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  1. 'Stable' genius? Yes, he's an expert at shoveling horse sh!t.
  2. Trump has an unbeatable defense: insanity.
  3. Child's play compared to the beating the nuns at my school would have dished out.
  4. And if the owner lives in Moscow?
  5. Jomtien demands TM30. Not sure how to advise as some say you can do it as "posseser" even if you are a renter, not an owner. But if that were true why would anyone need to involve their landlord? My landlord (in Australia) gave up trying to get a clear answer, and gave power of attorney to a friend in Chiang Mai to fly down to be sure to comply in Jomtien. Still don't know if that trip will be required every time I have an overnight foreign guest or I return from a stay in a Bangkok hotel for a night.
  6. She should have given him a hand.
  7. Ah, the secret is revealed! Cheaper at local immigration.
  8. Miss in USA - American football - Baseball - Las Vegas - Swims at northern lakes void of death-dealing creatures - Flour biscuits right out of the oven covered in milk gravy made with sausage. - Giant ham steaks - Pumpkin pie - Trick or Treater's at the door - Yosemite national park - Lake Tahoe in the High Sierra. (Canadian bonus - Vancouver, best summertime city in N. America)
  9. They won't go to each other's capital. US will suggest Guam, where MacArthur met with Truman in 1950 when the general had the N. Korean army on the run. Surprisingly, Kim will happily agree. Upon Trump's arrival Kim will nuke the island, saying, "Little Rocket Man" indeed!
  10. Out of USA: - Political correctness - Cost of living for retirees - We are ordered to worship fat women by people who then post pics of guys with six packs - Trump - I don't want a relationship. I don't want a one-night stand with a septuagenarian. The alternative would land you in jail with your picture posted publicly and your car confiscated. - Looking at a girl is dangerous - Massage is $60 an hour at a cheap place. - A vehicle is necessary. Figure average cost of $10,000 per year with payments, depreciation, insurance, fuel, maintenance. - Republicans (Trump's lap dogs) - Bible thumpers
  11. That's been disproven by many studies.
  12. Reversing into Parking Spaces

    Much tougher to load all your grocery bags or shopping booty into the trunk if backed up to a wall or another vehicle.
  13. No property tax? Then send a bill and if not paid within 6 months take title in court and sell it, the balance, minus cleanup and court costs, sent to the owner.
  14. How about giving a 30-day warning to owners of empty lots covered in trash to clean it up or a city crew will be sent out and the bill will be added to their annual property taxes. That should provide steady work for more than a few locals.