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  1. korat or BK velodrome

    btw if Pim refuses to sell your lavish palace and you get stuck here maybe I can come up some times and we can work on drumming up more interest :-) that's what I will hope to do in one of the ones closer to me. Did they ever do some like trips between them? I can imagine races few and far between over there with the set up I saw so far. btw I was too fat and slow when I was there last, will take me at least a year to get track fit and I intend to medal at world masters !!!
  2. korat or BK velodrome

    ha ha leave your bikes when you go to france lol Did you ever speak with Nick Yarwood? He is from your neck of the woods. I remember him telling me he was in Thailand doing some work to develop. He is now international development for track coaching. I was hoping to have done my coaching courses before coming out but as you know I am now coming out 4 years earlier than expected. I would be happy to do some structured training as volunteer same as you tried up there. I did similar for squash in Wales which was hardly popular, started with 8 and after 5 years had to turn people around 60 was enough, ended up with a team in premier league lol
  3. For UK and EU the main thing about a degree is if it is accredited or not as this is what leads to professional recognition with bodies like the engineering council. If you obtain Professional recognition like C.Eng this is globally accepted and opens doors, non accredited degrees are not worth any more than A levels.
  4. It is true this is why the banks are no being split, did you not know about how many of the banks were bailed out to prevent them totally collapsing? What about the large banks such as BArclays that were fined large amunts due to illegal price fixing and dealing?
  5. korat or BK velodrome

    Any info on costs of using track and for any structured training on these tracks ? also somewhere to stay in Korat for night or two if training there? Cant see much on airbnb. When I get more time in LOS in next year or two I would not mind getting involved in some structured coaching in Korat.
  6. Av salary of £40k pa and many on double this? Really? I think that is way over the actual average for UK is £30 480 https://www.monster.co.uk/career-advice/article/uk-average-salary-graphs and £28 584 for north east, https://www.adzuna.co.uk/jobs/salaries/north-east-england maybe your figure is for payment n THB? lol I have no idea where you think these high slaries are but if you know please let the thousands of graduates earning sub £25k where they are. By the eay, ask your wife to let me know where the hight quality food is in the UK and these cheap clothes.
  7. But your forgetting that it was the same large banks who's experts caused the global recession. In UK the public had to bail out the major banks !!!
  8. Basically, no one, so called experts or not, can predict what will happen in the future with currencies, its like playing roulette lol. The experts were so good in last few years they were the ones who caused the global recession.
  9. same day legalisation of affirmation stopped?

    we had this conversation in a previous post, this post was about legalisation of documents and time taken, why do you feel the need to drag up your obsession with sinsod AGAIN?
  10. Bit of a long shot (excuse the pun). I am moving to Thailand soon and we are shipping all our used goods with us. I know what s duty free and see that firearms and ammunition fireworks etc all need permission from Minestry of interior and have sent email for advice, but I am interested to see if anyone on here has imported an air rifle and if so how? and what was cost? It is not worth a huge amount but it has sentimental value as it belonged to my dad who left it to me couple of years ago.
  11. same day legalisation of affirmation stopped?

    I have time built in, first week documentation legalisation, then amphur for marriage, week after Savannakhet for non O multi entry visa, then week later Thai ceremony and couple weeks in Chiang mai for Songkran :-)
  12. Hi. Planning to marry in March and was hoping to do it all in 3 days. Just found this on a website, is this true? "The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) is no longer offering the legalisation express service, which used to return your legalised documents in one day." https://www.thethailandlife.com/married-thailand-diy-day
  13. Good Place to Learn to Fly my Drone

    local village old mine
  14. Good Place to Learn to Fly my Drone

    Bangkok, and I will be doing one of Changmai. Better watched in youtube link as better resolution.
  15. Good Place to Learn to Fly my Drone

    Did this for a church in my local village in UK