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  1. Commuters Trapped In BTS Rush Hour Breakdown

    ain't cheap? the average fair is about 40 baht. Wow 95 % of users are thai. You must be struggling
  2. Commuters Trapped In BTS Rush Hour Breakdown

    lol another poster further up said boats were better although I haven't seen any between Asoke and Siam
  3. I cook here as well. re used palm oil, sugar in everything, msg are a turn off and unhealthy. resteraunts are more expensive in the West but if I order a steak it's going to be superb and not shoe leather. grilled snapper is going to be amazing. love thailand for other reasons so it wins out.
  4. really? not the ones I seen married to farang, most are plain <deleted> the red hot one's are at baccara soi cowboy
  5. the real version is farang crossing road and as usual taxi makes no attempt to stop until 2 inches away farang smacked Bonnet in frustration taxi had split second decision whilst consumed with loss of face and rage, decided to leave machete in car and use fist
  6. This is bad advice. OP if it's your first trip the last place you want to be is in the burbs surrounded by thais and you don't speak Thai! your gonna be depressed after a few weeks.
  7. What is your value quotient here in Thailand?

    I don't know where you live but it most certainly isn't among expats and I doubt it's even thailand. "The poorest" expats don't do hookers in fact most expats drift away from that scene I suggest you spend some time in expat areas next time you holiday
  8. Beer in Bangkok

    Nonsense. expats live on the outskirts for cheap rent you live there and you know it. talk to me when the Marriott opens up there but we will all be 6ft under in 50 years [emoji23]
  9. nooooooo your wrong. in this thread we are against thieves. your love is so blind that the your ignoring it.
  10. This is the the most bizarre post I have read all week You would be lucky to see a tranny in those cities unless you are loitering in red light districts. They are everywhere in Thailand so with that statement I know you do not live here. why do lady boy threads bring out all the weirdo apologists?
  11. farangs not having money is true. the wealthy do NOT retire in Thailand! you can fire a shot gun through most bars after happy hour and be lucky to hit one [emoji23]
  12. love it but the food court version not the gritty hard core street stuff
  13. Not a relevant question. big bwana will never need to make that choice unless crazy enough to live amongst camel drivers or Pakistanis
  14. @ sambum lightening up precious It's because the death of Pattaya tourism is predicted on a daily basis and still they come. You can make the fine 1 million dollars and it won't change a thing the what happened to high season thread usually appears every year in low season. it's a tad overdue and I fear the bashers have gotten to fat and lazy this year.