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  1. It means a school with a recognized international school curriculum, it says nothing about quality of the education they provide, that is assured by associations, CIS, IB and BSO, and none of those give anything away lightly, I think there are only around 10 in Thailand that are associates whereas there are over 100 international schools.
  2. There are loads of documented deaths, several coroners reports from the UK alone give the cause of death as being an overdose on cannabis, others dispute those reports, but reports there are. The endocannabinoid systems primary function is to modulate endocrine and immune tissues and also has a secondary function in regulating reproductive hormones, the tertiary role it also plays when cannabis is consumed does not make it a whole system to process cannabis, that is just daft. And what exactly is it about the endocannabinoid system that marks it as unique against other systems we have that are effected by other illegal drugs? What about the opioid system or the pineal gland in response to DMT?
  3. Sure, because other boxing clubs are compulsory and the admin jobs these guys have makes punching each other quite civilized, makes perfect sense, thanks for your 'facts'.
  4. Kieran00001

    Palm oil being used to produce biodiesel

    Probably because of the "Paulownia Scam" that bankrupted so many American farmers and has resulted in yet another naturalized invasive species in North America. And the reason it is known as the "oil well tree" is not because it produces a lot of oil, its because it produces valuable timber in record time, the use of it as a fuel is in fuel pellets, which can of course also be made into ethanol, but not oil, that would not be a very efficient use.
  5. Is it not past your bed time little one?
  6. Kieran00001

    Palm oil being used to produce biodiesel

    Greenpeace were instrumental in getting the biggest buyers of palm oil to commit to stopping using oil that has caused deforestation, they were promoting those companies based on the commitment they made, however since then they have turned to investigating and exposing those same companies when they break their agreement, which is often.
  7. Kieran00001

    Palm oil being used to produce biodiesel

    What does? Biofuel is not one fuel type.
  8. Kieran00001

    Palm oil being used to produce biodiesel

    Not all biofuels are the same, the bad one for eating plastics is ethanol, which is the one they already sell at every gas station going, where as this is being used to make biodiesel, which does not AFAIK eat plastic. As for old kitchen oil, sure it can be recycled, that is why they will buy it from you in Thailand, but there is no where near enough of it to make any real difference in regard to fuels.
  9. Abbott studied history at Cambridge and got a 2:2 May studied geography at Oxford and got a 2:2
  10. Obviously you'd be a foot passenger and sneered at with all the other foot passengers as no one would be able to distinguish how much you paid for a 2 hour journey with canapes and free magazines, and they wouldn't care either as they drive off and leave you waiting in the cold for a taxi.
  11. They were pretending to be stockbrokers, this is not a case like the Nigerian marriage scam where both parties are aware that they are breaking the law, these people have just been conned, quite different.
  12. There is nothing in there was not discussed at length in parliament and also on the radio, I presume you were not interested in politics at the time and are now trying to hide your choice to remain behind the lie that these things were in some way hidden from the public at the time, they weren't, they were unknown to you. I imagine there will be an awful lot of Leave supporters trying to do a similar thing in the future, claiming that they couldn't have known the reality of Brexit before they ignorantly voted to leave.
  13. No, there were really were two. https://brexiteu.files.wordpress.com/2016/01/1975-referendum-no.pdf 1975-referendum-no.pdf
  14. Not really hiding seeing as it was openly discussed in parliament and you can't really complain about not knowing seeing as it was made clear in the pamphlets distributed to every single UK household. Read the vote no pamphlet if you dont believe me. The parliament passes all EU laws, we have our representation in parliament, at least we did before people started throwing away our democratic power to UKIP Mep's who do not even bother to show up at work. I have no idea what you could be talking about there, but the decision are all democratic and include elected British politicians votes. No, you have no need to and you also have no fear of that happening considering keeping the pound was an exception that Thatcher negotiated from the beginning. It is not possible to claim benefits as an immigrant to the UK before having worked and paid national insurance. No you weren't, read the pamphlets. The budgets are all online, it is very complicated but that does not make them closed, they are transparent to those able to decipher them. And what do you mean about living within their means? Hilarious, all indicators show the EU heading into an economic Golden age. We wouldn't expect you to respect someone like Churchill, call his idea a monster why don't you.
  15. I tied to teach my grandmother how to aspirate eggs, didn't go well.