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  1. Thailand is a very prim and proper, almost puritan place! It's getting worse!!
  2. Kalasin Jo

    What products do you bring from home?

    Yeah, seriously. And not even a quarter of the choice out in the sticks. It's cheddar, packet grated parmesan or Philadelphia. The cheddar is ok.
  3. Kalasin Jo

    What products do you bring from home?

    Thanks! Ill check it out. None in Big C where I usually shop for western foodie things
  4. Kalasin Jo

    Phuket Immigration : Who can sign the TM30 ?

    I have seen lots of posts about the TM30 especially from those in Phuket and Pattaya. And I am curious! As my name on here indicates I live in Kalasin province, on a " marriage" visa. I come and go flying in and out of Suvarnabhumi. When I do I usually stay 2 or 3 nights in a hotel in BKK and may go to Pattaya or an island for a few days before flying on to my home in Kalasin. I get visa extensions once a year at our nearest provincial immigration office in Sakhon Nakhon, which is a 3 hour drive away from home. Khon Kaen is much nearer but they will not do the extension because it is not our district IO and my visa is a marriage visa ( they would do straight retirement visa extensions). My point is I have never worried about a TM 30, nor has my wife who is I suppose the housemaster. For all I know she may be asked to sign one when we go to renew the visa extension once a year, as she's always asked to sign lots of stuff, but if she is those are the only times. No IO has ever mentioned a fine for not doing it, although one of them, the boss, likes a bit of tea money, being the 100 baht change from the 2,000 baht I hand over for the fee ( when his no.2 does the paperwork he always is scrupulous about giving the change) So, apart from the change pocketed by the boss,( ha! ha!) am I missing something and should I or the wife be heading over to Sakhon Nakhon ( or Khon Kaen?) every time I arrive at my home to do this TM30 when we have as yet never done so, nor yet been fined?
  5. Kalasin Jo

    Hourly pay odd job man

    The current legal minimum wage in Europe for unskilled labour only work eg: gardening, kitchen worker, no tools, is now in the region of 350 baht per hour. For skilled work, much more eg plumber, electrician, mechanic, with own tools. Parts and materials on top of that. In a village in Thailand, away from the tourist spots I'd say 55 Jay has it about right. Also unless it is regular work you pay for the job however little or much time it takes. As usual, in Thailand the worker will come and do the job and then when you say how much, he will say up to you! So for the occasional skilled or semi skilled odd job I'd say start at 200, cap at 500 depending on how long it took, the quality of the work and whether you might want him back sometime!
  6. Bangkok becoming sanitised like Singapore was? It's a crying Shame. Soi Nana will be next, infact it's already changing, with new and expensive bar/ restaurant development. This government is slowly but surely destroying the whole exotic, different, bustling vibe and attraction of Thailand. Street food and tacky "copy" vendors is all part of that vibe.Why go there if it's gone? It's not just in what was iconic Bangkok. Its everywhere. There are already far too many mega shopping malls with the same brand name ( expensive )shops and restaurants as any other city the world over. The whole of IndoChina is losing its unique appeal
  7. I have sometimes had it queried at check in. Always referred to a supervisor, after which no problems. However, Thai Airways at Suvarnabhumi refused my Thai wife check in with a one way ticket, even with a Schengen family visa. There was no arguing with them ( I was not there, but spoke to check in desk by phone). So she missed the flight and I had to rebook her, at vast extra cost and a night in a hotel, and with a return ticket. Now I always book her a return ticket! Then as the original ticket was paid in cash, could only get a refund in Thailand at a TA office. Grrr..
  8. Kalasin Jo

    What products do you bring from home?

    Weetabix, marmite, real marmalade.hard, other than cheddar, cheese.I love soft French cheese but it won't travel, pate in sealed jars. I live in the sticks and cannot get any of these!
  9. You are entitled to ask the French Embassy Bangkok but they prefer you to use THEIR official agency as many countries do now. This is also n Bangkok. You start online at TLS CONTACT hen assemble the paperwork, then take an appointment at TLS office to hand over copies of what is wanted which are checked against originals. After that it takes about a week and they can post it to you. Your wife will be fingerprinted and passport photo needed. You do need your Thai marriage certificate officially translated in to English, then have both documents certified at Thai MOF.They will stick them both together at the top r.h. corner and put stickers in English which say " seen at Ministry of Foreign Affairs" with a diplomatic officer's signature Then take this document to the British Embassy Bangkok which will legalise the English version. Do not say you want a marriage certificate legalised, they will say they can't. Simply say you want a document that has been stamped as seen by MOF legalised. It is simply the signature on the MoF sticker that they are confirming is genuine . The British Embassy will put a sticker saying "certificate of legalisation" signed by a BE consular official, stamp it and impress it with a British Embassy seal. You are then good to go with the French, as many times as you like! It is I can assure you tedious and all takes a while, but is a once off, and no chance without this. I'm not sure if you yourself are NOT resident in France that you can get a spouse visa. I went through all this because although British I am a French resident.My wife has now had 3 multiple entry short stay " family" Schengen visas valid one year. Note even though valid 1 year she can still only spend 90 days in every 180 days in the Schengen area.. Having said all that if you only want to go once, get her a tourist visa. , Good luck!!!
  10. Kalasin Jo

    why AirAsia is so expensive nowadays?

    Pretty sure all airlines charge you in the currency of your departure. Country then if you pay with a debit or credit card based on another currency, it is then converted in to that currency plus commission. EG: Thai Airways departing Paris the flight price is quoted in €. Departing from Suvarnabhumi, in baht. Same with Etihad.
  11. First time I did this I needed one witness. Since then , no, at Sakhon Nakon IO. Have always needed a note from the village headman plus copy of his ID. Plus fresh photos of the wife and I outside our house, in our living room and in the bedroom. In these photos the only thing that looks different is the clothes we are wearing and the plants outside!
  12. Kalasin Jo

    Is there an unofficial alcohol limit of 2 liters flying in?

    Yes, I too have been stopped by police a couple of times in arrivals hall, shortly after customs and asked how much alcohol and cigarettes I have brought in. Not asked to show, just asked. Have also once had my bag put through the x-ray machine in customs. No contraband so no problem. Would really like to bring in a vaping kit, but guess even disassembled that it's not worth it. Anyone?
  13. A few years back now, I had to get a new passport. I did this from France where I spend part of each year. My expiring passport had the original visa ( retirement ) and subsequent extensions and multiple re entry permit. I used this at Suvarnabhumi immigration with no problems, my new passport being stamped with my entry stamp. When I next went to renew my extension of stay at Sakhon Nakon IO at that point they transferred everything. I think the fee was about 2000 baht (might have been less) for doing this plus of course the fees for extension renewal and Futher re entry permit
  14. Kalasin Jo

    Trip to songhkla