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  1. Mac98

    Reduced tolerance to alcohol

    When young I would order six beers at a time to avoid flagging a waiter. Now, at 76, one beer is enough and only really tastes good a couple times a year. My liver is fine. It's just old age. The drop off in tolerance was most noticeable around age 60.
  2. Communism might have been more popular if it wasn't so puritanical. They treat it like a religion. Between communism and Islam the world could become a boring place.
  3. If course it doesn't, but foreign perception does.
  4. I've never seen a movie star vaping on screen. Not cool. They deserve to be fined. (Just kidding.)
  5. The government is seen as stable. That could change as election nears.
  6. Mac98

    33% of Japanese Men in Survey Prefer Sitting Down While Peeing

    Not big enough to get past the zipper and wetting themselves when standing?
  7. There are many self destructive urges. Let's ban them all. I'll let you list the top 100.
  8. You know that legendary lady who could "suck the chrome off a trailer hitch"? Well, the victim may have found her.
  9. Mac98

    Murder suspect almost lynched during crime enactment 

    Prosecution might reveal the involvement of others, before, during, or after the crime. Let's get the full story and then hang the guilty.
  10. Einstein was quoted saying he did his best work when having a smoke. It also reduces stress (ask any soldier). Stress is a major killer. If a smoker lights up next to you in a bar with ash trays, complain to the manager. Otherwise, if in a no-smoking area, then piss down his leg.
  11. Now that I reflect on it I may have been brain washed by this compelling masseuse with hypnotic eyes...
  12. Pickles. They grow a billion cucumbers and I get a choice of German dill or a rare jar of USA sweet at enormous markup. For sandwiches I prefer the inexpensive and so called "bread and butter" chips. And how about some hot dog buns?
  13. 150 not counting overhead of rent, labor, transport, permits, taxes, accounting, legal, secretarial, phones, insurance.
  14. Mac98

    Bringing food into thailand

    Are you fleeing the law for cod battering? I think it is now a crime that allows for extradition if there were witnesses.
  15. What about the smokers who are considerate? I smoke a pipe and do so in areas it is allowed and get many compliments. It was good enough for Einstein, Twain, MacArthur, Hefner, Popeye, and Santa Claus. I think fat people are stinky, offensive, a drain on the health care system and should be taxed into starvation. Anybody want to join in about drinkers? Sexually active singles? The homeless? Big-mouthed activists?