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  1. bibilaurens

    Best area to live in Chanthaburi ?

    Thanks, i very appreciated your help, have a good trip in KC !
  2. bibilaurens

    Best area to live in Chanthaburi ?

    Thanks Tarteso, how many bedrooms do think about ? I will take a look :)
  3. Hi, We are thinking about moving to eastern part. Could you tell me which is the best area to live in Chanthaburi ? We want to rent a house for long term and avoid the traffic jam, the pollution and flooding but not be very far (less than 15km) from the school in downtown. Every advises will be so much appreciated ! Thanks
  4. Hi, We plan to move in Chanthaburi next year, we have 2 kids 6 and 12 years. Anyone know a "good" private school there ? On Google, i found Lasalle school, Benchamarachutit school and Siritdidet school. Which one do you advice me please ?