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  1. Thainewbee

    Great breakfast buffet recommendations

    Thanks a lot, that's the information I needed.
  2. I will give you the full story tomorrow once he has safely left the country. It's a really good story
  3. Thainewbee

    Great breakfast buffet recommendations

    So I'm kinda of secluded out here in Pathum Thani and have not had a lot of time to explore Bangkok Western restaurants. Can you recommend a good restaurant that serves a decent breakfast. I don't mind if it's a little pricey as I don't do this very often.
  4. Thainewbee

    Great breakfast buffet recommendations

    I would like to see real bacon opposed to ham floating in water. Just a buffet with quality ingredients. I don't mind going to a hotel but I don't know if they are exclusively for hotel guests or can outsiders just come in the morning and buy just the buffet.
  5. I've been in Pathum Thani for about 3 months now and I'm craving an American breakfast buffet. I have had a few American breakfasts since I have been here but nothing really hit the spot. Im looking for the real deal I don't mind traveling to Bangkok. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
  6. Ok that was simple, 2000 baht and sent him on his way. Had to head to immigration afterwords to make sure he wasn't blacklisted and could leave the country. He will be on the first plane leaving in the AM. I had never posted here before and didn't want the title to be too long so in stead of "my friend" I wrote "me" to shorten it up.
  7. Thanks a lot Ubonjoe Will the court stamp his passport to say his case has been settled?
  8. I'm confident he will be slapped with a fine, we are only talking about a couple of joints worth of marijuana. More worried about immigration then anything else. He plans on going home the following day.
  9. I had buddy get picked up in Bangkok with a few grams of marijuana and has finally received his court date. While waiting for the case he obtained a case visa. He was on a 30 day visa on arrival when arrested. Just curious if he should expect to be detained by immigration after his case on Thursday?