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  1. This 30 days consideration is a bloody nightmare. Why do they do this when you can go to savannakhet and do in 2 days? I guess my best option is get married on a 30 day exemption and do honeymoon, then leave LOS for work and re enter on another 30 day exemption and to the savannakhet trip?
  2. is it not less fuss to get a non imm O A multi entry?
  3. I recently visited the London Embassy and the guy I spoke to was next to useless lol If I was to go down same route, am I right in saying the O A mulita entry gives me another year on re entry? If so how long does this go on for as I will be leaving often. It is this or go on exemption, get married and convert to spouse but I cannot hang around for the 30 days processing as I need to fly out for work after 20 days.
  4. No need for a joint bank account. The pre nup is more about UK assets. If I buy a car in LOS from the money I brought in, then technically it would still be mine as I would have documented proof of money brought in and receipt of car. Joint assets are those obtained from joint earnings post wedding. TBH I am not planning on getting divorced and if I buy a car it is for us anyway so not really bothered about that. Banking is online these days and can get statements and keep the PDF's you download so can always store annual records, good for housekeeping anyhow :-)
  5. Cheers. yes I plan to keep everything documented, scanned receipts, bank transfers etc but also keep excel. I don't plan on divorce but can never be too careful lol
  6. Reccomendations of UK shipping companies

    imove international: Our quote based on 250 cubic feet is £1,325.00 (NIL VAT) for shipment via a groupage service (share a container) door to door. anglo pacific: to final residence Prachin Buri, Thailand for the sum of £1,799.00 movecorp: Quotation calculated on a volume of 310 cubic feet (8.78 cubic meters) Total Cost: £1,725.00 door to door service Had one of over £4k from Bournes and awaiting quote from Asian Tgers
  7. Getting married in end of march so hope to sort out prenup then next day do the affadavid translate and get married then ceremony April 7th. Could marry in uk and do postnup but prefer prenup.
  8. Reccomendations of UK shipping companies

    Yes, had another quote of just under £2k by anglo pacific
  9. Reccomendations of UK shipping companies

    That's the type of thing I need feedback on as I know it is easy to get ripped off. My partner is moving back with me she has been in UK for 14 years now so we should be duty free if agent does their job. Do you know if they charge duty on 2nd hand used diy tools? lol or should I label boxes as books.
  10. Importing personal electronics

    Unless I am mistaken it includes spouse visa and over 50 non immigrant?
  11. I had a quick look and could not find many posts for shipping of household goods to Thailand from UK. I know there's loads of companies on net so looking more for personal recommendations. Had one quote so far for £4900 for a 20' container.
  12. Import of DJI Mavic Pro

    Where are you in Thailand and where is it being shipped from ? Why not put a post asking if there is someone travelling to Thailand who could hand carry for you and you meet them ? :-)
  13. Importing personal electronics

    The following info can also be found on the ministry of affiars site, though it is a few pages down. Your friend was ripped off for sure. The MAF site also says what can be shipped. All second hand used items, no new items, have to be from house hold use, ie not 6 TV's etc. http://www.legal-thailand.com/moving-to-thailand-household-goods.html
  14. Anyone know a law firm to do this for me for less than the 15k I have been quoted a a farrang? :-) UK thai lawyer told me about 5k is norm? Unfortunately he does not do them.
  15. But then again :-) that's max so I suppose in letter of the law I could do 10 visits of 9 days? :-) Not sure I will take the risk, knowing my luck will get stuck in airport.