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    Chiang Mai Farangs - In Perspective

    Thanks cmsally. I have seen this thesis and met the author when I was in Chaing Mai last year. Out of interest who was your friends grandmother (do private e-mail me if better at *email removed*? I wonder if their name crops up in the searches I have done. On another note, are you aware of a copy of the 1940/41 Siam Directory that is readily accessible? Looks as if there is one in the Bodleian library, Oxford.
  2. Ringtail

    Chiang Mai Farangs - In Perspective

    Picking this thread up again ...... I am interested in the northern escape stories of those caught up in the Japanese invasion of December 1941. I have found accounts of 3 American Presbyterian missionary groups and a few of the Teak Wallahs but am still trying to find out who was in my mother's escape party of 10 women and 10 children led out by Frank Burden of British American Tobacco. As the story goes my mother was the only child to survive. She had just turned 5 before the bombing of Pearl Harbour. Her father, Evelyn van Millingen was with the Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation. Anyone got any stories of those who escaped front he north of Siam in December 1941? Would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks