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    Family of dead diver to sue boat owner

    During a storm, staying right on deck is risky. Generally, there is a greater chance of harm/death if one falls off the boat than if one stays on, and it's easy for people to lose balance on deck during a storm (hard to grasp wet railings, waves might wash over the deck, boat may heel left to right with oncoming waves, strong winds, poor visibility etc). For instance, if a sailor has to stay on deck during a storm, he straps himself to the boat with a harness for that reason. Life jackets are typically the way to go also, primarily because most deaths occur once someone falls off the boat. I'm surprised that there was only a single engine onboard. I'm also surprised that other boats refused to assist earlier, because 'they were not large enough' to tow. They were surely large enough to accept 13 passengers from a boat that was at risk of capsizing, and bringing them safely to shore. A motor boat without a motor drifting at sea during a storm is an emergency. In the US the law states that you have a legal (and moral) obligation to save lives, and that this obligation doesn't extend to saving property, aka: the boat itself. At 7pm, when the boat capsized it was already dark, which would have made escaping a sinking boat that much harder, especially if you were trapped underneath below the deck.