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  1. oldwelshman

    UK state pension going same way as Australian ?

    Most conservatives have no idea what the voters think, that why they come up with these shit policies. I do not think the majority of voters would agree with the Govt not paying up to those who contributed all their life and chose to retire abroad? I paid in all my life and I want my pension end of. Conservatives are on borrowed time anyhow, post Brexit the party will be in more of a mess than it is in now. TM has no chance, her cards are marked already.
  2. This is not true, I called them to enquire about offshore account and they told me no need as I have my UK account and as long as it is active it is ok. Offshore account is for expats wishing to open an new account if they don't have one.
  3. Someone near me did this recently and it is the worst eyesore I have ever seen lol Maybe I will take a photo and post, but it was very expensive to do so not sure it would be a huge cost saving. The guys who did this obviously had no idea how to put posts in to a line and certainly did not know how to put the reinforced beams level, its like a roller coaster and now they are building the garden wall on top, can't wait to see how that turns out.
  4. oldwelshman

    How to wire a house using 3 phase

    No intention of large water heaters, only water pump that's it. Only shock hazard is if someone has extremely long arms and somehow reaches bare conductors between floors to get to 415v lol. I once saw engineer stick his hand inside an electronics cabinet (x-ray generator) and got his hands between phases on a 3ph contactor, burnt his hands, horrid smell, and to get away from it he put other had on cabinet to pull away, no idea how he survived that one but he looked rough as hell and lots of little burns on his hands and they smelled like burning pork lol
  5. oldwelshman

    How to wire a house using 3 phase

    I was trying to work out what caused the fire and why its higher risk? the house I live in currently I added a second CU and earthed everything. Building house in a year or so and also doing a bore hole so I guess that will have a 3ph pump, not sure abput swimming pool etc but will read up on those, also using a pump to irrigate land so I will go for 3ph supply then wont have issue if pumps 3ph and as you say will split circuits between phases.
  6. Explain why I would want to spend my hard earned pension, getting taxed on it again in the form of VAT, extortionate council tax for little service, while the fat cats get extortionate bonuses for dabbling with our money at high risk ? I prefer to spend my money in Thailand and help the local economy here instead of bankrolling the tory fatcats and fun tax breaks. My choice.
  7. oldwelshman

    How to wire a house using 3 phase

    I am pretty sure many houses in UK have 3ph supply and different phases around the house. Why would this increase the risk of electric shock if installed correctly? What caused the firs as I assumed the consumer board would have each phase protected?
  8. oldwelshman

    flat bed planer/spindle moulder

    will browse these cheers
  9. oldwelshman

    flat bed planer/spindle moulder

    Not tried HomePro that could be worth a shout, megahome don't have anything big enough mostly smaller tools.
  10. oldwelshman

    flat bed planer/spindle moulder

    post code 25220, its east of Bangkok about 3 hours, and north of Pattaya, not far from prachinburi. I brought a few tools, 3 routers, router table, jigsaws, drills etc bu could do with a bandsaw and a mutlti tool like flat bed planer, saw etc.
  11. Hi. I searched threads and only found old posts. Anyone know where I could buy preferably used ( but would stretch to new) machine shop flat bed planer/spindle moulder as I want to do some DIY work with timber we have. I am in Thungpho, Nadi near Kabinburi.
  12. I recently spoke to Barclays as I heard about banks ditching expats. They assured me as long as my account is "active" they will not close it. Maybe your friends had funds in it but it was dormant? Would be funny if they ditched me as I would not be able to repy the mortgage I have with them lol
  13. oldwelshman

    What To Do With My Drive

    Rubbish prep, which seems to be the case all the time in Thailand. the concrete should be laid on a compacted substrate base then rebar in the concrete and cut expansion slot in the concrete. At the edge they just slapped thick concrete filler and below that has cracked and moved to the fillets had no chance. I would rip the lot up, put substrate down, then sharp sand and lay the nice block paviers you have on the side. They are easy to maintain even if they sink, lift and put more sand!! btw where did you get them? I am very reluctant to concrete 200 sqm for a drive I plan to do as the land is infilled (no idea why thais obsessed with land infill) and sure to settle no matter how much I whack it so I would like to get hose paviers but very difficult to find in LOS.
  14. Built straight roads without potholes lol
  15. Where to start? Fees? you think we will not still have to pay anything as a result of negotiating trade deals? Saving on cost of food clothing etc? How is this going to work when the pound has dropped 15% so shortly will see increase in real terms for buying items. Establishing our own laws? We already did and no law was ever imposed on us without a unanimous vote from EU from all members including our own government. There is not 1 law that was not passed by our government. Controlling borders? We already had control but I guess you mean stopping the free movement of EU members. Do you think this will stop the real immigration issue which is illegal immigrants? The majority of the people did not vote to leave I may add, just more voted to leave than remain, not quite the same thing. The only thing I agree with is over paid and wasteful EU commission. Should have stayed in and used referendum vote to force change and also to amend the free movement of EU members, not just evoke article 50 with no plan. Benefits of remaining? Common standards allowing free movement of materials between countries, selling what little we manufacture to those standards. Free study in EU countries, free to move to other EU countries to work, ease of movement of supply chain items between EU countries, EHIC cards for health insurance, hassle free movement between GB and EU countries for holidays (unless Luton airport lol). Improved workers rights and benefits ( most of which the tories been trying to remove for years). Wales has benefited by massive inward investment and grants from EU for years, strangely Wales majority voted to leave, and many people I know actually voted more on local issues than anything to do with the EU and now say "oh , we can't get those grants anymore? WHy not?" Yes there are many people on both sides that have strong reasons and beiefs for voting the way they did, unfortunately there were also many people who voted with no idea of issues either way. The whole campaign was a shambles both sides. Glad I left lol