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  1. In the UK If you hold a HGV license there is a mandatory medical and I mean a proper medical every 5 yrs after the age of 40 .. The central licensing authority send you a comprehensive questionnaire weeks before the renewal date that has to be filled in by you're doctor and no one else .. Failure to do so results in the HGV element of you're license being suspended .. Once you hit 70 you are required again to have you're doctor submit evidence that you are fit to drive ANY vehicle .. And you're Doctor is also at liberty to inform the DVLA of any condition that could impact upon you're ability to drive regardless of age , what you drive or the ailment you suffer with .. And in the case of alcohol or drug use whilst driving not only will you almost certainly get banned but depending on the circumstances the DVLA will not return you're license until they have weighty medical evidence that you are not dependant on booze or drugs this being the case for truck drivers .. Get caught driving a big truck whilst under the influence will see the HGV element of you're license removed if not permernantely then for a long time until you can convince them otherwise .. Imagine that over here .! As for the U S I don't know but I'm sure some of our American members could enlighten on the U S's requirement ..
  2. He does like to big-up Russian arms capability does Comrade Vlad' .. It is nowt new for them to state they have the newest , biggest and baddest kit on the planet .. The reality though sometimes does not match the bluster .. Much is made for the T14 Armata tank due to replace the T90 .. Over 2000 would be in service by 2020 they said .. But ' fiscal ' and ongoing ' trial and testing ' issues are gonna restrict the number in service to 100 by 2020 .. Bit of a shortfall that .. Read same for latest generation fighter aircraft SU57 which is a derivative of SU35 itself a derivative of the SU27 which is over 40 yrs old .. Again numbers available for service do not match claims made for it .. The aircraft carrier Admiral Kusnetzov ( only one anywhere near the American Nimitz class carriers of which the U S has 10 ) pride of the Russian fleet has to be escorted by tugboats wherever it goes because of ongoing engine issues .. Not to mention aircraft it has lost due to arrester wire problems failing to halt planes landing on it .. Russia back in the 50's made much of having the largest nuclear bomb ever created .. So big in fact it proved to be wholly impractical to actually use as the only one ever test detonated nearly took out the bomber that dropped it .. And what brought about in part the collapse of the Soviet Union near 30 yrs ago was the realisation by then topman Gorbachev that the Russians simply could not afford financially to stay engaged in an arms race against the U S .. The latest claims that they have kit able to hit the U S unchallenged can be seen as just that .. A claim ..
  3. If you directed you're Ire and venom at the authorities who allow this carnage to go on then maybe just maybe less opportunities for making videos such as at the top of this O P will exist .. Only this morn I seen a taxi bike turn into Klang with a girl no more than 3 or 4 yrs old stood up at the front of the bike .. Pa was riding , another young girl was then sandwiched between him and Mama who was pillion .. None had lids on .. That is quite frankly not only irresponsible it is criminally irresponsible .. The child at the front's life was seriously imperiled by such an act even in a low speed off .. Yet it happens everyday here .. Why aren't the Fed's going pro-active on acts like that .? Maxi screens should be erected alongside the roads that will flash up uncomfortable gruesome injuries when people break the speed limit just to let them know what to expect if it ends in tears .. And as already alluded to and to use the euphemism I've got a dog in this fight so have no problem putting up the photo of one of my leg's just to illustrate what can happen if it all goes wrong .. Apologies to any members who might be offended by it ..
  4. Its not the event itself .. It will be the likelihood of the youth wanting to replicate what they have just witnessed on the track out on the roads and highways on their own machines ..
  5. .. bang on Farca' .. Best one yet on the subject ..
  6. Nothing sick or warped about still framing them .. That is the reality of a frightening collision twixt a car and bike .. If anything the Thai authorities should show shocking images of accidents caught on camera to try and drive the message home about road safety in the same way that cigarette's sold here have very graphic images of what smoking can do to the body .. And this should not be overlooked .. Thailand has the 2nd worse fatality rate for traffic accidents in the WORLD second only to Libya with an estimated 24000 deaths on the roads in 2017 and nearly 3/4's of those were motorcyclists .. Factor in the utterly blatant disregard shown by some here on the roads be that by drunk driving , playing with phone , road racing , lack of correct documentation , badly , badly maintained vehicles and the list goes on .. So if showing graphic uncomfortable images like that hammer's home the message of what damage or worse that a motorcycle accident can do to you then bring them on .. And having been on the receiving end of a very weighty traffic accident 30 odd years ago that put me in HSPL for 4 mths I feel reasonably qualified to pass a ringside comment .. Respect to NCC1701A for putting them up rather than the churlish disrespectful comments you cast his way at the end of you're reply to his post ..
  7. Probably .. Just try and get one that doesn't suffer brake failure as that does happen here quite a lot .. Apparently ..
  8. Justgrazing

    Pattaya Beach anti-smoking rally set for March 6

    Analysis .! What can you tell from a bit of smoked out filter .? .. We has just come back from Patt' beach having spent most of the day there and we didn't detect any toking by way of the smell of smoke carried on the breeze .. We did observe those who wanted a chuff retreat to the promenade bit but they were only a few ..
  9. I would suggest that an anticipated 6 figure attendance at a Motogp event to watch Rossi , Marquez , Lorenzo et-al blasting 220 mph missiles around a track will leave a lasting impression on yer average Somchai yoof who upon leaving the event may well wish to emulate what they have just witnessed on their Honda Waves with predictably disastrous results particularly if they choose to try copying Marquez's death or glory riding style .. That's all I'm sayin' ..
  10. Not to mention " Broken bones " by Kaleo
  11. I know some of it was painful just to watch .. And Thailand is hosting a Motogp Grand Prix later this year .!.!
  12. " I think I can , I think I can , I think Aargh "
  13. What about " ragdoll " by the 4 Seasons ..
  14. 4th clip at 1.41 sec's .. What were they thinking of .?
  15. Justgrazing

    Pattaya to be developed as "Tourism for All" city

    Soon to be a common sight coming outta Swampy .?