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  1. tweedledee2

    How to get rid of unwanted cats?

    From my experience, a mother cat after weening will eventually run off the ones that don't leave voluntarily. But if you continue to provide food it will take longer. Cats are good at controlling mice and rats. They are also excellent companions, sociable and very easy to take care of. If you don't want any of the cats stop feeding and block them from the building they'll eventually go away.
  2. My wife is the also 35. At 14 she quit school and worked as a seamstress in a shop, making wedding dresses. When we started our relationship, she was working at Hanes Brands near Surin, sewing women's lingerie and working more than 9 hours a day plus Saturdays. After more than 4 years of marriage, her English has improved and our conversations consist mostly of me talking with her listening and smiling. When she talks about something that interests her, I do the same. As other posters of said Thai people know little about life outside Thailand. If your girlfriend spoke perfect English what more could you talk about? I very much doubt you would have riveting intellectual conversations if married to an educated, career driven American woman. I was married to one for almost 29 years and my 4-year marriage here in Thailand has been better than the 25 years prior.
  3. tweedledee2

    16 Year-old Coming From US to Thailand

    That was because your flight originated from the US. It won't happen if your flight originates from terrorist watchlist countries. If you fly from LAX to BKK with a connecting flight in Guangzhou, you don't pass thru airport security, but passport control.
  4. tweedledee2

    First convict executed in Thailand in nine years

    He won't kill again. Problem solved.
  5. tweedledee2

    First convict executed in Thailand in nine years

    I think there was a little premeditation involved. He didn't just bring the knife for his own protection.
  6. Forty plus years ago, I attended a Deutz-Fahr dealer convention. One of the company speakers was a former district sales-rep for Pioneer Seed Corn. He told while working for Pioneer his main job was to attend farmers co-operative meetings as a keynote speaker. At this convention, he spoke on the mindset of farmers always complaining about low crop prices. He told how one year the corn prices were very low and at each of the co-op meetings, he advised farmers that if they reduced planting acreage 10% next year, the selling price for corn would go up. Most of the farmers in attendance seemed to be in agreement with this concept. But the next planting season Pioneer had record sales of seed corn in his district. Every farmer must have thought everyone else was going to plant 10% less, so they planted more. This resulted in even lower prices the next harvest. Even if they agree to reduce pig breeding numbers, it won't happen. Farmers are greedy and can't fathom the concept of supply and demand.
  7. I once had a Gecko hitching a ride on my side window. He was doing fine until I got up to speed. If I were the granddad I would have given him a fast ride with a sudden stop.
  8. tweedledee2

    Beware Beer Vendor Fraud!

    Thirty years ago in my hometown, there was a corner drugstore that had a grill and soda fountain bar. When you sat down they would give you a glass of water. The soda was served in 2 sizes, a small glass (same size as the water glass) 15 cents and a large glass 25 cents. I always ordered large. One day I took notice that the water glass, although shorter was slightly larger in diameter than the taller large glass. After finishing the soda, I poured the contents of the water glass into the taller glass and they both contain the same volume. I pointed this out to the clerk, who offered no explanation. Always ordered small thereafter.
  9. tweedledee2

    16 Year-old Coming From US to Thailand

    What US airport will he depart from? I have flown from LAX on AA thru Japan, China Southern thru Guangzhou and Hong Kong Airlines thru Hong Kong. Always at least a 1-1/2 to 3-hour layover for the connecting flight. At Guangzhou, you pass thru immigration for passport check. At Hong Kong, you go from the arrival gate to the departure gate security checkpoint without going thru immigration. Hong Kong airport was by far the easiest and quickest to navigate. Also, the flight service on Hong Kong Airlines was very good and the fare economical.
  10. tweedledee2

    Charging Thai Citizens to cross into Cambodia

    Not if you like extortion. I doubt most people would accept paying a surcharge on a retail purchase. But if you have plenty of money, do what you want. Those Cambodian crooks at Chom Chom have never got extra from me and never will, now that I have a marriage extension.
  11. tweedledee2

    Charging Thai Citizens to cross into Cambodia

    The last time I did a border hop, upon exit they handed me my passport and asked for departure money. I just laughed said no and walked away.
  12. I must be lucky for I have never had a virus or any malware infect any of my devices. Between McAfee, Avast, Malwarebytes and using common sense to not open suspicious e-mails or clicking on links supplied by someone who has been infected. I suggest if you don't have anti-virus software on all your devices install some, especially your phone because this is probably where the problem started. Scan the phone and Apps with Avast and Malwarebytes and remove any App you don't need.
  13. tweedledee2

    What's The Requirements for Teaching License?

    From the grammatical errors in your original post, you appear to lack simple English skills.
  14. With the amount of chicken blood Thais eat, I doubt there's any iron deficiency.
  15. If the OP is a US citizen, the US Embassy doesn't verify where the money comes from. They only affirm what income amount you claim to receive.