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  1. Good Place to Learn to Fly my Drone

    local village old mine
  2. Good Place to Learn to Fly my Drone

    Bangkok, and I will be doing one of Changmai. Better watched in youtube link as better resolution.
  3. Good Place to Learn to Fly my Drone

    Did this for a church in my local village in UK
  4. Good Place to Learn to Fly my Drone

    wow do you ever stop whinging? As I said there are idiots everywhere, not all drone pilots are idots same as not all drivers or horse riders are idots, don't tar everybody with same brush.I presume you never ever break any law, not even speed limits or cause any hazard from driving ? You muct be the perfect human so deserve to be the internet drone policeman.
  5. Good Place to Learn to Fly my Drone

    I think if you read my post I said idiots exist in most walks of life, including car drivers, drone users and horse riders. Stop trolling.
  6. Good Place to Learn to Fly my Drone

    Jesus 7000 feet, wonder what they flying. Any dick flying that high should be locked up, plain stupid. Not sure I believe all the reported were actual, maybe some. For them to see it they would have to be within 100m or less and a plane going at 300mph the pilot would need some pretty good eyesight. Not condoning it just saying ;-) Personally I would have no issue with them not only having to be registered, but even better have them with a transponder so anyone flying like that would be traced easily.
  7. Good Place to Learn to Fly my Drone

    The fad will fade. I bought mine of a guy who flew it twice lol I was looking at taking the exam in UK also. It is required for commercial issues which I don't do but may do in future, never know. Only reason I did not do it was cost of £2k and no guarantee they were not going to exclude even more places even with a license. One guy was commissioned to take photos at a famous football stadium in UK and new firmware upgrade prevented him even to start it up lol It does appear to be worse in some countries than others. I try to fly mine at night to get good photos and early morning like 4 to 6am when not many people around at all.
  8. Good Place to Learn to Fly my Drone

    Nope just asking how they were reported. There were quite a few reported in UK but most were later confirmed not to be. Maybe in USA they don't have so many DJI or geo mapped drones and have loner range drones. I cannot start mine in a restricted area it is not possible, also the range of mine is 1500m but legally it is 500m (line of site) which is more than enough for photos. Height is 123m which is high enough. I have no idea why anyone would want to flay a drone anywhere near an airport but guess its similar to idiots with lasers and plane. You also get idots driving cars illegally also. idiots in all walks of life.
  9. Income From Abroad - Tax

    I am UK citizen, but non resident, will live in Thailand, paid in UK but don't pay tax in uk as nion resident, don't work in countries long enough to pay tax in them either. I do have money deducted from salary same as tax, hypotax, at end of year company tax advisor calculates and pays tax where/if needed, if none needed he gets fee and | get rest. For my rental in UK as someone else said, unless I get over £11500 it is tax free. For my pension I can get 25% tax free. If my pension +rent exceeds £11500 then I will have to pay tax on rest so don't plan to exceed it for a while :-)
  10. Good Place to Learn to Fly my Drone

    this must have been a chopper that hit you not a drone, the rotors would harldy cause much if any damage to you the motors are tiny and the drone weighs less than a kilo. Your too fragile.
  11. Good Place to Learn to Fly my Drone

    Actually you post quite a lot of crap. USA reported 700 near missies? Most drones are geomapped and cannot fly within 3.5km of airport. Those that are not could probeb;ly not get high or far enough to cause a near miss. They would have to have taken off their dron within airport grounds mostly, and how did they record them? On video? I did say I ask permission and in sanctuary of truth they refused so I did not fly there. I then flew from a beach which is legal but I did not fly below legal height and just took aerial photos only whereas I asked permission to take images behind the site at lower height. As I said they do not own the airspace over 35m and I did not take off on their grounds. As for airspace, if you had any sense you would realise there are maps of countries no fly zones on the internet you can find and view. These not only show legal places to fly, but also restricted ( fly with permission) and no fly zones ( illegal to fly there and good drones cannot even start within these). Air space is "not owned". I suppose you never take any photos in public with your mobile phone or camera? If you accidentally get a person in a photo do you seek their permission to keep it?
  12. Good Place to Learn to Fly my Drone

    You need to read up on drones. There are those who race drones at low height typically round a course, and others that fly them at height for aerial photography, neither of which would be remotely interested in invading your private space. You must have been zapped by a rogue droner lol No doubt you will get the odd 1 or 2 idiots, similar to the larger number of idiot drivers in Thailand, but not all people who fly a drone are idiots. Still do not understand why you believe me or any other drone pilot interested in flying near you. You sure it was not a bird that flew into you ? lol