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  1. Herr Hitler had already invaded Poland , Holland , Belgium and France by the time W C was made P Minister May 1940 .. The Nazi-Soviet non aggression pact signed by the two countries August '39 left no one in any doubt of Hitler's intentions for Poland .. No suprise that Germany then invaded Poland 02/09/39 the act that prompted then Brit' P M Neville Chamberlain to declare War on Germany .. Are you referring to U S Gen' Patton with the quote " we defeated the wrong enemy " .? If so a quote said to include that line was made by Patton ( allegedly ) in the days following the end of WW2 and was about and directed at the Russians ..
  2. No quick fix for flooding problem: PM Prayut

    Spot on Eric .. And it will become apocalyptical if they don't start acting soon ..
  3. Unaware they were being filmed the Brit philosopher girls mocked their male counterpart's need to stand up for a p*ss ..
  4. Although there was much bread left the circus had ended for the night so the philosopher girls trudged off home with their newly made tree friend ..
  5. No assumption were made .. Mine was a light hearted comment added to a well written contribution by yourself .. The suggestion that you should consider hosting U C was an intended compliment ..
  6. Hyku 1147 .. I would have liked to have seen the " Great Vowel shift " circa 1350 to 1650 ad included within you're comprehensive roll of Brit history .. Other than that you are underemployed here Sir , University Challenge need look no further for its next quizmaster host ..
  7. End of fossil fuel is near: industry

    " I can confirm the era of fossil fuels is ending " and " we will have no need to build large controversial fossil fuel powerstations " coo'ed S P C G exec' Wandee .. Really .. Where exactly will the big electricity required to run the H S T networks the Govt keeps crowing about come from .. And the internal combustion engine that is an integral part of millions of vehicles from motorcycles upto giant earth moving machinery will ensure a demand for gasoline / LPG / NG / diesel for decades .. Wandee dream on baby you are deluded ( utterly ) ..
  8. You can get a girlie Uber driver in Hengland .. What chance of that here .?
  9. Baz if the cold water is too shockingly cold on the nipsy consider one of these .. but for Gods sake don't keep you're finger on the trigger if you want to keep you're undercarriage .. just do it in very short one shot bursts ..
  10. Bringing it back into orbit of original post .. what I could never get a bird in Britland to do was sit on the floor to eat .. they always insisted on sitting at the table .. And never did I witness a Western girl do that part standing part balancing act on top of the toilet whilst using the ringpiece revolver mentioned in a few other contributions herein .. Westy girls just sit on the khazi and if there's a bidet available some will try and wash their hands in it afterwards ..
  11. It has .. Le' bidet is believed to be a French invention from about 200 yrs ago ..
  12. Hahahaha .. Yea nowadays I'd prefer to eat some chips when my bird gives out a nosh ..
  13. Unequivocally .. Theresa ( or Teaser as she's known in close circles ) though unelected Ladee P M in her own right has yet to be heaved out of office by a coup' d 'etat which is something you can't get here .. Though she may be on borrowed time if Borry' the lovable Buffoon gets his way .. Boris is not capable of effecting the continued oppression of the chip eating working classes/ masses .. His Toff upbringing ensures that as only Saute potatoes were on the menu in the Jonson household so he is unable to connect with people who eat chips ..