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  1. Only problem is that the European will bring in Muslims....
  2. Meanwhile................. in the US, they are fighting amongst themselves INSTEAD of fighting against these Terrorist.
  3. There's ALOT of illegal activity in Soi Muslim.
  4. I was inquiring about a position on Ko Tao. I asked if they provided life insurance. Answer, Yes, we can add that for you. Ouch !!
  5. I think I'm going to Penang instead of Bangkok....for my next VISA run....getting tired of this lame society of excuses.
  6. Shot 12 times, good thing she turned her back.......He's out of jail carrying a pellet gun? Should send him to the US, and make sure he has that gun.
  7. build an elevated 1 way road.
  8. 36yo, unhealthy, no money???? well at least I made it to 59......so far
  9. That fat little muppet from N. Korea ESACAPED ......?????
  10. A lover's robbery more like it.....Hope he was an Ex. and can be tracked down.
  11. Doesn't look like a 30 yr old female.
  12. Probably not enough calcium in her diet, and at her age 59? Even the female masseuses can bring it on. 1 was enough for me.