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  1. Because the ice quickly turns to water,severely damaging the taste of the beer.I would much rather have a cold beer and 'neck it' than have a beer with ice in it.The whole concept of ice in beer is alien to me.Besides i dont think the beer goes warm that quickly if its served cold in the first place.
  2. But but,you can put ice in the beer to make it cold hahaha
  3. As a follow up to my thread about places to drink cheap beer i'm wondering if anyone can recommend me some good eateries. I'm looking for bargains in particular(again) such as all you can eat deals and buffets or just places that do a good cheap dish. Non Thai food only please. I love Thai food and eat it often but i know i can get that cheap in most places but not so much with western food. I like pretty much all foods,Indian,Chinese,Mexican,US junk food,German etc. I'm not hugely keen on pasta,everyone rave's about Italian food but pasta seems so bland to me,Pizza on the other hand... :) .
  4. I have no qualms about drinking in a Thai bar/restaurant,I'm still fairly new to Chiang Mai and Thailand so 'people watching' still has an appeal to me.I've been to Tawangdang a couple of times and found it fascinating. Not so sure what the Thai's think of a lonely farang drinking in their bars though?
  5. Thanks for you help. I remember now that it was some guy i met in the pub told me its was now 15 days exempt. He was very insistent on it.Perhaps i should talk to drunk strangers.
  6. Thanks for the replies,really helpful. I should add because of budget constraints i am sticking to Thai beer. I probably wouldn't drink the stuff at home but imported beer is just to pricey in Thailand. I've been to Beer Republic and Number 1 bar because i missed porters,wheat beers and IPA's but 200-300baht for small bottles of beer is too much of a luxury for me. Are there any Thai made IPA's ,wheat beers or stout/porters? Also,where can i buy Beer Lao at reasonable price(i hear this is better than the Thai beers) and whats U-Beer like?
  7. Hmm...i have been considering this. Maybe a waste of £35 but at least i'd have peace of mind.
  8. I'm making my 4th visit to Chiang Mai in September and would like to get some knowledge on the best places to enjoy a beer. When in CM I tend to go out most nights for a drink and to be honest,it has cost me way more than i'd like.I don't suppose it helps that I'm frequenting bar around the Loi Kroh road area (Before visiting CM for the first time i swotted up on the internet and was led to believe all beer was less than £1 lol) So,does anyone have know of any bars or restaurants that do good deals on beer,such as 3 large bottles for 180baht(as Gekko Garden does) or just cheaper beer in general? I'm not adverse to girly bars but I'm assuming there's cheaper beer to be found away from those places.Especially for a pushover like me who cant say not to buying lady drinks. And please don't recommend 7-11,i don't want to be drunk in my hotel room all holiday :)
  9. Anyone? Maybe i'm worrying over nothing. Just trying to be 100% sure of everything
  10. I'm planning to travel to Thailand from England on September 2nd,then fly Cambodia on the 24th and return to Thailand via airplane on the 1st of October and subsequently return home on October 26th. Will i be issued 30-day Visa exemptions on both entries to Thailand with no problem? I have read something about only 15 days exemptions being granted but this is only if travelling by land,right? I have my flight booked to Cambodia(plus hotel reservation)so can provide evidence of leaving Thailand and ofcourse have my return flight booked for the 26th October. I was considering a 60 day tourist Visa but I understand it would be invalid as soon as i leave for Cambodia. So,2 Visa exemptions seems an easier and cheaper way of doing things. I think i'm getting paranoid the Thai authorities will think i'm scamming them. Is 4 Visa exemptions in 2 years excessive? Brief history:I have visited Thailand 3 times,September 2015(21 days)March 2016(31 days) and September 2016((27 days)always on a Visa exemptions. For the trip in March 2016 is realised i'd be in Thailand 1 day more than the Visa exemption allowed so i booked a cheap flight to Vietnam(which i never boarded) I was wise to do so because as i checked into Birmingham airport i was initially refused permission to board unless i had evidence of me leaving Thailand during my stay.I got a slight raising of the eyebrows at immigration when leaving but they didn't charge me for the 1 day i overstayed. Thanks in advance for any help or advice provided.