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  1. Hahaha .. drivers license office ..
  2. The touting didn't get off to a good start ..
  3. Motogp's visit to Thailand is just 'round the corner so the paramedics and funeral pyre charcoal sellers will be double busy over the next couple of weeks ..
  4. Justgrazing

    more bike porn

    Whoa steady on Guzz' .. You're contributions are much appreciated by myself certainly on here mate particularly on Brit iron .. Didn't know you've had a holiday but now you're back chill Bro' .. And the rest of the post about having an old nail for winter use is just what I used to do with an old MZ to save my RD .. I remember the G P O running Bantams all in red with leg shields and pannier bags but by the time I got into biking the Japanese were already starting to dominate the small bike market so the poor old Bant' was already at deaths door .. Keep it coming Guzz too early to go yet mate .. Oh and the beemer is cool ..
  5. Is racking up some air miles is Big J .. Weren't he interviewing someone abroad also recently ..
  6. looking for some tissues to clean up ..
  7. Spike in road casualties after the event as young Somchai's try to emulate Rossi , Marquez and the boys out on the public highway .?
  8. Justgrazing

    more bike porn

    Nice old BSA and a rare as hen's teeth Kawasaki 350 ..
  9. Justgrazing

    Pattaya inundated by rains from tropical storm Trami

    Bike rentals would suffer during the rains ..
  10. Justgrazing

    more bike porn

    H2R jockeyed by WSB rider Sof' touched 250 mph across a bridge in Istanbul ..
  11. Which will make it all the more entertaining if said desired result fails to arrive as and when said election eventually arrives ..
  12. before being turned away as porkie pie telling , time wasting , wannabe celebrity ..
  13. Justgrazing

    more bike porn

    BSA .. L'averly ..