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  1. “He’s a cut above your normal Thai cop” Please stop. Your RTP boot licking is admirable. You’ve set the bar way too high now.
  2. I’ll bet he has a nice sparkling new watch on his wrist by the end of July.
  3. You’re damn right take him to court! What a <deleted> moron.
  4. Your a foreigner in a foreign (3rd world) country. Your not going to change this place for the better anytime soon. If you don’t like where you are & you want to live longer, leave...
  5. SpicyMeatball

    Video: Truck driver flies through the air to his death

    Are you f***ing kidding me? Maybe the truck driver should have stayed awake & had responsible control of his driving a 10 tonne truck!
  6. Now you've become a big joke. Most international police receive strict, disciplined training & of course study law & criminal codes . Take a look at Interpol for example. A Thai cop would be a sinking ship & quit within a month because it would be too difficult & demanding. Something Thais can’t handle.
  7. SpicyMeatball

    Doctor killed in Phayao road accident

    Stupid is what stupid does.
  8. Should have disguised himself as a cat, as in cat burglar.
  9. Very sad & heartbreaking. Its much easier to read about stupid humans being killed by their own negligence than reading about the horrific suffering & deaths these poor animals are put through. As a firefighter, I would have nightmares & PTSD after hearing the screams of these poor animals.
  10. I’d like to see this clown put in a class of 100 international peers & see how well he does. Maybe 98th or 99th. “Faith in Thai police”, now thats a big joke right there!
  11. SpicyMeatball

    Thaksin, Yingluck enjoying their tour of the US

    Hahaha. In your face Prayut!
  12. SpicyMeatball

    Thailand becoming ‘garbage bin of world’

    Thailand disgusts me. People are so ignorant, careless, irresponsible, lazy & indignant.