalf of the people because the Thais are to weak. Are you guys in Thailand or lala land?
  7. Let me educate you. Modern history has shown that oppressive regimes have been over thrown with millions bravely taking on tanks and bullets with great loss of life. So there are only 3 options here. 1. Thais are cowards 2.. Ther is no "oppressive" regime. In fact it's so benign there is nothing to fight over 3. TV farang are just to stupid to get it I think you know the answer and yes I'm being 100% presumptuous [emoji4]
  8. Good work junta! Now let's wait for the deathly boring " but they missed their brown envelope payment" from brain dead expats to surface
  9. What a bizarre thread. OP has zip zero marketing skills. Can't be bothered dragging the mouse to the link
  10. Pattaya is an exotic oasis. The wildlife is unique. Bring many baht and enjoy
  11. Smog Airpocalypse Worsens Over Bangkok

    I would rather die living a full vibrant life in occasional smog than from boredom. I bet you already named all the lizards on your ceiling [emoji23]
  12. I remember my first trip to New York and the overpowering smell of urine in the side streets. So which one is 3rd world?
  13. It's not the turn up that the is problem. That's the easy part, it's the acceptance of losing face because your team lost. I don't want to go through the dark days of bangkok burning ever again nor do the Thais and that sir is what you fail to grasp
  14. Elections don't work in Thailand. Look at the history of vote buying. It's all just a big waste of time right from the get go! Leave the general in power for the next 10 years makes good sense. What's the point of having an election and democracy that thais do not understand only to have yet another coup in a few years..?
  15. Table tennis venue in Pattaya

    Never trust a ping pong player. Can't put it into words but they are strange people.