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  1. None so blind as those who will not see. I rest my case.
  2. OP, You wanted to know if people who use smart phones are smarter and the resounding weight of answers is ‘NO’. A large proportion of smart phone users are definitely not very smart and I’m sure a proportion of dumb phone users aren’t smart either. But that has nothing to do with their choice of phone use. There’s been ample evidence in this thread to show that non-smart phone users can be smart. The only poster who agreed with you said that dumb phone users are all dumb, which says a lot about how smart he is! Surely you have your answer now?
  3. You said: “Your statement, " Telephones are invasive and distracting." could have been made shorly after the invention of the phone by Alexander Bell. “ I replied:“It could yes. But you see, they didn't have the perfect alternative of internet and email back then did they?” My point? It is not that little piece of plastic and metal in your hand per se that is invasive and distracting (duh), but the telephone call. If your phone is switched on a telephone call demands to be answered, or you switch it off and annoy the caller. And if it is switched off you get a ‘missed call’ message later that also demands an answer. You may know who called, but not why they called. You may not even know who called. All of which is invasive and distracting (and can be stressful too). With an email you know who sent it, what the message is about, you can read it when you want and reply at leisure without being drawn into a conversation you may not want. Nobody expects you to reply immediately. Plus you have a permanent record of all conversations to refer to at a later date if needed. I have a 20 years database of every incoming and outgoing email ever sent which I can search (with email software) in seconds with any word or string or subject to bring up every mention of that issue. That’s invaluable. Telephone, not.
  4. It could yes. But you see, they didn't have the perfect alternative of internet and email back then did they?
  5. One simple answer: email. Free and many benefits over voice. Speaking as a socially active and also productive (running multiple businesses in Thailand) entrepreneur I made the decision 17 years ago to stop using any telephone, other than the landlines at my office. No mobile phone and no home phone. I use email for all communication and have had the same Thai email address for over 20 years so all my friends and acquaintances have no difficulty getting in touch. I also use several anonymous and encrypted emails for business and personal communication that I wish to remain completely private. The greatest advantage that I found after banning phones from my life was an increase in productivity. I was able to plan my time and fill it without interruption. Not to mention the advantages of peace of mind and privacy. Not being at the beck and call of all and sundry who hitherto interrupted me all day and night has been a blessing and I’d say that that decision I took 17 years ago was one of the best I have made. Neither my successful business nor my lovely social life has suffered as a result of not having a telephone. Please don’t try to tell me that I am missing something! Telephones are invasive and distracting. Smart phones even more so. I use the latest technology and computing power to great advantage in my personal and business life, but smart phones have no place in it and are entirely unnecessary to my well being. Don’t forget also that mobile phones and particularly smart phones are tracking devices. If you have grown to accept total lack of privacy as the ‘norm’ then this won’t bother you. For many smart people, that simply isn’t acceptable.
  6. Directions when driving? On my car's GPS and I can talk to it without needing to fumble with a little phone and see it clearly from my driving position on a bigger screen. IMM and visa Info? In my glove box, always and a small photocopy always in my wallet. Med records? I keep alot of vital med and personal info on a card in the plastic window of my wallet marked "In Case Of Emergency" and the same card in Thai and English. This is far more useful in an emergency situation because anyone finding me unconscious is bound to look in my wallet (!) and can find and read everything quickly, whereas many smart phones cannot be accessed without a password and the data that is needed quickly may not be easy to find on the phone anyway. Shopping info? I do my research on my PC before going shopping and if in doubt read the labels on the product or ask the sales staff. Weather? Not being glued to a smartphone screen makes it possible to look up in the sky once in a while as you are walking around!! And for long term reports I check online before leaving home.
  7. So, you are a smart phone salesman. Nice try.
  8. Richard, these days we have access to infinite amounts of information, some of which was inaccessible before the age of the internet and search engines. Today we have the ability to find more information and therefore to learn more than ever before. This aspect is a wonderful addition to my life. However one doesn't need a smart phone - or any phone - to have access to any of that information. One needs a computer. And with the greater speed and storage capacity, plus one or multiple large format screens for viewing, plus stronger means of adding security and privacy, the PC or laptop trounces any smart phone as the device of choice for those who want access to all that the internet has to offer. A smartphone is basically a small computer added to a telephone. It is also a smart tracking device that allows anyone from your gik, spouse, government official, spy, advertising agency, et.al. to learn about where you are, where you have been and what you have been talking about.
  9. I would like to add that all of those people I know personally who have switched from smart to ordinary or no phone are highly tech savvy. Their deeper understanding of the insidious aspects of smart phones is one of the reasons. Another is that they feel more comfortable and better served by laptops and PC's (without telephones).
  10. None of which has any bearing on my observation that more people are switching from smart to ordinary or to no phone at all. What that means, for those not smart enough to figure it out, is that while the masses are pouring into smart phones in increasing numbers, there is a small but growing minority of smart people who are switching off. By the way, are you a smart phone salesman?
  11. Some of the smartest people I know have no phone at all. And personal anecdotal evidence tells me that more people are switching from 'smart' to ordinary phones or to no phone at all these days.
  12. Video: Swimming dog brings Hua Hin ferry to a halt 

    Belatedly...thanks for this. The full link worked fine. Now if only you could get the other Admin posters who promote embedded Facebook links to provide the full non-embedded link as well, or instead, that would be wonderful.
  13. I have a no fixed and a savings account at TMB Chiang Mai. No work permit required to open an account with TMB. you have two options; go to another TMB branch, or call head office and get someone senior to call your branch. As for the best interest rate, I have used Islamic Bank of Thailand for years and always got better than anywhere else. Currently my fixed deposit earns 2.6% interest paid monthly. For a new account you'll get less than this, but usually higher than anywhere else.
  14. Video: Swimming dog brings Hua Hin ferry to a halt 

    I saw this: Posted by Inspire Hua Hin on Sunday, 27 August 2017 Where is this story actually 'posted'? Is Inspire an online publication? A blog? A facebook page? What is it? The whole sentence was cut in half horizontally and there was no hyperlink. The 'Inspire Hua Hin' is static (no hyperlink). This is the same with all posts from this poster which similarly appear to link to something that is 'posted' somewhere else not at ThaiVisa, always with a horizontally truncated non-link. I have PMed him but no reply.
  15. Video: Swimming dog brings Hua Hin ferry to a halt 

    There is no link, no photo, no video. What kind of post is this?