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  1. Speed detectors not bought yet: Chayapol

    A N P R .. Ruthless and unremitting ..
  2. Speed detectors not bought yet: Chayapol

    Should the Kingdom ever decide to saunter into the 21st century and invest in the intergrated A N P R surveillance system then all of this hiding about the place malarkey pointing speed trap guns at motorists would begin to become a thing of the past therebye freeing up Police officers to do more worthwhile things ..
  3. And you're point is .? I see no offering as to where the power will come from that H S T's draw which was part of my original post .. I hear only trumpeting of you're own intimacy of things electric in an effort to split hairs ..
  4. Indubitably I have but it is a moot point to contend as a source of power that either AC or DC transformers require is not mentioned in the O P .. The German H S T for example draws about 33 kWh per km at cruising speed but can use considerably more moving from standstill upto cruising speed .. And at present it is only fossil fuel powerstations that can reliably produce the high tension power that true H S T's need .. The proposal of a train link from Int' Airport to Patt' is a great one .. I for one would love to be able to jump on a train that stops within the airport before alighting in Patt' an hr later which would be more than possible with a modest City train type system that does a 80/90 mph .. A Bullet train as it is portrayed just isn't needed ..
  5. No worries Geez' .. The salient point here is that the Thai authorities tend to make a rod for their own backs with some of the statements made on the subject of H S T's and this is the latest of quite a number the last few mths .. Is it a true High Speed Train line they are proposing as the figures and time scale don't really line up with it being that .. A reliable fast rail link would be great t'wixt the Int' airport and Pattaya or Bangkok and Korat as was also bigged up recently but why not be more realistic in aiming for simply a fast commuter train system rather set thereselves with these quite grand announcements for colossal projects that true H S T's systems are .. And sometimes the case for is further undermined when folk such as S P C G talking head Wandee is quoted in another thread that there is no need for Thailand to build controversial fossil fuel power stations any more .. How then will the power that true H S T's consume be produced bearing in mind the French for example built extra capacity into their generating system to provide for the T G V railways they have .. Yes the Brits can call on the C P O armtwist to clear the way for projects like H S 2 from London to Birmingham but that is a red hot poker to grasp , is always the last last resort and can still be subject to appeal .. The Skytrain I love using in Bangkok and it is proof that major engineering transport projects that are of great benefits here can be done .. A more modest announcement for just a fast commuter train system that is easier to achieve may not then attract the ridicule H S T do ..
  6. Yep got you on that one Oss' .. Indeed they are still quite magnificent to look at whether stationary in a station holding steam or on the move through the countryside ..
  7. The original ( and best ) high speed train that topped 100 mph over 80 yrs ago .. Given the recent deal t'wixt Thailand and the U S to buy U S coal surely something like copies ( China could knock some up for Thailand I'm sure ) of the Flying Scotsman would do the job ..
  8. London to Birmingham is 125 miles .. The delay in construction of the Ldn to Bhm section is due to the Brits love of public enquires that give everyone a say as to whether they want 800 tonnes of heavy metal spearing through the countryside at 200 mph + at the bottom of their gardens and with public enquires will follow the inevitable appeals .. But eventually a way will be found so at some point construction will begin .. Its just how the Brits like to do things .. It is also worth mentioning that H S T 2 will be a true high speed network operating upto 240 mph and as has been well explained by Dave67 already even the lengths of track required for curve radii is a whole different ball game to trains running at lower speeds .. The press jamboree announcing this " bullet train to Pattaya " don't really know what they are championing I suspect .. Fast Passenger trains such as the Brit Intercity 125 running for the last 40 yrs at 125 mph with bursts upto 145 mph is far nearer the requirement of what is needed here rather than gigantic H S T projects that will see Thailand bondaged to China for ever more ..
  9. Are they neg' comments or are they pointing out the naivety of yet another proposal for another grand engineering scheme .. Two posts above your's highlight some of the issues that come with H S T but as is always the case here the reality of the proposal is obscured by the shiny sugary press release as in this announcement ..
  10. Chang don't give a cluck about H S T's ..
  11. 200.000 million barts is quoted .! Do they mean 2 billion which in itself is not a huge money for projects of this scale .. Only t'other day some S P C G talking head was coo'ing that controversial fossil fuel powerstations will no longer be needed .. where is the big electricity coming from to power these things .. Most European systems operate around 25kv which is not pratically attainable with green energy ..
  12. Herr Hitler had already invaded Poland , Holland , Belgium and France by the time W C was made P Minister May 1940 .. The Nazi-Soviet non aggression pact signed by the two countries August '39 left no one in any doubt of Hitler's intentions for Poland .. No suprise that Germany then invaded Poland 02/09/39 the act that prompted then Brit' P M Neville Chamberlain to declare War on Germany .. Are you referring to U S Gen' Patton with the quote " we defeated the wrong enemy " .? If so a quote said to include that line was made by Patton ( allegedly ) in the days following the end of WW2 and was about and directed at the Russians ..