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  1. A correct double pole isolator isolates live and neutral so would provide safe working.
  2. RIP to them, tragic. Lots of presumptuous posts here. How do you know it was not falty wiring that caused issue. He was found with a wrench in his hand? Hardly the tool for electrical work. In my wifes house, builders complained the roof gave them a shock, I tested an dit was live !! No main isolator/fuse, no earthing, no rcd, and all cables in roof twisted together and not insulated at all! Oh and sypply straight from a meter across road only 2m up a post and terminals open to the elements !!!! I donned a pair of gloves and disconnected supply to house, wired new board with rcd's and min isolator also and installed earth rod and fitted junction boxes everywhere. Then removed all joined cables which were on garden floor and fitted outdoor lights and put cable overhead in piping!!! Some holiday that was but I would not have slept back in UK had I left that place like a death trap with kids running round.
  3. Buy a woman? Charming lol I do not see that I am buying anyone. We did not even have to get married it is our choice.
  4. Yes I am doing sin sod and have mo issue with this. My partner already paid for a house to be built there for her mom having lived in UK for 10 years. Sinsod is definitely still part of culture in many areas. I know a thai couple marrying and the groom had to negotiate for less of sinsod so they not having party now. Anyhow mine is not much but I am happy to give it and I know exactly what they will use it for.
  5. Thanks for all responses. Interesting reading. I won't look at MEV either way. For retiring best option appears to be spouse visa but if I work for few years first looks as if I can manage on the 30day VER as I wont be staying longer than 30 days at a time.
  6. Currently it looks as if I may jin the Hong Kong part of my company so will pay tax there although I may consider setting up a consultancy if this does not work out as they would take me on for that also. Some companies work in very strange ways with transfers. I am not trying to avoid tax just trying to ensure I do not fall foul of any rules. I also been getting advice on pensions and it appears even when I am retired and living in LOS, if pensions in UK, the UK will tax me on high rate as they assume I am working, then I fill in tax return annually and due to DTA agreement with Thailand I will get a rebate on the difference between either the Thai rate or UK rate and the high tax band paid. I think Thai rate is less than UK rates.
  7. Thanks. It is worth me considering this as it would add to my pensions while giving me chance to get house built and for my wife to live back in LOS.
  8. Ok another posing question. I am going to retire to Thailand in couple of years but looking at the possibility of living in LOS (spouse visa) while working for my current company in various countries including china japan and austrailia. Is this possible, anyone else do this?
  9. QROPS and moving pensions

    Yes I know they dont to expat, but they do pension plans and as I am currently in UK can do plan for me. I will also check the unbiased site also before deciding.
  10. QROPS and moving pensions

    Yes thanks. Been on there before going to try these now http://www.hl.co.uk/ Very good reputation.
  11. QROPS and moving pensions

    Due to the changes in tax and the 25% exit fee I decided to leave all pensions in UK. Am now planning to seek a pension plan from a UK company that offers wealth management/pension advice etc. at worth 20% is better than 25% anyhow. I have also given up the thought of getting married in Thailand due to red tape and will do registry office in UK then ceremony in Thailand :-)
  12. August 2017 Photography Competition

    Taken late in evening in BK in July 2017