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    24 hr immigration check

    I live in Kalasin province on visa based on marriage extensions. I come and go frequently, because that's the way I like it and try to avoid having to do a 90 day report as my IO is 3 hours drive each way. I have never done, nor so far been fined for not doing, a TM 30 address report when I return home whether it be from outside Thailand or for trips within Thailand
  2. One more thing. How close to the renewal application date should the date of the Embassy letter be?
  3. Thanks for all that advice guys. And yes I am talking about a visa based on marriage extension, ( so 40k a month) not a retirement visa, though that's how I started before getting married. Well I'm going to give the Embassy letter a go using gross income figures. Just wanted to be clear before I abandon seasoned funds, as it will then be too late to do anything about it!
  4. Hi all, I've been seasoning cash in the bank to extend my visa based on marriage. Its a bit of a pain having to do this. Now I am thinking of changing to using a British Embassy letter confirming monthly / annual income. This ( pension ) income is paid to my UK bank account and I then transfer as needed to Thailand, not necessarily the whole or even any of the monthly amount. My question is whether the IO ( I go to Sakhon Nakhon who then send everything to Bangkok for approval) will ask to see evidence that the monthly amount is actually hitting my Thai bank account each month ie: bank passbook / bank statement/ bank letter as is required for the seasoned cash sum. Rather hoping not! Thanks for your help