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  1. I was in the Pratum Thani immigration last week and the immigration officer was in the building blowing fat clouds from his e cigarette out of the window. Literally inside the building smoking his e-cigarette blowing the vapor out the window.
  2. I heard he is changing Sukumvit soi 4 into 'The Sangsom Economic Hub'
  3. Personally, I don't see the big deal. The video looked fine. The kid had a harness. the kid didn't get hurt. Every one looked safe. The 2 year old cried? Yeah, 2 year olds cry. My 2 year old will scream bloody murder if I get her the wrong flavor ice cream.
  4. Overall a very painless process. There were only three other falangs in line. Documents provided: Rental agreement Copies of passport and Visa pages Copy of the house registration were my son is registered (not the same as our actual residence) Copy of divorce papers Copy of paper saying I have sole custody of my children Copy of birth certificate They first made me register my address. Documents required: Rental agreement Signed copy of home owners ID Copy of my passport and Visa pages To be honest they hardly even looked at the documents. They told me that they could only give me 30 days but I can come back and extend it for an additional 60 days at the end of the month. I also witnessed a man walk in to inquire about the ten year retirement visa and they told him it was not yet available. O yeah and I saw the immigration officer vaping IN THE BUILDING!!!! with the window open.
  5. I'll be there first thing tomorrow morning. Thanks a lot for the information
  6. Do I need financial proof for the 60 day extension?
  7. So I have recently been told that I can get a 60 day visa without leaving the country based on the fact that I am a single father of 2 children with Thai citizenship. My friend did this at chaeng wattana immigration. My children are on the house registration here in Pratum Thani. Can I do this at the chaeng wattana immigration or do I have to go to Pratum Thani immigration? Or is it even possible? Any advice is appreciated.
  8. I knew all you gay ThaiVisa characters were up to no good...
  9. Quality suits at a decent price

    First off, I looking for "good quality" suit at a "decent price". I am aware that the better the quality the higher the price. Second, I am looking for recommendations on a tailor not your opinion on of what brand of suit to wear. So unless you have a recommendation of a good tailor or the location of your genuine Armani store. I could really care less what kind suits you wear.
  10. Quality suits at a decent price

    I am looking for a recommendation for a good tailor shop in Bangkok. I know Bangkok has a thousands of tailor shops but I would prefer to go to one recommended by someone who has already used their services. I'm looking for good quality suits for a decent price. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  11. Tourist visa bank account

    I am actually planning on going to Loas, I was under the impression that I need financial proof for applying for the non O. Can you send me a link to any information or forum confirming this? You seem to by the authority on visa information and I trust what you say, I just need to read up on it a little bit
  12. Tourist visa bank account

    So my first stop was at the Kasikorn in the Lake Rachada office complex. They initially asked for a work permit, which I don't have, so I explained my visa situation. They informed my it was impossible to open a bank account at their branch without a work permit. I told them that a close friend of mine opened an account a month or so ago without a work permit and recommended my to this branch but they again told me that was impossible. So I walked to the next building over and into the Krungsri bank. They opened the bank account with just my passport and rental agreement to my house. Didn't even look at the Visa. Was a very fast and easy experience.
  13. I have a feeling that the hospitalization of the three students has been blown out of proportion. Thais have a tendency to go to the hospital for the littlest things. That being said I am not trying to defend this guy, if it were my children that were hit for not wearing the right uniform I would be having a few words with the teacher.
  14. I asked my son what they learned in scouts last week he said " we learn how to stand in a line" Unfortunately most Thais forget this training as soon as they enter a 7-11