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  1. May v Mac

    I would imagine the main event will start 3/4am UK time,so 9/10am Thai time,
  2. Bar 'lady drink' etiquette?

    On the subject of bar girls,I never knew i was handsome until i walked down Loi Kroh road for the first time. Seriously,first time in Thailand and i did have to ask myself "Have i got it all wrong,am i handsome and haven't had a girlfriend for 13 years simply because im shy?" lol Fortunately,I soon worked out there's a bit of a scam going on here. Which is more than can be said for the 68 year old fat guy with dirty toe nails i travelled with. You'd think a guy his age wouldn't be so naive,yet he was convinced the girls like an older guy because they respect age and they like a 'big' guy for <deleted> knows what reason? He was even convinced a young Thai girl was giving him the 'eye' on the plane home. This was a fairly pretty (7/10) young Thai girl travelling with her family to England,why on earth would she pay him any attention if she's not stuck in a bar and has to pay him attention? It has affected(effected?) him so much that he regurarly pours scorn at women back home with remarks like "Look at the state of her","She's rough" etc. These women wouldnt touch him with a barge pole,yet in his mind they are beneath him. It made me chuckle somewhat when i returned to Thailand alone and discovered these ladies,that supposedly admired him so much had a rather unflattering nickname for him. Conversation went something like this...[me to bar lady] " You remember so and so"...[lady]"No,who you mean"....,i show them photo of him....."Oh,Hobbit man" lol
  3. Bar 'lady drink' etiquette?

    Wow,we both know the same lady.Coincidence much?.
  4. Bar 'lady drink' etiquette?

    I know this thread should perhaps be put to bed now but a thought has occurred to me that i'd like to share. Is there any reason why I can't purchase my drink and also buy a lady drink for a girl(obviously)but then drink lady drink myself? It may sound an odd idea but half these girls don't even want a drink,they are just doing their job and being bought a lady drink is how they make money. If i buy and drink the lady drink,its a win-win situation.She gets paid/helps make quota and i get another slightly more expensive drink instead of throwing my money away. Ok,she's got to sit there while i neck two beers but but it's a small price to pay for the pleasure of my company,hahaha. I feel like i've just split the atom,reversed time and discovered the meaning of life in one moment of genius:) Please don't pooh pooh this idea.
  5. Bar 'lady drink' etiquette?

    It's a bit late in the day to be posting this but for those few people that have been trying to calculate my bar bill i should add i always buy large beers at 110 baht each and 6 beers purchased isn't necessarily 100% accurate,neither is the 3000baht bar bill.Its a 'ballpark' figure,it could have been be less,could have be more. The point was meant to be that i had spend a lot more than i had got out of it(drinkswise). Whoever posted that i must have bought 20 lady drinks is a little wide of the mark.I certainly have never bought anywhere near that amount of lady drinks. But i'm also thinking there's a possibility the 3000baht(ballpark) bar bill may suggest 1 or 2 drinks were added to my bill unbeknown to me?More fool me for having a tab. I remember toying with the idea of arguing over the bar bill but if you're too drunk remember exactly what drinks you bought you're in no position to argue(in my opinion). I do intend on paying for drinks as and when i drink them from now on.
  6. Bar 'lady drink' etiquette?

    I think if i limit myself to buying 1 lady drink per night i'll be ok. It's highly unlikely i will be looking to bar fine a girl,so 1 lady drink for some lucky girl and my conscience is clear and my wallet is fat :) Slight tangent......The standard/quality of the bar girls in Chiang Mai is really quite poor.Many old,plump girls that i assume can't hack it down south. Surely if someone is visiting Thailand for the girls they would stay in Pattaya(never been myself) not Chiang Mai?
  7. Bar 'lady drink' etiquette?

    So,do you guys think its a good idea to ring the bell or not? Hahahahaha
  8. So,i like drinking in bars and inevitably some of those bars will be girly bars. I'm a fairly generous bloke,maybe a bit of a pushover and certainly can have a lack of judgement when the beers are necked. This all leads to regular nights out where i have a bar bill for 3000 baht and i think to myself "I've only had 6 Leo's? How did this happen?" I've discussed this with a friend who travels to Thailand regularly and he says if I buy a girl a drink,I should ask for 'bar price'. Is this accepted? Seems to me the girl would pretty pissed off if shes not making any money from the drink. This same guy told me when he stayed in Chiang Mai for 3 months he would have a bottle of whiskey he bought from 7-11 kept behind the bar.So he'd go and drink from that every night. I don't know if this is actually true and i would imagine he'd be extremely unpopular with the bar owner and staff. I've also noticed some ex-pats that live in Chiang Mai and are regulars in some of the bars i frequent rarely buy the girls a drink(understandable,as it would be a severe drain on resources to do so if you're out drinking almost every night) I suppose ex-pats have to watch the purse strings more because they are living a 'normal' day to day life in Thailand,whereas holidaymakers like myself are there for a good time and blowing a load of money every night is almost expected. So,what is the best way of approaching the 'lady drink' situation without offending anyone or looking like a cheapskate? I was thinking perhaps i could make it clear in the bars that i would buy no more than 1 lady drink for each bar i visit(sometimes i'll spend the whole night in 1 bar so would be a fairly cheap night ) Buying just 1 lady drink in each bar i would be saving quite a lot of money compared to my last trip. On a side note,the first time i went to Chiang Mai i had no idea the 'lady drink' was a thing.I thought i was buying as drink for a girl to be sociable,as i would in the UK.(i really should have researched Thai culture a little more before arriving ) It was only when i got home and did a little internet research that i discovered the concept of the 'Lady Drink' No wonder i spent £2000 in 3 weeks
  9. Cheap beer deals?

    The same brand of beer can be produced in different countries and the quality and taste can vary widely. Take for example Cobra Beer,i first tried this in an Indian restaurant and quite liked it,it went very well with a curry. I would purchase from the supermarket and it still tasted good until after a while,i realised i no longer enjoyed it. Checking out the bottles i found the beer was no longer brewed in India but the UK. There seems to be a bait and switch trend where a quality beer is introduced to the UK and afters the punters get a taste for it,it's replaced by an inferior(cheaper) home brewed product that may have the same recipe but not the exact same ingredients(different local water supply,different hops etc) Same thing has happened with Staropramen,which was a great tasting Czech lager. Look at how awful Carlsberg tastes in the UK.Absolutely vile stuff.The export tastes better,but still not good. Point being,these are supposed to be the same beer but the mere fact that theres an 'export' version shows you will get differences in flavour depending where the beer is brewed. Also alcohol volume varies in same brand beer depending on where brewed.This also will change the taste. Finally,i have to say Heineken (Thailand)doesn't taste the same as the Heineken i have drunk in Europe. There could be some mitigating factors such as the heat and environment your drinking it in but i'm pretty sure its not the same taste
  10. Cheap beer deals?

    Beer,tastes fantastic.There's so many different types of beers/flavours too. A cannot drink spirits.How can anything that you have to dilute with coke be considered superior to beer? You drink beer for the effect?Why,does it work out cheaper in Thailand to get drunk on beer than Vodka and coke?(i ask because i only drink beer)
  11. Cheap beer deals?

    Because the ice quickly turns to water,severely damaging the taste of the beer.I would much rather have a cold beer and 'neck it' than have a beer with ice in it.The whole concept of ice in beer is alien to me.Besides i dont think the beer goes warm that quickly if its served cold in the first place.
  12. Cheap beer deals?

    But but,you can put ice in the beer to make it cold hahaha
  13. As a follow up to my thread about places to drink cheap beer i'm wondering if anyone can recommend me some good eateries. I'm looking for bargains in particular(again) such as all you can eat deals and buffets or just places that do a good cheap dish. Non Thai food only please. I love Thai food and eat it often but i know i can get that cheap in most places but not so much with western food. I like pretty much all foods,Indian,Chinese,Mexican,US junk food,German etc. I'm not hugely keen on pasta,everyone rave's about Italian food but pasta seems so bland to me,Pizza on the other hand... :) .
  14. Cheap beer deals?

    I have no qualms about drinking in a Thai bar/restaurant,I'm still fairly new to Chiang Mai and Thailand so 'people watching' still has an appeal to me.I've been to Tawangdang a couple of times and found it fascinating. Not so sure what the Thai's think of a lonely farang drinking in their bars though?
  15. Thanks for you help. I remember now that it was some guy i met in the pub told me its was now 15 days exempt. He was very insistent on it.Perhaps i should talk to drunk strangers.