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  1. When the last straw falls

    Agreed. You would think after 10 years of this problem they could have found some sort of solution. A trolly jack, road cones, some sort of barrier.
  2. I wonder how that will affect the price of peanuts in the area.
  3. This seems to be getting out of control. How much money are they spending to figure out a civil dispute among former friends. Will the winner of this float the bill for the investigation. Isn't it the job of the lawyers to collect evidence in a civil case?
  4. Did the price of brown sugar go up? This aggression will not stand, man
  5. Does taking a sick patient home realy justify the use of lights and sirens?
  6. I think we just found the real owner of Victoria Secret
  7. I think this is the sort of thing that needs to start happening more in Thai society. I think Thais need to start publicly shaming each other over the way they drive. Thais not pulling over for an ambulance, driving the wrong way down the road and pulling out in front of cars without looking all these actions are very dangerous and cost people their lives on a daily basis, but Thais continue to do this because they feel that they are acceptable driving practices and don't realize they are putting lives in danger before it's too late. I feel that publicly shaming these idiots is the only way they will respond. Thais really don't like loosing face (even though they are so good at it) and I feel if there were shaming campaigns done about people driving like idiots, the standard of driving would improve. Not like the Thais are scared of a little fine at a check point and these are all rules that rarely get enforced, as Thai police wait at a check points and rarely enforce moving traffic infractions. The police have proved that enforcement will not improve the standard of driving, I think it's the public's turn. PS. I have been here for a long time and realize I'm dreaming if I think anything can change. But, if everyone started publicly shaming idiot drivers, maybe the next generation of drivers MIGHT be SLIGHTLY respectful and aware of their actions.
  8. Canadian man being held against his will in Thailand, family says

    It was an organized check point, there were a few other Westerners there getting seached as well. The taxi I was in was not searched at all, but the nice taxi driver made sure to keep the meter running for all that time. I don't think they were looking for anyone in particular, but what do I know, I'm just an idiot abroad
  9. Canadian man being held against his will in Thailand, family says

    Believe me, if I had one, they would have found it. I was seached for at least 15 minutes.
  10. Canadian man being held against his will in Thailand, family says

    Agreed, I was pulled from a taxi on Asoke about a week ago, they thoroughly searched me and all my bags. Actually took every scrap of paper out of my wallet. I am in my late 40's, white male and I was dressed in a suit at the time.
  11. Canadian man being held against his will in Thailand, family says

    The thing is, that there IS a legal process and people do have rights. Typically with a marijuana bust the officers involved will tell the people that they can goto jail for 10 years and pay hundreds of thousands of baht in order to scare the person into paying a bribe, usually 50k - 200k depending on how many officers are involved. What most people don't know that the reality of a tourist getting busted with a bit of cannabis really is a slap on the wrist. Most cases involve paying a fine of 1500-10,000 baht and they send the tourists on their way, often times not even blacklisting them. The only real problem is that they can't leave the country until their court date and that can take up to 90 days I believe. I have been here for over 20 years and I have had many people I know get busted with cannabis and it is the exact same process every time. This kid panicked and called his friends, his friends panicked and called the media.
  12. I have been told, as an American, I can use an affidavit of income from the US embassy as proof of funds apposed to having 400k in the bank. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks
  13. Cargo Shorts

    A lot of the big malls have a store called; 71 export Export store Casual XL All the same owners I think, as all the stores are almost identical in design and layout. They have name brand cargo shorts at great prices 300-500 THB. They are factory rejects but they are much better quality then what I have found at Tesco lotus or the knock off at MBK.
  14. I'm going back to extend my 30 day extension for an additional 60 days. I was only on a tourist visa when I did the initial extension. And the extension was grant based on the fact that I have children here. Will I be expected to show 400k in the bank? If so, would a bank statement from the USA help? I don't have the 400k at the moment but my bank records from the US show 5k plus a month and I withdraw most of that money here.
  15. I was in MBK a month ago and there were 2 shops openly selling them. And walking down sukhumvit I've noticed several vendors selling decent products.