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  1. North Road wire-burying project begins Monday

    Similar to this Champers .? A piece of kit like this was used by the water authority to run a new water main alongside my place in Britland .. The operator said they can be diverted off the trajectory by stones and rocks being in the way so tend to work better in non stony ground .. But it done the job at my place laying about 5/6 mtrs of new pipe without having to dig the garden up ..
  2. This is the sort of activity that gives the place a bad rep' .. And the old trout that helped facilitate it deserves whatever the offender gets .. Which if there's any moral justice here should be a long time in Clink ..
  3. High quality masks needed for pollution

    Is this the dude .. And is she booking him for failing to read a license plate wearing it .? 😏
  4. Even though Thailand declared War on the UK and the US the Thai ambassador to the U S at the time refused to hand over the declaration 25/01/42 .. That's what you might call " hedging you're bets ' ..
  5. Absolutely .. Those All Blacks like a tatt' but are bloody nice blokes by all accounts .. When they aren't trying to scare the sh*t outta you with a haka ..
  6. High quality masks needed for pollution

    The NVG were a optional extra to the high quality face masks soon to hit the BKK market ..
  7. Indeed Sir and some salients points there .. The most recent figures ( RAC ) I've seen suggest that safe stopping distance at 30 mph (48 kph) is 23 metres ( 75 ft ) .. Those figures are obtained with a vehicle that is not overloaded and in good condition as in good tyres correctly inflated , correctly maintained braking , steering , suspension system's , good road surface and driven by someone paying attention who is able to react and then apply the brakes in good time .. In Thailand I have observed vehicle tyres in a shocking condition ( cars , bikes and trucks ) in some cases bald to the point where the metal structure starts to come through so lord knows what the brakes , steering and Suspension are like .. Vehicle maintenance here does not necessarily follow the manufacturer's guidelines more often relying on numerous good luckee charms and amulets to take over from the service schedule .. There does also appear to be a lack of paying attention here whilst driving , riding .. Be that by intoxication , playing on the phone , talking to the kids , mother , aunt , father , dog and whoever else is in the car / bike etc .. And then there's the overloading issue here that most of us must have observed at some point .. Vehicles braking systems are designed to work best within the weight confines placed on said vehicle as in if a Toyota or Isuzu or Nissan pick-up is rated for example at 3000 kg gvw then that is the max weight of vehicle and load for the brake system to work effectively .. An increase over and above the vehicle's weight won't necessarily prevent the brakes working but it will take the vehicle longer to stop .. If said pickup is loaded in the fashion that is quite prevalent in Thailand I suggest they would have great difficulty in be able to stop in anything like 5.4 mtrs at 50 kph .. In fact the pickup in the bottom photo would probably have problems even moving 5 mtrs now .. My bird has a Honda car here and recently the ABS light illuminated and now remains on .. I casually pointed out that the light was telling her there is a possible fault within the braking system .. You know what her response was .? A furry toy in the instrument panel to obscure the light and doubling up of the good luckee charms hanging from the rear view mirror ..
  8. Afternoon Ossy top post that .. 👍 ..
  9. As encouraging as it is a petition is hardly likely to move him not forgetting that a Cabinet usurper only this week got flame grilled by the main man for saying unhelpful things to the BBC .. Why not a return to some medieval truth extraction like the ducking chair the logic of which was if you were telling porkies you'd drown .. And if you weren't you'd probably still drown anyway ..One dunk in the Chao Phraya for each watch please ..
  10. They chucked an anchor out or the motor has reverse thrusters for it to achieve that stopping distance ..
  11. Help police catch this thief!

    I see no problem in grassing him to the Feds .. After it could be one of us he tries to half-inch off next ..
  12. And the term " Walking St scrubbers " would never be quite the same ..
  13. It is standard operating procedure that a Civil Service talking head follows up behind Boris just to tidy up and clarify any " misunderstanding " that the media may incur ( see below ) .. Personally given Boris's love of using " eye popping " quotes I'm inclined to think he probably did say we get up to some eye popping things here .. And he wouldn't be wide of the mark sometimes would he ..
  14. Indubitably there Nong .. he is prone to putting his foot in it occasionally but as a public figure he's an absolute riot sometimes almost guaranteed to bring a smile to the face as his quote for voting Tory illustrated ..
  15. Hahaha Indeed .. or what about " well pop me in the eye with a ping pong ball what are those ladies upto ? " ..