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  1. I was in Tops Market Surin a while back and saw a sign in English "On Sale 30 Bath". Was shopping in a major US grocery store and they advertised "Fresh Banananas". In high school, saw every poster, hand-printed and posted by the local Pastors wife advertising an "Ice Cream Social at the 1st Chirstian Church".
  2. tweedledee2

    This just in: 12 plus 8 equals 4

    I don't need luck. I'm not a Ned or awkward.
  3. tweedledee2

    This just in: 12 plus 8 equals 4

    You are not excused. This topic was about a teacher's incorrect math test answers, not politics. You may be a nerd, but your observation of people getting off/on the bus and calculation of how many are now on the bus is wrong. There could not be "minus 2" people, because "minus 2" in Math is negative 2, which is 0-2. Grammatically there are now 2 fewer people on the bus after it had stopped.
  4. tweedledee2

    New 4k tv

    You can stream 4K content from Netflix, VUDU and more. Netflix recommends a minimum of 25 Mbps internet speed depending on your location. There are a lot of TV's marketed as Ultra High Definition/4K. But it's not true 4K unless the screen resolution supports 3840X2160.
  5. tweedledee2

    This just in: 12 plus 8 equals 4

    Not impossible because the answer is there are "no" apples in a pound or even a kilo of grapes.
  6. tweedledee2

    This just in: 12 plus 8 equals 4

    Wrong! They each paid $10 for the room, they were given back $5. The way the $5 was divided between them, the room cost 2 guys $9 each and the guy that divided the money only $7. Now try to figure out if the divider was Jewish, a Scot or a <deleted>.
  7. tweedledee2

    This just in: 12 plus 8 equals 4

    Relying on a calculator to verify financial transactions is not limited to Thailand. During my school days, prior to pocket calculators, all math test answers were calculated in your head or by pen and paper. Now students use technology, not brainpower. Just go into any fast food chain with a high school student working the register. Have a $20 bill in your hand and place your order. When your order total appears (in my case $7.33) and the register has already calculated your change from the $20 bill, reach into your pocket and give the clerk the $20 bill and 8 cents and see their facial expression. I did this once, expecting $12.75 in change. I received a $10 bill, 3-$1 bills, 7 dimes and a nickel. I noticed her error before she finished counting it all out. I hesitated, she just looked at me and said: "thank you". I said: no, thank you.
  8. You can call me Mr, Sir or by my first name if we are friends.
  9. My last 3 round trips back to the US, originated in Thailand. On the return flights from LAX, no issues at AA, CSA or HKA check-in desks.
  10. tweedledee2

    Cheapest Phone Service

    We use AIS's top-up service. My wife, myself and our 16-year-old daughter each have a phone with AIS. I only use my phone to call one of them and to receive SMS's from my bank. Whenever I go to town by myself or when I ride my bike, I take my phone with me for emergencies. Each month I put 30 baht on my phone to keep it activated. Total cost for 3 phones around 150 baht.
  11. Not greed - "gluttony".
  12. tweedledee2

    Is Thai bottled water safer than tap water

    My wife buys bottled water from a vendor that has a route through our area. Large blue water cooler style bottle with a shrink wrap seal. I'd tried it one time and it doesn't taste better. If I'm going to drink bottled water I buy it from Big C or Tesco store brand for 29 baht per 6-liter bottle.
  13. tweedledee2

    Hollywood star Burt Reynolds dies at 82

    I don't know if Burt Reynolds was fired from "Gunsmoke" or not. You may be correct but you're wrong about Clint Eastwood. He was not fired from "Rawhide". In the final season, he had the lead role till the series was canceled.
  14. tweedledee2

    SURVEY: Should Thailand legalize prostitution?

    They should also set minimum prices for different acts, starting at 500 baht for a handjob, 1,000 for a BJ, 2,500 for missionary, doggy or variations and 3,500 for anal. Any combination of 2 or more would receive a 10% discount. A 2-hour time limit with a 400 baht surcharge for each and every partial hour thereafter. One-half of the 400 baht per hour surcharge would the waived for longtime overnighters for a second performance with same terms as the original request. Condoms would be provided and must be worn and properly fitted. All income would be taxable and SS benefits available upon retirement. Also, 1% of their income taxes would be allocated to a fund to pay for medical testing and treatment. There would be no dual pricing and any violation of the verbal contract for services rendered or received by either party is subject to a fine of 1,000-10,000 baht per violation.