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  1. Beiber is bad enough but please don't threaten us with Nickelback!!! They are much harder to face than arms dealers! As to the main point Canada is just virtue signaling here. Heaven forbid they should help fight Isluumic extremists... errr... I mean "rebels" in the Philippines.
  2. Where to buy a simple metal frame for bed box springs?

    No idea but congrats on even finding a box spring mattress in Thailand. I have been looking but to no avail. Where did you buy yours?
  3. Lets start a metal band in Bangkok

    Thanks Jen. Yes its all possible. There are some things here that can be done much more easily than even back in falangland. Sometimes when there is no cash involved and you have a friendly smile and willing to share your bottle at the table you would be surprised whats possible.
  4. Lets start a metal band in Bangkok

    No I just have a general work permit for my regular day job. There are plenty of falangs out here on work permits who either join open jam nights or play little shacks in the middle of nowhere for an hour or two every month or so. Getting fined and all is mostly saved for the sukhumvit crowd or tourist area places where you can't fart in public without getting a fine of some sorts. I have friends who know bar owners who allow jammers to get up now and again. Its not all under the scope as a lot of people would have you believe.
  5. Lets start a metal band in Bangkok

    Yes its mostly for fun. Once or twice a week mainly for the love of the music. I am in Thailand on a work permit so no worries. Of course you have to be aware of the rules. IC there are not a lot of musicians here interested in a metal jam but good to know plenty of people have time on their hands. Its a start I suppose lol.
  6. Hey All, I am a 49 yo Canadian thrash metal guitarist living and working in Bangkok. I have been in a couple of thrash metal bands in the past (in Canada) playing mostly slayer, exodus, testament, judas priest and other metal and thrash metal bands etc. I have been living and working in Bangkok for 3 months now and am missing my weekly jams/rehearsals that I used to have with my bands and friends back in Canada. I'd like to put together something heavy for fun. Maybe play a couple of fun gigs somewhere sometimes. Nothing too serious but if it works out then hey why not. Let me know If you would like to meet up for a coffee or have a call to see if we are on the same page. Any age or gender or religion etc is welcome and long as you are into something heavy. Lets crank it up and have some fun. Just to be clear, I am looking to start something heavy musically. No bon jovi or dance music or commercial music of any kind. Its gotta be metal. Thanks, Leo