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  1. I didn't say "fine"! But not really seldom. And always there are 2 sides of the story. In every country. At least did the Vid its purpose. And there is no excuse for "But when they start flying, crawling or 6 feet under... please pray." (Copied) Even here! Nothing to pray!
  2. What a ridiculous, artificial outcry! BS like that happens and happened 100 times each night, in any shithole all over the country for years! So what? The Behavior of this guy is not acceptable at all. But nobody of the many self-righteous Keyboard knights here knows the whole story! The new thing is, that every chicken-sxxt is filmed and made "viral" on the Internet. For me, it looks like the aim of the Lady, "armed" with her stupid cell-phone, was also to provocate an escalation of the "Event", instead of de-escalation! Let's say nicely, absolutely unprofessional. But the "Good-Guy-Internet-Mob" has another opportunity and joy to "get off", again. With it's "Hang him, deport him, 20 yrs Bangkok - Hilton, black-list crap, like in so many other cases! The Middle East might be more interesting for those people. There is stoning, caning, whipping, burning and more! Even Live, not only with the keyboard.
  3. You're right! Everybody can read everything about Thailand nowadays! And they'll see, or see already what's happening. The "golden" gooses leaving Thailand. Doesn't matter from which origin.
  4. Always keep in mind, that you're dealing with idiots! It doesn't matter which Bank. You'll find yourself happy to get a service, if the cell phone, or squashing pimples isn't more important at the moment. If you've got the "Service" (!): They're acting so important, because they're working in an AC office and wearing a "plastic" costume that doesn't really fit. They usually don't know anything, but asking you for your passport and perhaps a CV, your fingerprints and some signed copies of "Whatever". Just to tell you after 30 minutes waiting time, that you've to go to the branch, where you opened the account, maybe 10 years ago, on the other edge of the country! 555
  5. Not the "Farangs", or "Foreigners" are the problem here! It's simply the Chinese, who are buying off entire Thailand. Supported by "special" agreements with the "Super Smarts". The "modern" colonization is on its way. Even though the problem is determined, it might be too late, to call the new masters off! At the moment, I think, to stop that, isn't desired anyways.
  6. "Kindergarten" is different, with "Junta", or without!
  7. They've made a big progress in the last 20 years, or so! From the rice fields, the coconut trees and "Honda "Dream" to Toyota "Fortuner" and AC-plastic-landscape-shopping malls (despite the fact, that they've missed a lot of "steps" in between). But the pace of retarding within the last couple of years, is really breathtaking!
  8. The overtaking at the beginning of the video is already "criminal" by itself!
  9. Even, when this thread is not the exactly the right one! After reading so many of those comments for a long time, I'd like to say a word about the "Go home/kick them out" faction. They're so superior! Because "some" of them - can throw 800k, or even the double/triple into the Thai bank - (because it's peanuts) - Visa hassle is no problem at all - purchasing property (f.e.) and other official matters are easy - (because of their "skilled" dealing with the Authorities) - so well integrated and adopted completely to "Thainess" - (because speaking fluently Thai) - living in the most decent and morally clean spots - (because avoiding any questionable entertainment) - only interested in spotless beaches and temples - (because that's why in Thailand) - etc. All others, who are criticizing, or even mention anything, are: "Poor Losers, Bar Boozers, Sexpats, Lazy Beg- Backpackers, Cheap Charlies" and so on and on. Who are "tainting" their "Expat Status"?! These "Good Guys" forget, that they've, roughly, a not very different status for "a" reason (Exceptions confirm the rule) But that's another book. And the yelling "Go Home" and "Kick them out" of "self-estimated" Good Guys, isn't helpful to anybody, neither important to any authority. It just tells something about the personal attitude. Visa Agency Crackdown is on the Agenda already. Perhaps, the 800k will be 1600k next month, 3200k in 12 months? Or just "MYA"? Who knows? What I know, many arrogant smiles would change to a frozen grin.