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  1. Cost of School fees per month for local thai children

    We have 2 daughters attending government school 10 km NE of Surin and it is free. We have already registered the oldest daughter who will be starting high school in Surin next year. The cost including uniforms, books, meals and English class with a fee for native English speaking teacher totaled 5050 baht.
  2. Birthday gift - suggestions please

    My suggestion is to make the time and buy your gift locally. I can't speak for all Thai women but my wife likes me to bring back gifts for her from the States. I shop for jeans, dresses, lingerie, perfumes, etc. These are things she would not spend money on for herself here in Thailand.
  3. Installing Internet into New House

    There is something 3BB engineers can do, but it requires them to remove you from the outdated TOT line and install new cable for their VDSL system. Myself, I would not be paying 590 baht a month for 1/3 the internet speed they advertise for that same price. I had 3BB installed in June 2016. As I stated in post #6, 3BB strung cable from the village that is over 1 km away to my house. At that the time, I was the only subscriber but now there is another subscriber about 300 meters beyond my home. My initial installation was 20/4 speed for 590 baht, but several months later they offered 30/10 for the same price. I called 1530, 3BB's service number and inquired about upgrading to the new speed. I was transferred to the tech dept. where changes were made to my account. Within minutes I was upgraded. A couple of months later, I started having occasional dropped connections which increased in frequency over time. I reported this to 3BB and they would send a tech, who would test the connection and find nothing wrong. Over the next visits, they first told me too many devices being used at one time. Next visit they replaced the LAN cable from my gaming console claiming that was the problem but overlooked that my laptop was wireless. Every visit they would test and tell me internet working good, never considering my suggestion all along that there was some problem with the main cable. After they replaced the modem which did not fix the issue, I started keeping a time log of each dropped connection and after 1 week I called 1530 again voicing my displeasure. Two days later at about 9 am I went to use my computer and did not have any internet. About 30minutes later, a vehicle parked in front of the house and it was a 3BB truck. The wife and I went to the gate and the tech told her they were installing a new cable from the village and we would have internet service in about 1 hour. After the new cable has been installed Speedtest displays 33+ down and 13+ up and no signal drop since. After 3 months of hearing "cable good", a new cable did solve my internet issue. Myself, I would not accept 3BB's excuses but insist that they provide the service I pay for. You saved them time and money by allowing them to use the existing installation and that's all you got.
  4. Installing Internet into New House

    Jasmine International which is the parent company of 3BB used to be in partnership with TT&T and provided internet using TT&T's phone system and lines. When they discontinued their partnership about 10 years ago, Jasmine began providing internet as 3BB. They may have continued to use telephone lines for a period of time for older DSL technology, but for VDSL, they use a dedicated cable. The speeds that 3BB now provides cannot be pushed through long cable distances using ADSL on telephone lines.
  5. Installing Internet into New House

    Firstly, a landline is used when referring to phone service. So, to answer your question, 3BB will not connect a landline to your home but will instead string their internet cable from their nearest connection box to your home. They will use the existing electric service poles for their installation. I live in a rural area about 10 km NE of Surin. 3BB strung their cable from the village that is over 1 km away to my house. There was no charge for installation. I paid 1500 baht deposit for the modem and 599 baht plus VAT for first month's service. I have been a subscriber for over 18 months and a satisfied customer.
  6. Is Buffered VPN still the best choice in Thailand?

    Send me a PM request and I will send you a link to what I use. I stream my Netflix, Prime, TV programming from the US and BBC I-Player from the UK every day. I have been using this service since last April and it costs me less than 35 baht a month.
  7. Xbox One X

    I was in a video game shop in Terminal 21 located on the same floor as the cinema and phone shops that sells consoles, games and accessories. Gaming systems are priced 25-50% higher than what you will pay in the US. Lazada has x-box one systems priced12,000+ baht, but don't list the one +.
  8. HDMI cable has very little signal loss. You could also set it up for wireless a signal. Also, when streaming from the computer, your TV screen is your monitor and a wireless mouse can be used.
  9. If you have no problem viewing the content on your computer, why not just stream it thru your computer to your TV. All you need is the cable.
  10. Android box & sport

    Send me a PM and I will provide you with the only information you need that will allow you to stream geographically restricted content, legally.
  11. Wanting to stream video from desk top computer.

    I responded to your original post in November. If you want to view geographically restricted content from other countries, an android box will not provide that service only by itself. First, you need to be able to hide your ISP address from originating web-host. If you send me a PM, I will provide you with all the information you need.
  12. Where To Buy cheap Meat Beef

    If you have a Top's Market store near you, I would check there. The store near me has imported fresh, not frozen beef cuts on display. Makro, Tesco and Big C stores near me have beef in their freezer sections, occasionally Big C has fresh cuts for sale. The price of imported beef is high everywhere in Thailand.
  13. Where are you planning to stay, while in Thailand? If you will be staying in Bangkok, most hotels have free wi-fi for guests. Terminal 21 has free wi-fi, you get the password at the service desk. Starbucks and other stores have free wi-fi. You can get a phone plan that allows access to free wifi on their network, at shopping centers and stores like Big C. AIS, I believe has the largest free wi-fi network. You will find wi-fi available throughout most of Thailand.
  14. Is my Thai girlfriend trying to sell me a pup?

    Thai's don't know what cold is. I live near Surin and there was a cool spell (mid-60's) in March 2014. Wife and I were going to ride 20 baht pick-up truck into Surin, to shop at the market. Wife dressed in socks, long-legged pants, long sleeved top and a jacket. I was dressed in cargo shorts, short-sleeved tee and sandals. Before we left, my wife informed me that it was too cool for what I was wearing. We walked 120 feet to the main road and waited for our ride. When it stopped, we got on and I saw everybody else was dressed in long pants but also had on socks, knitted stocking cap, gloves and a heavy coat. All the other riders looked at me and I could just imagine what they were thinking about the farang. I just smiled and laughed to myself. Over the last 3-4 weeks, it has been cooler at night and my wife makes comments about it being cold. I just tell her what the temperature is in the Midwest USA where I lived. She can't understand how people can live there.
  15. You seem like a very gracious and lenient host. So anyone invited can just open the fridge, eat and drink as much as they want, put their feet up on the coffee table, hog the remote while watching tv and take a piss without raising the seat. The only person that ever smoke in my home was my ex-MIL. When she would visit, the first words out of her mouth were directed towards her grandkids "go get grandma an ashtray". Before her fat ass was firmly planted in the chair she'd have a Pall Mall Gold lit up.