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    Advice Required

    Work out the volume of concrete you need- For the extension around the house - measure the perimiter of your house - thickness of concrete - width of extension Length × depth × width = volume ( allow for 10 % extra ) Same goes for the pathway..... The preperation for task may need some excavation ..... man hours Timber boxing - possibly ply wood and some pegs to hold the boxing in place.... all of this cost can be worked out with local timber prices and quick calculation of the required dimension of the proposed extension and pathway - Also you may need to place sand and have it compacted depending on the existing earth . Its easier just to have a builder quote a upfront price .
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    Looking to rent house in Kalasin

    Success ! - We have found a sollution Many thanks for replys and input . Also If someone could recomend a local Plumber that would br great .
  3. SabaiFalang

    Looking to rent house in Kalasin

    Having a hard time finding a decent house to rent in Kalasin , Looking for a newer style western type house for Rent (town-house style) perhaps . Around 15-20k ) I would be very greatfull if someone could point me in the right direction - area ; Or if someone knows of something avalible . Many thanks S.F