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  1. Paedophilia is sexual activity with a prepubescent child. Let's not play loose with legal terms.
  2. This happens a lot more since car makers were required to "child proof" cars with safety locks.
  3. What if the criticism is an opinion, such as "I hate mariachi music." Stunned silence filled the room. Did they just hear a racist attack from their boss? Now, if I had said the same thing about polka or country music, nobody would think a thing about it. Everything is too touchy these days.
  4. Is it possible to criticize a culture and keep that free of "racist" allegations?
  5. Might need clarification to avoid excess, like parents going to jail because they took a picture of their toddler running bare bottom through a sprinkler. Say you are at a patio restaurant and you snap a picture. A woman in a mini is sitting with legs crossed but you can see a few inches of thigh. Are you going to jail. It's all in the details.
  6. Mac98

    Teenager somehow got her head stuck inside an exhaust pipe

    I remember a hometown news story in Ohio where a 13-year-old girl tried sliding down the upstairs chute into the laundry basket in the basement. She was nude and got stuck. She had to suffer the attempts by family and fire department to free her. Eventual solution was baby oil.
  7. This just in: two university students were charged with rape at a frat party. The woman said she was too drunk to give consent. The fraternity was suspended. Fast action is required these days when a woman makes a charge. The state prosecutor has decided to drop the charges for lack of evidence and that witnesses said she was merely embarrassed at being caught having sex. So pick up the boys for 20 years? Nothing said about any charges against her.
  8. The French had several African colonies. As the left they granted citizenship to many in N. Africa, primarily Algeria.
  9. That's exactly what he's getting done.
  10. Might be hard to find here, but dogs can't resist antifreeze. Fatal every time. Guy next door drained his antifreeze in the empty forested lot between our houses in the States. Killed my black Labrador.
  11. Let the girls dress as they please. After all, if girls go to Muslim countries they wouldn't be told what to wear. Right? Oh yeah, they shoot them if they go to school, so no problem.
  12. Thailand would do well creating a gambling zone, a new Las Vegas, in an area in need of thousands of jobs. It would also divert a lot of those Chinese your buses! But will they? I wouldn't get on it.
  13. Mac98

    Reality and the Denial of Sex Work in Thailand

    Look at the post above that talks about Pakistan and Nevada. The original post is about a society in denial over sex. I gave another example of such denial that shows Thais aren't the only ones.
  14. Mac98

    Reality and the Denial of Sex Work in Thailand

    In America many states teach abstinence as the only option for all before marriage, just like I was taught in Catholic school. Now there's a real example of dangerous denial!
  15. You see this in parades in America praised by Trump. I've seen Nazi memorabilia on sale, discreetly. The nice thing about free speech is it helps identify your enemies. It also promoted discussion and helps enlighten the ignorant. I talked with a woman friend in Japan who had never heard of WWII. They don't teach it in the schools. She had heard of a dust up referred to as The Pacific War. Something to do with China.