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  1. Scooter for Girl

    From your reply it seems you still didn't get it. I try to avoid the Court system. Did you get your "trial bike" from the judge, a jury member or one the lawyers in your case.
  2. International Speeds Very Slow

    I have 3BB 30/10 and have not had any issue in streaming BBC I-Player this week. Last finished watching 1 hour ago.
  3. Yes sir, yes sir 2 hands full.
  4. This is awesome: Who wants some ice cream?

    His day job is regrouting bathroom tile.
  5. Scooter for Girl

    Where did you get your trial bike? Me think papa full of it.
  6. 3BB Fiber Internet Pricing Beyond 200MB plans

    If you experience occasional quality issues streaming from Australia, it's probably an issue originating at the source, a problem with your streaming device or VPN and not your internet speed. 3BB's 30/10 package is more than adequate to stream video up to an including 4K. When I can stream US TV video from half-way around the globe without issues why would I need a higher priced internet package? If you want to stream video from several different sources to multiple outlets.at the same time, then a higher data speed package may be of some value. The actual speed of my 30/10 plan tests 32.4/12.04.
  7. Scooter for Girl

    "You rest your case" How does a demo video about snow tires reinforce your case? Not much snow in LOS and most motorcycles aren't driven as snowmobiles. The riders that would benefit from a 3-wheeled motorcycle would be a very inexperienced rider and those with the fear of falling over.
  8. 3BB Fiber Internet Pricing Beyond 200MB plans

    3BB offers an 8% discount in you prepay for 12 months of service, it's like getting 1 month free.
  9. 3BB Fiber Internet Pricing Beyond 200MB plans

    I stream US TV shows, UK BBC I-Player, AUST 7- Plus and Netflix from the US servers daily, using 30/10 3BB and do not have any issues with buffering. I stream through my laptop to a 42 " Samsung HD TV at max resolution.
  10. 3BB Fiber Internet Pricing Beyond 200MB plans

    When I subscribed to 3BB, the installation was free and the up-front fee was a deposit on the modem and the first month of service.
  11. Big Mouse

    You can find different sizes of computer mice at Big C and Tesco for less than 1000 baht. Also, an ergonomic mouse pad may relieve your pain. The mouse pad I use has a raised memory foam palm rest.
  12. My comprehension of the original link, Wang and Tang were not the couple having sex but were instead 2 company employees who were arrested for posting online the video footage of the company manager and a co-worker having sex.
  13. Yes, it could be copyrighted material legal issue, but it is a civil case not criminal. Police in most countries do not become involved in civil cases. Cases such as this are usually filed in Civil Court with lawyers for the plaintiff and the defendant presenting their case before a judge or jury. Unless Thailand's laws allow for criminal prosecution for copyright violations, then it should be investigated by the Prosecutors Office.
  14. Scooter for Girl

    My wife has a Honda Scoopy and our15-year-old daughter uses it occasionally but only with first asking. Personally, "if" I were to buy a new bike for my daughter, it would be my choice, not hers based on ease of riding and safety. It would definitely have an automatic transmission, disc brakes if available, small diameter cast wheels and wide tires. Definitely no gold wire wheels or skinny tires. Underseat storage, as opposed to a handlebar mounted basket to lower the center of gravity for stability. There would also be rules she would have to agree to regarding her cell phone usage and carrying passengers.
  15. Missing home

    The only material thing I miss back home in the US is my Suzuki GSX1250FA. I bought it prior to my first visit to Thailand in 2014. But I am content with my current ride Sayfon, my wife of 4 years. I also frequented Jimmy's Steakhouse in Columbia, Mo. Jimmy migrated from Greece in the 70's and along with his wife an son operate the restaurant. He serves some the best flame-broiled steaks for the price in the area. And before somebody says it, no you can't get a steak of the same quality, price with conversation anywhere in Thailand.