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  1. The photo is of a fairly typical overhead power arrangement for a H S T .. The power rating for European H S T networks like T G V , Eurostar etc is a 25kv system ( 25000 ) .. You can't really have people " climbing poles " in close proximity to that sort of tension .. The whole point of these gantries is to simplify inspection / maintenance in service .. The cables that carry the power are suspended beneath the gantries with the pantograph on the top of the train in contact with the cables to transmit the power down to the motive unit or Locomotive as they used to be known .. Not that ' that matters as the Bangkok to Nk Ratch section of whatever's been proposed is not a high speed line with speeds of 180 kph ' that is just a fast train .. true high speed is 250 kph + with the networks named above reaching 300 kph which is fast ..
  2. m.todayonline.com/commentary/thai-chinese-railway-raw-deal Above is a link to another story on this ..
  3. Dude you gotta remember a lot of people on the roads in Pattaya don't even have a licence and their insurance policy is by Buddha .. Last year my chick asked me to buy her a motorcycle for getting home at night from work .. I said yea so long as she gotta a motorcycle licence and insurance .. The full on tantrum I got for that suggestion told the story of the mindset here .. So in view of that do you think some are bothered following traffic laws and reg's .. I think not .. Enforcement in U S and European countries bears no comparison to here as much as some would like it to .. The Brits A N P R system for example is utterly utterly ruthless in catching all manner of offenders for all manner of offence's and can even be commanded to flag up vehicles that haven't commited an offence ( Police surveillance ) But they have databases for driver , insurance and vehicle registration that are enforced without mercy that allow the system to work .. Can't see that happening here can you .. The roundabout junction will be reconfigured and controlled by lights as its the easier option and won't need the space a proper roundabout would require .. How ow much folk will abide by it when it's finished is another thing .. Or get an armoured car ..
  4. Looks more like North Korea in the background ..
  5. Indeed .. Pathe News lives on .. It was the evening stroll with friends to " admire the surroundings and atmosphere " bit that did it for me ..
  6. Man that is so well thought out and explanetary that it borders on being subversive in this place .. You might be in line for getting you're collar felt for coming out with logic like that ..
  7. If you know the history of that line probably not ..
  8. Thai warts .! Not the genital variety I hope ..
  9. Hahaha .. Nice one Dave .. Expect to see loads of good luckee charms draped off the keep out fencing then ..
  10. Yes sure Japan have great experience and the kit you need for these things .. But the jobs going to China for reasons more than to do with quality and expertise .. take a long look at it and you'll see why ..
  11. Eh .! Give up bargirls .! And pray tell me Sir who then would be on hand to offer succour to the poor unfortunate daughter's of farmers who like ants to the sugar bowl have made the pilgramage here .. Are you not aware of the constant bad luck that afflicts these people .? The tales of devasting woe like sick water buffalo , distant sisters suffering multiple motorcycle accidents with no way of funding medi' expenses , Mamma's getting banged up in the local monkey house for little more than gambling debts .. What will become of them if we no longer heeded their heartfelt cries of " welcum hansum man " and " take care you longtime " And how else could they buy Land for the future without the regular Western Union payments made by concerned farang " boyfriends " because make no mistake Sir those Thai fellows are unlikely to take it up themselves to fill the gap of " helping " these poor wretched souls .. And should you're advice be followed what then is there to do in this world class resort eh .? apart from sit in Traffic trying to get to toxic beaches strewn with turds and dodging 000's of Chinese squatting the gob splattered sidewalks on masse ..
  12. Hahaha .. Superb riposte Sir .. But is you're second lang' Gaelic and if so is it accepted on T V F .?
  13. That's not one of those fascist salutes he's making in the photo is it .. Some Chinese got ina lot of trouble recently for that sort of thing ..
  14. Same here dude but sh*t is at the head of the queue nowadays and if it ain't crap in the sea , beach its sh*t on the street courtesy of some of the other " guests " ..
  15. Too late dude its already out there .. Y T's , sosh-media , etc some newspaper's have carried stories on it .. The cat is out of the bag ..