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  1. There are apparently at least 3000 of us, as BE have said they process 250 a month. That's a significant number. Not everyone can just rustle up 400k or 800 k baht and just keep it in the bank seasoning. That's what I used to do but now I'm stuck with monthly pension income. Furthermore I don't spend all my time in Thailand and have another home and expenses elsewhere than Thailand.I have written to the BE copy attached. I suggest those affected do the same. I agree, hassling thai immigration not a good idea and might just stir up a hornets nest for non Brits. Better to protest to BE.
  2. Not what a bar lady told me. She said her bar, 7/11 on Nana is closed 24, so she bring me beer! No bar fine, so I'm happy!!
  3. Starting new thread on this topic because the others have got very long. I am attaching Jpg format copy of my email addressed to the British Ambassador and his deputy fyi. I am awaiting a response, which the website says is normally within 10 days. I urge you to email them too. Feel free to use and adapt mine to your personal circumstances. We really cannot just lie back and let this happen without a fight! Apparently the Embassy has been issuing 250 income letters a month. That's 3,000 of us affected!
  4. I think the reason why my statements just show auto is because I send money from my UK account to Bangkok bank London branch for free who then post it using their published exchange rate on the day to my BB Thai account. They do deduct a £10 fee at the London end. You don't need a BB London account to do this, just a BB Thai account.
  5. Bangkok Bank do not have a code which shows the transfer in as coming from abroad, at least not on the online statements. It just says auto. A paper statement may but I don't get those. And I think a paper statement certified by the bank would be needed anyway, not just a print out. If only the 3 months prior to the renewal request is needed showing 40k / 80k baht going in, as I think Ubon Joe is suggesting, then that would be simpler...and cheaper than an Embassy letter, but isn't it for the Thais to say that....and give us time to adjust? That said I am not at all convinced by the BE "excuse" that the Thais have suddenly introduced a requirement that Embassies are expected to verify the income support documentation provided to them by us. Other posters have asked their IOs who say nothing has changed. The BE has been doing it for decades, like other embassies have. I'd only be convinced if other embassies also withdrew the service immediately too and for the same reason, and it doesn't sound as if that is the case. I am also suspicious because the BE line is that this" problem" was highlighted in May, yet they leave it until just this week to very suddenly withdraw the service, with a "last orders" must be in by 12 December notice. Too fishy by half. I think the bottom line is that the BE is moving from its grand site, which was sold last year ( presumably for a huge sum given its location) and at the same time downsizing their staff. I suggest we all write, politely but firmly, complaining that their decision puts many Brit expats who rely solely on monthly pension payments in great difficulty as we can't all just rustle up £ 10k or 20k and stick it in a Thai savings account and unusable whilst it "seasons" for 2 or 3 months, which is their advice. Perhaps they'd like to lend us such sums for the relevant period!! Apologies for long comment!
  6. It doesn't sound to me as if anything has actually changed on the Thai side, so it's just a British Embassy cop out. British Embassies worldwide are becoming less and less helpful for British Citizens , only there to rub shoulders with the so called great and good to further trade, not interested in ordinary folk. Anyway if you produce letters from pension providers, be they state or private what verification is required? I would have thought a couple of phone calls to those providers. GRRR! If not then perhaps the Thais should do it. As I've said elsewhere not everyone on monthly pension payments can just rustle up a lump sum to sit in a Thai bank account for 3 months ( or indeed forever) unusable. Not everyone wants or can pay all of their monthly pension payments in to a Thai bank account either, just as needed. And as I understand it, the Thai rules do not require that, or have I got that wrong?
  7. If other Embassies are continuing this method then it is simply a British Embassy cop out due to moving premises and reducing staffing. Brits need to find out which it is. Answers here please. If its just the BE COMPLAIN to the BE. Last Saturday I could and did download the forms and instructions at the BE Bangkok website. Last night ...gone. Just the message that the service would end at the end of this year and the last date for getting in your request is 12 December. Mine will be going in before then. We'll see if I do get the letter what my IO does! And I'll be off if I can't get an extension. Thailand is not what it was anyway
  8. If other Embassies follow suit then its a Thai immigration crackdown, if they don't it's a British Embassy cop out. I suspect the latter as they move premises and downsize staffing levels. We need to establish which. We Brits also need to complain loudly TO the BE, not just moan on here. After all for those who use this method it could be a question of having to leave, right? We can't all just rustle up 800,000 baht or even 400,000 if we only have monthly income. As it happens last Saturday I could and did download the forms from the BE site. Last night I saw this and thought it was a hoax. so I revisited the BE site....all gone, just a notice saying service to be discontinued at the end of the year and last applications must be in by 12 December to still be processed, which presumably means those income letters will still be accepted by IOs....but how can you get the application forms if they are no longer there?
  9. Kalasin Jo

    Big Joke tipped for big promotion

    Just like the Thai education system then. The kids move up a grade each year whether they pass exams or not.
  10. The statutory compensation award in the UK for bereavement caused by the negligence of another is £12,980. On that basis about 500,000 baht would be appropriate. Plus any criminal conviction and fine.
  11. Was thinking just the same. Yes tea money or paperwork and court? I was also thinking the goldshops will like this as gold is pawned and never reclaimed. Up in Issaan these penalties are between 2 and 5 times what people earn a month.Guess they will take that in to account and drop the fine down to what it is now!
  12. Why go at this time of year, other than it's cheaper? Come high season or at least by next year this boat tragedy will have been forgotten and it will be back to business as usual, unfortunately as the Chinese en masses are awful, but then so are many other nationalities!
  13. Kalasin Jo

    Pattaya's most widely used Currency Exchanger

    The £ has and is still falling against nearly all other currencies The % loss over the last 2 years is pretty much the same against the Thai baht or the euro, about 20% and it's due to brexit uncertainty. I have UK based pensions and have to change in to either baht or euros. It's becoming painful on a daily living basis.
  14. Thailand is a very prim and proper, almost puritan place! It's getting worse!!