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  1. A friend of mine had an accident which resulted in a very deep cut in his leg,to make a long story short he is now stuck with a very big hospital bill which he can't pay and he doesn't have insurance.What does a hospital do when you can't pay the bill completely?
  2. rojaron

    forbidden zones

    I like to go troling(fishing troling)around the islands off phuket in a canoe,but I have been told by Thai people that certain areas are now off limits,another person then told me that these areas are only off limits at a certain time of the year,the area I'm interested in most is Koh Maiton,does anyone know about the new fishing laws?
  3. I've lived in 9 different countries altogether for a period of 49 years and one thing I quickly learned is that if you weren't born in a country and didn't grow up there then you will never ever be like the locals.And especially not like the Thais,or Asians in general,they are just so very different from Western people.
  4. rojaron

    Online Teaching

    And anyway this whole discussion is pointless because in Thailand a foreigner can get arrested for doing some work on for example his own boat or house,just about anything.
  5. rojaron

    Online Teaching

    looks to me like "mr loaded " is a bit biased about this subject,perhaps a school owner?,apparently many English teachers now prefer to work online to working at some of these schools here.
  6. A friend of mine had an accident in which he got a very deep cut in his leg and he had to be operated on, he has just received the hospital bill and it's over 500,000 baht,he has no insurance and can only partly pay.What would the hospital do in a case like this? And yes we already know that he should have had insurance,only helpful answers would be much appreciated.
  7. rojaron

    There is no right or wrong

    Is it really necessary to mention that you would be receiving a high salary in the corporate world? Why are you writing this whole story?,Do you really think anybody cares about you leaving ?,funny these self important people with high salaries in the corporate world,I'm sure you fit right in.