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  1. Would it not be possible for ThaiVisa to post embedded videos instead of Facebook references? I too can never open the Facebook videos, but have no problem with videos posted directly to TV.
  2. Was expecting some member to say: "And this is why it is better to live in a condo"
  3. No sense of fiscal responsibility, or just no ethics? My guess is that most of those non-payers determined before they took the loan that they'd not bother to pay it back. I took out a 25 year term loan from a bank to further my education. I benefited from the extra qualification and repaid the lot gladly.
  4. Rabies on the rise in Thailand, vaccinations urged

    My dogs interact wonderfully with humans, especially people who don't bite... They are perfectly socialised.
  5. Rabies on the rise in Thailand, vaccinations urged

    It is NOT "...carried by wild animals and pets that have not been inoculated". It is carried by animals that have been infected, usually by being bitten by an infected animal. There are many responsible dog owners who keep their pets within a confined area, like a walled garden, and never allow them to roam outside, or let other dogs inside. I am one such. My dogs have never interacted with other animals. Never inoculated any of my dogs for rabies. So, if you are bitten by a dog, check whether or not it is rabid. Signs are very clear (look it up). Of course if in doubt (a stray that runs off) get the shots. I'm very much against allowing dogs to roam freely in public areas.
  6. Could be just another psychopat Psychopat n. Unhinged foreign resident of Pattaya.
  7. Any lady who pays for herself (occasionally) gets a thumbs up from me.
  8. No need to be confused Tilacme. I've had many a birthday and other presents ahead of time over the years. It may be a Thai thing, as you surmise. They just can't wait. And that's still lovely. Ever been outside in Thailand at New Year's Eve and heard the fireworks popping 10 or more minutes before midnight? There ya go.
  9. My lady presented me with my Valentine’s yesterday too. Two big blooms in a pot. Lovely surprise. She had spent all day quietly in her home office and I had been wondering what she was up to. Made them herself and then couldn’t wait until the 14th: too excited! Not 100,000 baht but I’m certainly not counting. Anyone interested in this idea to surprise their gal, but who doesn’t have the time or skills, apparently there are florists who provide the service and even some online - you can send your money and have it made into flowers like this.
  10. Where are you located? I feel very sorry for you. They clearly are on a roll and ripping you off. That is outrageous. My guess is you live in a farang-rich area (even though you think it is applied to Thais too). Phuket?
  11. I have not come across any official rule regarding 'under 100 sqm'. This appears to be a case of local interpretation, so beware. You need a building permit even for a small guesthouse. There are sometimes ways around the costs of getting a certified engineer to sign off your plan, especially for a smaller building. For example if your builder is chums with the engineer who works for the OrBorTor he might smooth the way for you to get him to redraw your rough plans using a CAD package and to add his signature and his license so you can apply for the permit. This could cost you anything from 1,000 baht up, depending on how big a chum he is and how complicated your 'small' building is.
  12. Out in the sticks the laws of the land are somewhat flexible and will be interpreted differently by different officials. What you may 'get away with' today, may not be possible tomorrow when the relevant officials have changed. Given this situation, to be on the safe side I would recommend doing everything according to the 'laws of the land'. Why? One reason is that you could build your house today without the required papers and signatures and be fine. Then years later try to sell it and the buyer does due diligence and finds that permits were not issued and officers have changed. Then you may have a problem. So, what do you need to do to be on the safe side? Get a building permit from the OrBorTor. If you are building a fancy house and had an architect and structural engineer sign off the plans, this is very easy. Take the plans and the ID and qualification certs of the architect and engineer to the OrBorTor. Their official will check the plans and countersign. You have your permit and are good to go. Cost for the permit is a few hundred baht only. It may take several weeks to obtain. If your house does not have a plan signed by a qualified architect and structural engineer, you can take your plan to the OrBorTor and ask their engineer to check and if necessary change the plan. This is work prior to applying for a permit and there will be a fee. Typically the fee will be less that you would pay to a 'private' architect/engineer. In the sticks you can expect an architect/engineer fee of around 10,000 baht for a 160-240 m2 house for example. If you go to a city private architect your fee could be 60,000 plus for the same thing. It will then be very easy to get your permit. That's the way it should be done. You'll hear from other folk who will say they didn't have to go through this process and end of the day, it is up to you. My advice, do it right and you can sleep easy. Costs very little. Hope this helps
  13. While restrictions and better management in sensitive ecological areas and areas of natural beauty seem sensible, were they to be imposed, it would be the tour groups only who would get the limited access. That sucks.
  14. Facebook uproar over nude coffee shop waitress in Sattahip

    I find it demeaning. Sure sex sells and I’m no prude, but there are plenty of places for it and this isn’t one of them. Imagine if some hospital, in order to pull more customers from the competition, demanded that all the nurses wore a backless uniform and no bra… Now fetch the tissues.