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  1. why do they want to burn everything

    Everything biodegradeable is indeed composted and we use the compost to grow organic vegetables. As I have to drive into the city once a week, I take that opportunity to dispose of the plastics, glass and metals responsibly on each occasion. Happy now?
  2. why do they want to burn everything

    Helpful information, thank you. Anyone else living in rural/remote areas who have any success stories, please post here. There will be reluctance from may poor homes to pay even 30 baht a month I'm afraid, but it really should be tried.
  3. why do they want to burn everything

    That's wonderful. I'm really encouraged to read this. Can I ask some details please? Are the bins provided by the Council free? Do you mean the local OrBorTor or other 'council'? Is the garbage truck also a supplied by the local government, or a private firm? Are the recyclers government or private? Your answers may help me to have another go at the authorities in my area too.
  4. why do they want to burn everything

    I live in the countryside. Everybody except me (it seems) burns their plastic waste, usually around sunset when I'm sitting outside taking in the evening air and the view. It is sickening in every respect. The problem is twofold: ignorance of the dangers to health, plus the fact that there is no alternative provided by private or public disposal services. I have discussed this with the local authorities and they will do nothing. It would cost money to organise a rubbish collection service and nobody would be prepared to pay for it. What do I do with my rubbish? I load my car and once a week drive 70kms to take it to the nearest available collection point in the city. The car stinks for a while. It is totally inconvenient. I understand why nobody else does this.
  5. That's such a defeatist attitude and a wrong assumption. There are many cases of complete remission after reaching stage 4, but usually only among those patients that 'finally' walk away from conventional medicine (which has the same attitude as you do) and use the tried and tested alternatives. Oxygen therapy is one such. This poster is a great example and I'm happy for him and glad that he's come on board to share his private story.
  6. Other questions you may consider are: 1. Exactly what treatment do you recommend? 2. Can I get a list of all the drugs that you recommend so that I may research them first? 3. What is the 5 and 10 year disease free survival rate for this treatment? 4. How many patients at my stage have you cured and are still well 5 and 10 years later? 5. Could you give me 5 references and ask them if I may speak with them? 6. What is the best anti-cancer diet plus lifestyle changes that I should follow now? As always, best of luck and I hope that you will find the answers that you need.
  7. Thank you for sharing your journey with us OP. I'm sorry that you have been through all of this. I wonder if you are familiar with Chris Wark, who has a website that you can easily look up (I am told that I cannot post the link)? Chris had Stage 3 colon cancer. He was scared into having surgery by oncologists, but refused chemo and further medial intervention. Instead he healed his cancer naturally and went on to become an advocate for natural cures for all cancers. He is regularly invited to give keynote speeches at cancer related conferences and is well respected. He has developed a 10-part video program that teaches you exactly how to heal cancer. I have subscribed to his courses and I thoroughly recommend to you and to anyone who has cancer or better yet, anyone who wants to PREVENT the onset of cancer, to check out the website. Although you have already been through alot of medical intervention it is so important that you go forward to heal and this information may be of great help to you and to others reading this thread.
  8. What type of dog is this?

    Looks to me not a purebred Shitsu. Probably a Poodle Shitsu mix. Affectionately known as a Pooshit.
  9. 1st Class Insurance on an Older Vehicle

    Sorry! I replied before you changed it to 16. By the way Thai Sri has no deductable.
  10. 1st Class Insurance on an Older Vehicle

    Did you really mean to type 1 year old car? Or a car older than 16 years which is what the OP wants?
  11. 1st Class Insurance on an Older Vehicle

    What you were told is not true, though indeed most insurance companies won't cover it.. Try Thai Sri insurance (well established over 60 years in Thailand). I know someone with a 17 year old car who has 1st class through them and is very happy with their service. Your no claims plus dealer service history should help considerably in your application.
  12. Is Facebook censoring Local Businesses here in Thailand?

    If you have a business, for goodness sake open a website. Problem solved. And extra benefit of being accessible to the punters who don't play Facebook and couldn't access your business news before.
  13. I think you meant to write: "...you might fancy a lady that catches your meat..." which adds a little more intrigue to your comment in parentheses!
  14. This is a popular topic it seems. Was covered in this thread last month: https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/1000157-banks-for-retirement-extension-in-thailand/
  15. Cost of new meter - Double 'for farang'

    My name is on the chanote as holder of a superficies and I applied for a new meter in my name (to be billed to me) at my local PEA and had no trouble at the lower price. No 'farang' price. I would not have accepted a higher price, especially so blatantly enforced. It is NOT legally valid. So what you do next is up to you. I have never accepted cheating like this in all my many years in Thailand and have always stood up to it whenever it reared its ugly head. That's just my way and I'm glad that I've always upheld my principles. But I don't do this in an aggressive manner. Just know your rights, quietly and firmly point them out and don't give in. If you can't get your way directly then go through the head office. On the other hand it is 'easier' to roll over and pay.