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  1. Manchester United

    That goes for all the players doesn't it? I believe that in the last World Cup, England were the only unbeaten side( I don't count penalty shoot outs)
  2. Manchester United

    He is just like Liverpool.................when good, bloody brilliant, but when bad, absolute crap. Absolute crap and Liverpool? ... well you may be on to something. Absolute crap and Rooney?... nah, he's never had a crap game, let alone an absolute crap game. Average is the lowest you will see him sink, and that's an extremely rare occurance. You must mean when he plays for England.
  3. Manchester United

    He is just like Liverpool.................when good, bloody brilliant, but when bad, absolute crap.
  4. Manchester United

    As a staunch Chelsea fan, I wouldn't have given the goal. Drogs was clearly off side and interfering with play. On the other side I thought Chelsea played the prettier football ( unusual against United) and United as ever took the hard man approach. Yes 0-0 would have been a fair reflection. What really irks me, is that in the papers this morning, Fergie ranting and raving about he shouldn't be allowed to referee. the free kick, was digraceful........................................Er, sorry lads, but wasn't this the same ref that played 8 minutes of extra time to allow Unites to score against City. I agree he should be taken off the Refs list, but for that, not Sundays (mistake?) And Johnny Evans is a true Man U man. He hacked and slashed his way through Chelsea for most of the match before he was booked. When I saw the team sheets, I thought a Chelsea walk over, but vyou lot have got a hard lot of youngsters even though they can't play football. And, it was the best I have seen United play all season.
  5. Manchester United

    I'm afraid in the last couple of years in the Premiership, everyones trying to work out how to understand referee's decisions.
  6. Manchester United

    No, not playing to the whistle cost them a goal. And however good the pass was, and it was good, Rooneys off-side goal evened up the situation. Sorry, didn't hear Ferguson shouting" Rooney was offside. Give Chelsea a free kick"
  7. Chelsea Fc Thread

    Amid the cries of " Conspiricy theory" Barcelona secured a place in the Champions League final. Barca just passed around in the center of the park for most of the game, with the decicive strike coming in the 93rd minute, and their only shot on target. Well, what went wrong. Chelsea had all the chances, their defense was supurb. How did they lose? The main reason was a man called Tom Henning Ovrebro,who must have been plucked from the anoniminity of the Lappland under 12's, ( 5th division), and placed in charge of a crucial match. He did his job well though, UEFA were over the moon with him. Imagine the implications of yet another all English final. It would have destroyed reputations, especially that of all the non English that run the show. To refuse one or two penalties is normal these days, but seven, three of them absolute clear cut penalties, and the other four borderline, says it all. This man should never referee in anger again. Sour grapes? Bad loser? Can't take defeat? Full of excuses? Too bloody right. All of those. Martin Knapp Farang Connection
  8. Chelsea Fc Thread

    Chelsea matched their resolute, dogged display in the week, with a show of beautiful football, seeing off Fulham at the Bridge 3-1. It should have been more. Drogba had a good goal disallowed, and an almost certain penalty denied. I get the feeling that if the goalie came at Drogba with a chain saw and chopped his legs off, the ref would wave play on. Nicholas Anelka showed the crowd just why he is the Worlds costliest player with a performance so sublime, deft and full of magic, you might have though you were watching Lionel Messi. Although even Messi's not that good. Drogba was also on top form and the two strikers are a problem for any defence. Lampard started slow, but got better and better as the game progressed. In the end Chelsea were showing off their football skills to the adoring crowd. Let's have some more of this on wednesday. Martin Knapp Farang Connection.
  9. Chelsea Fc Thread

    Where Barcalona had the flair,the skill & most of the possession, Chelsea won on tactics. Wave after wave of Blue & Red shirts amassed on the Yellow's defense, but just like The Enterprise, their sheilds were up. On the few occasions when they faltered there was James T.Kirk, aka Petr Cech to save the day. Chelsea were hard as nails, but mostly fair. Dogged in their approach, but full of heart. They could even have gone in at half time one goal to the good. When they finally got the ball after 40 minutes, a lazy back pass let Drogba in. He could have placed his shot or gone for power. He went for power , and brought a fine save. It rebounded back to him. Same again, and once more he tried the wrong option. A deft flick over Valdes, but somehow the keeper got his hand to it. 0-0 at half time. What would the second half bring? The second half Chelsea saw more of the ball. But not much more. Again, not a lot got passed the yellow defences. Again Cech was there when it did. Terry & Alex were immense, and grew in stature as the game went on. Bosinger did his job, albeit sometimes clumsily. Guus was coming out on top. He'd fooled everybody. Bojan and ex-Aresenal player Hleb both had good chances late on. Still it ended 0-0 The Bridge next week. See you there. Martin Knapp. Farang Connection.
  10. Chelsea Fc Thread

    I don't normally cut and paste, but this Telegraph report was good. None of Chelsea’s starting XI had ever won the European Cup, a contrast to their bench that contained four men who possess winner’s medals, and the craving of Guus Hiddink’s chosen ones was inescapable. Frank Lampard, Michael Ballack and Michael Essien bossed midfield. Essien’s marking job on Steven Gerrard drained the life out of Liverpool while Martin Skrtel chose the worst moment to have a shocker in defence. Rafa Benitez’s zonal marking system was also ripped to shreds. The only down side for Chelsea was the booking for their captain John Terry, which rules him out of next Tuesday’s meeting at the Bridge. A tie that had begun so promisingly for Liverpool now looks set for disappointment. The Champions League anthem never stood a chance before kick-off, the Kop launching into the 12-inch version of "You’ll Never Walk Alone", and nor did Alex and John Terry when Gerrard and Torres, Liverpool’s big noises on the pitch, came calling after only four minutes. Riddled with panic as Gerrard lurked, Alex skied a clearance over Chelsea’s box. Anfield sensed early blood. Dirk Kuyt was first to the loose ball, initially running away from Petr Cech’s area before brilliantly reversing the direction, sending the ball spinning down the inside-right channel for the overlapping Alvaro Arbeloa. Those Liverpool supporters not already standing leapt to their feet in anticipation. Chelsea’s defence was ragged, the famed organisation patently absent. Vulnerability was in the air, and Liverpool had emerged from the tunnel in merciless mood. Liverpool’s prominence in recent weeks has partly been rooted in the buccaneering spirit of their full-backs, Arbeloa and Fabio Aurelio. Arbeloa’s response was superb, drilling the ball to Torres, whose finish was perfection, the ball struck hard and fast and sent flying past Cech. Chelsea’s keeper had no chance. His defence had let him down. And when presented with a chance in front of goal, Torres rarely lets Liverpool down. The tie remained evenly balanced, Chelsea knowing that an equaliser immediately secured them the initiative. A classic game unfolded, Chelsea opening up and pouring forward. Opportunity started knocking in front of a concerned Kop. Didier Drogba, the spearhead of Hiddink’s 4-1-2-2-1 formation, squandered two good chances to level before the break. When Salomon Kalou ushered Drogba through, Pepe Reina stood firm, making a good save. Then when Michael Ballack swept the ball in from the left, Drogba lost Jamie Carragher but his finish was poor, hammered into a relieved Kop. The waves of blue rolled with increasing frequency towards Reina’s goal. Ballack started to reveal his true class, although he was deceived by a wonderful piece of skill from Alonso, who needed only a cape and a shout of "ole’’ to complete the matador’s touch. Behind Alonso, Martin Skrtel rose to the aerial challenge. Until seven minutes from the break, Liverpool repelled everything that came their way. Chelsea would not be denied. When Gerrard slid in to block a cross from Kalou, Chelsea had a corner and their big guns moved up. All eyes were on Terry and Alex, Ballack and Drogba. Mistake. No Liverpool player paid enough attention to Ivanovic. As Florent Malouda’s corner swirled in, Ivanovic made his move, brushing aside Alonso and jumping between Skytel and Albert Riera. Muscling opponents out of the way, the Serbian had eyes only for the ball, which he sent powering past Reina. Liverpool rallied. Roared on by fans who made this another unforgettable European night at Anfield, Liverpool stormed forward, looking to regain the lead. Kuyt went close as the half concluded, his strong shot pushed away by Cech. Now attacking the Kop in the second half, Liverpool still had to escape the assorted traps Hiddink had set them, notably Michael Essien shadowing Gerrard. As Chelsea gained in confidence, the bouts of abuse towards Lampard and Terry quickened. Lampard’s weight, Terry’s mother: the merits of both were discussed at length. Chelsea took the barbs in their stride, not losing their composure, rarely giving away possession. Lampard, wearing a tribute to his mother stitched into his boots, a remembrance of the anniversary of her tragic death, delivered a superb display in front of his proud father, who sat in the directors’ box admiring his son’s work-rate. Lampard was everywhere, clearing in front of his defence one moment, then powering forward to send Drogba through on goal. Having beaten Skrtel, Drogba placed his shot past Reina but there was the indefatigable Carragher covering back to clear off the line. Chelsea were seeing more of the ball, Liverpool being restricted to counter-attacks. In the Kop, a large banner reading "FEARLESS" was raised. Yet the fears were found in Liverpool’s defence, Skrtel enduring a particularly awkward evening. On the hour, Reina was caught by Terry, hardly maliciously but deeply unnecessarily as the Liverpool keeper clearly had the ball safely in his clutches before Chelsea’s captain came wading in. Claus Bo Larsen, the Danish referee, brandished a yellow card that triggered outrage in the blue ranks as it ruled Terry out of the second leg. Anger swept through Hiddink in particular. Chelsea’s coach charged down the line to protest, a rare display of dissent from a manager who has seen it all before in a long, distinguished career. The sense of injustice stirred something deep within Chelsea, something that triggered an astonishing reaction. Within seven minutes they were leading 3-1. Liverpool had failed to learn from Chelsea’s corners. Again their zonal marking was vulnerable to runners arriving late, as Ivanovic did again. Speeding on to a Lampard corner, the mystery man of Chelsea FC really made a name for himself with another emphatic header. Liverpool were stunned, their defence a shambles when the ball was whipped in from the flanks. Three minutes later, Ballack teased a fine pass down the inside-left channel and Malouda was off and running, hurtling towards the byeline before crossing. Drogba, sliding in ahead of Carragher, made it 3-1. Anfield was momentarily silenced, all the noise now coming from Chelsea throats. Crowing was not the least of it.
  11. Manchester United

    Back to my earlier point, who you gonna support this Sunday? For sure Chelsea! But hey the ball is round anything can happen Hopefully Man Utd will be on form and it will sure be a damned good game to watch as always! If Man u play like they did against Liverpool, Chelsea could run into double figures
  12. Manchester United

    I'm an out & out Chelsea fan, but I still like to see United, 'pool and Arsolal do well in Europe. And on the light side, I see Chelsea TV are doing lots of re-runs of the 5-0 victory in '99
  13. Wifi Surin

    Speed test this morning.............................3,912/691
  14. Wifi Surin

    The Farang Connection is pleased to announce that it will now be offering a free WiFi service for our customers. We can only allow one customer at a time though, as the toilet is not that big. No seriously Free WiFi at the FC