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  1. Mass overstay arrests on Koh Phangan

    been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Overstayed for 12 years whilst living in a coconut shack at Magic Hut in Had Rin in the "good old days", paid 20 baht a night and all the gang where on overstays, seemed like the think to do back then, how times change, sigh...
  2. yeah its way to much hassle 1. Flight leaves at 9.50am so its the 7.20 boat we get from Phangan to Samui so we need to get up at 6am and wake the baby up earlier than she would normally 2. Then its a 50 minute taxi to the airport on samui, so our baby (only 6 months old) who has been woken up early now cry's for 50 minutes as for some unexplained baby reason does not like car rides. 3. Now its 9am and the baby is 1 hour late for her 1st nap of the day and is now super grumpy and rubbing her eyes, not a nice picture for a loving parent to see their baby in. 4. No we get on the plane and although I dont mind the short 90 minute flight my wife is scared of flying so this is not a nice experience which my hand being squeezed so my blood stops circulating every time we hit turbulence. 5. Now we are in Singapore, yes we can get a taxi to somewhere and have lunch or something and fly back but the baby has not had a nap yet and still there is no suitable place for this to occur, let alone fit in the need three naps a day our 6 mont old baby needs, 6. plus we are carrying the baby car seat, baby pram, baby changing clothes, baby food, baby medical stuff, etc.. plus all our own stuff, OR we check into a hotel and pay money for no reason. Then we do the reverse trip back to Phangan and face all of the above again OR!!!! We just get a 1 year extension at Samui immigration which we got this afternoon and our back home already. " Sounds like somebody want the rules adjusted for their own convenience" err no, sound like you are just trolling, we only wanted to KNOW THE RULES, which helpfully a few on this forum helped us with and managed to save us a huge amount of hassle.
  3. "get a grip son"??? We live on Phangan, so the boat and taxi to samui airport is 800 baht, flight on silk air is 14k each, taxi, food and minor shopping in singapore would be 200 SGD, so thats about 30,000 Thai Baht. OR just go to samui immigration and get a 1 year extension for 1,900 Thai Baht hmmm, I think I have a sound grip on reality unlike some troll TV post. And why would we have dinner quay side? yeah great place to have meal in Singapore.
  4. yes agreed, we could only get the Thai birth certificate done in time before we had to leave Singapore, the Thai embassy there are super nice and friendly but we had to get a Public Notary done for all the UK docs (my passport, our UK marriage certificate, baby Singapore birth certificate) which even in efficient Singapore takes time, then it takes the Thai embassy 7 days to process a birth certificate or in our case 14 days due to an important figure coming for a visit to Singapore. A passport would have then been possible but we just ran out of time.
  5. what? Ive just left my job n Singapore, im certainly not working on a tourist visa, why the would do that? I've just left a good paying highly skilled job (which all expat jobs in Singapore are) im not about to start working as a dive instructor, fake real estate developer or pedo teacher,
  6. If that happens to us then I will just renounce my babies UK citizenship whilst here in Thailand, therefore having to return the UK passport by post back to the UK. Then when my baby leaves god luck to immigration trying to put a departure stamp in a non existent UK passport. So they would have to put the departure stamp in the Thai passport.
  7. Why don't they just exit on the Thai passport, immigration will think it's his first time leaving Thailand, stamp him out. then on return he's good to come back in on thai passport
  8. I dont see what the problem is about leaving on one passport and coming back in on another. I have duel citizenship, UK and Australian and do this all the time, at one point when I was working in Singapore I used to come back to Thailand nearly every weekend and I used to alternate between my UK and Australian passports. So I would leave on the UK one then re enter on the Australian one, then next time leave on my Australian and then re enter on my UK one. A couple of times I had the same immigration officer on arrival and he said I saw you last week and your where british? I showed him my UK passport and he said something like ' oh you must have multi citizenship, he then went on the explain that as far as their computer system is concerned I am two comepletly different people, they make no link between my two passports.
  9. yes, thanks. We just phoned immigration and they told us to come in this afternoon and they will sort some extension out for her to last until xmas. They said after that she can re enter on her Thai passport. Thanks for your useful replies, much appreciated ;-)
  10. yeah like ask questions and get non trolling answers.
  11. We didnt. She was born in Singapore whilst I was working there. My job ended with almost zero notice and we then had to leave, with not enough time to make the Thai passport.
  12. I really don't want to take her out, its such a hassle.
  13. Is this a real thing? Seems a bit strange giving a Thai national a one year extension of stay (they are Thai and can stay with no restrictions)
  14. So my 6 month baby entered on a UK passport and was given a 30 day visitor stamp on arrival. We then got her a Thai passport as my wife is Thai. We now plan to live here indefinitely. So what happens if she overstay her UK visitor stamp by say 6 months? If immigration checked her UK passport with and overstayed visa then technically she has to be deported, but how can a Thai national be deported? p.s. I know that babies dont pay overstay,
  15. Best lawyers in Bangkok

    I have a contract dispute and I need to find a really good lawyer. how can i find the really good, best of the best lawyers n Bangkok? surely there are top law firm in Bangkok that the handle contract disputes all the time and have vast experience in such matters. I dont just want your average lawyer who forms thai companies, handles disputes with the bar girl wife or helps out with visa matters, i need a real lawyer who knows the fine details of the law in relation to contract disputes for property rental. They need to speak very good English, but this should be a formality as I would expect them to have studied in a top European or US university. Any recommendations. thanks