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  1. Never do, i'll only buy them a beer occasionally for the same price i pay only, lady drinks are a concoction of someones imagination to make more money, if you have to buy a lady drink to gain attention then seek a different career.
  2. This story does not make any sense, too many holes, what exactly happened?, was it drugs?, kidnapping?, extortion?.
  3. Let them loose i say, they are doing the community a favour.
  4. After the last episode it will take some convincing with big joke on the case.
  5. Polaky

    Thailand makes HUGE changes to its laws on smoking in public

    Be gone smokers, the rest of us can breath a sigh of relief.
  6. Sounds like new rule has been introduced and is being vigorously enforced, good time now for high season, plenty of ill informed tourists, and the fine is not set, but at the same time they are removing visa on arrival fees, a bit like welcome......now pay.
  7. She just sold a fino for 11k, 2011' 38,000ks', to a guy who fixes them up and onsells, wouldn't think there would be a big margin in his line of work.
  8. Would have liked to see a breakdown of nationalities affected, and whether little russia was hit (jomtien)
  9. Isn't he in strife then and not you?, same with hotels, they are suppose to notify immigration and if they don't do you get booted and fined?, too many questions and no answers, i guess you find out once they nab you, then it's too late, would be great if they could make a handbook on the rules and regs "idiots guide to rules and regs in Thailand" now there is an idea for a budding novelist!, would probably have to make a new volume each year.
  10. For those who know, I am on a multi entry retirement visa, when initially entering the country i nominated a hotel as my residence but stressed that it was a temporary arrangement, i have since left hotel, i do have a friend who has their own home in bkk, i stay there as a base point but not for any considerable time, as i like to wander about, i could not see myself renting a condo for a year and be stuck in the same area, therefore i do not have a place of residency, i do appreciate that when i stay in a hotel this is reported to immigration, but not sure about airbnb/guesthouses, so when i do my 90 day report what are my options as far as residency goes?, should i nominate my friends home in bkk?, should i have done that already?, should the home owner apply for a tm30?, thank's guy's.
  11. So the majority are actually saying that they don't have a photocopy of their passport/visa in their pocket?, very easy to do, never know when your going to need it, exchange money etc, just common sense imho, that tablet that he is poking his finger at is probably trying to locate his identity to no avail, that's why they took him away.
  12. Polaky

    What High Season? Same old Debate

    The most significant change i think is that apartment/hotel prices skyrocket from nov-feb, other than that not much at all.
  13. https://www.sbs.com.au/yourlanguage/hindi/en/article/2018/04/05/nri-dental-tourist-sues-dentist-india-after-her-jaw-dropping-treatment Why anyone wants to have their jaws drilled and implants inserted is beyond me, it's unnatural, the risk of contracting hepatitis/hiv is rife, crikey what's wrong with dentures, ceramic, metal and Valplast, your partner will never notice and with the savings you can go on another holiday. Then there is this..... Up to 10,000 patients at a Sydney dental surgery may have been exposed to viruses including hepatitis B, C and HIV over more than three decades. (AAP) (sbs) and that's Australia not an Asian country.
  14. Departure lounge is going to be very crowded soon.