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  1. Justgrazing

    more bike porn

    Ring dinging 200 cc Fruin 4cyl built early 60's in Herts I believe .. NSU barrels n' heads , custom made crankcase and crankshaft , Dellorto carbs , MV frame , Gilera brakes 'n brakes , Lucas electrics and homemade exhausts .. A real pick 'n mix but what a good job they made of it ..
  2. Justgrazing

    more bike porn

    Yes mate across the range they were good bikes .. Always a bit more polished and refined than the Kawa's and not as lary .. And some of my hombres back in the day went same route GT250 on Hell plates then onto bigger models .. A guy from my home village had a new 750 back in '77 in that mid'ish crystal blue colour they came in .. Absolutely cosseted it , if it rained he'd head off back home and spends hours in the garage towelling it off .. Any way he was into bird nesting alot and went down the south coast on it looking for nests and promptly fell off the cliff he was searching and was killed .. His parents had to arrange to have the Suzook brought back home where it stayed in the garage for yrs the parents refusing point blank any enquiries if they wanted to sell it .. I moved from the area early 80's and the guys parents have long since departed also in that time with the house long sold and though I stay in touch with some of my old mates no one there knows what happened to the bike .. Yea the GS750 that took over from the GT was one of THE late 70's bikes .. The Honda had got fat and ugly .. The Zed's were getting watered down after original Boss Z1 and though Zed 650 was good it didn't have the out and out oomph of the bigger bikes and Yamaha weren't quite sure with the XS750 .. GT550 and 380 .. The black 380 is a 76 with just 1600 miles up and was for sale around 8k .. The green 550 looks nice .. Shame really that these bikes are no longer practical to use other than the weekends now with the price of fuel and the anti 2 stroke smoke nutters .. Edit .. And first model GS750 ..
  3. Eh .! Transformer dress to Elephant .! Sorry Thailand Lego have beaten you to the changing Chang concept already ..
  4. As well as nana's these sellers who also do GM Melons that are partly out in the open have to be marked down under hygiene rules for not having ( velvet ) gloves on when handling nana's ..
  5. So if Kao Him is preggers then can we expect Tongkum to get smashed on Lao Khao before laying into Permpoon for doing his bird ( so to speak ) .. Can't wait for fb updates of him chowing fodder and having a pony .. And don't put anything up of 'em at it lest you want the wrong sort of following ..
  6. Justgrazing

    more bike porn

    Yeah but Guzz' what was he thinking with that exhaust ..
  7. Justgrazing

    more bike porn

    One of the Japanese bikes of the 70's .. Not as schizo' or scary as the Kawa's .. A softer old hector was the GT but still 20 mpg if you caned it a bit .. Prefer the purity of the first of them but the later models did have better brakes ..
  8. Justgrazing

    Govt urged to control private hospital fees

    There you go then sugar & petrol as medicines for those going on state for 'elf care ..
  9. Justgrazing

    THAI Smiles warns against forbidden words

    Told me mate about this .. He said he'll have to wear a muzzle if he goes the airport again .. But then he does suffer with Tourettes .. Oh and Dave leave the bomber jacket at home ..
  10. Justgrazing

    Phuket Airport toilets dubbed ’Best in Thailand'

    Best tell some of the Chinese ..
  11. Justgrazing


    Bluesofa .? Yea I'll go with that .. And Darcula is another as some of his stuff is outrageously funny and worthy of a nomination onto any list of runners ..
  12. Justgrazing


    Business class is the way to go mate so long as you're bourgeois and capitalist enough to pay for it ..
  13. Justgrazing


    Whoa 9 .! Geronimo will surely have a say on that .. Where is he anyway and has he got the gig for the commentary this year ..
  14. Justgrazing

    more bike porn

    30's Belgian Gillet competition bike 30's Ariel with suberb aluminium mudguard's .. And another very late 20's Schütoff .. complete with oil leak ..
  15. Justgrazing

    more bike porn

    Late 70's Malanca 150 twin ..